Quotes against child beauty pageants?

Quotes against child beauty pageants? Topic: Quotes against child beauty pageants?
January 19, 2020 / By Natisha
Question: Im doing a persuasive essay on why little girls shouldnt be in beauty pageants (#nohate) and i need a direct quote on being against it.. I've looked on google and everything so dont tell me to look! haha well yeah i really need help! Thanks!
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Lorrie Lorrie | 8 days ago
Firstly, this is Y!A not Twitter, "#nohate" has little relevance on this site. Secondly, your essay will be a lot more impressive if you construct and develop your own ideas on the topic, rather than basing your essay on quotes of what others have said. To me at least, quoting other people's opinions as part of your argument makes it look like you don't actually have your own opinion on the matter, you're just copying someone else's. If I were you, I would watch a few children's pageants on TV and take notes - this way, you can refer to exact pageants and to common features of child pageants, which will show that you know what you're talking about and will thus give more strength to your argument.
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Lorrie Originally Answered: why child beauty pageants are bad?
pageants are teaching children that they need to paint their faces in makeup because their faces arent pretty enough for the media at too young of an age.
Lorrie Originally Answered: why child beauty pageants are bad?
They could make a child believe in superficial dreams..dreams that would never come true..they also could make the child act as though they are better than other kids, and basically become a bully (see: mean girls)...lots of bad, but i think mostly the main point is that the parent is too blame..also I think it could make said girl act like a spoiled brat!!!
Lorrie Originally Answered: why child beauty pageants are bad?
As a mom, i might in no way positioned my toddler in a elegance opposition. i've got faith they are degrading to babies. How is it no longer incorrect to have a 2 year previous in makeup? a toddler does not belong in makeup, heals, or skimpy clothing. those mothers do no longer even think of in regards to the indisputable fact that there are predators available and that i guess there are loads of them at those pageants.those females are loopy and try to stay with the aid of their babies. in no way techniques the pageants screwing the toddler up, the mothers and dads that work together in those issues are going to screw their young ones up. i locate those issues to be disgusting and crammed with people who want and breed psychological ailment.

Kathie Kathie
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/ayjAF "I'm against Child Beauty Pageants." --Ralph Waldo Emerson (French nuclear physicist, 1659-1523). I know it's true. I Googled it on one of those "quote websites."
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Kathie Originally Answered: Effects of Child Beauty Pageants?
i personally say that they are a bad idea to put a young child through these tests and trials of beauty for young girls. The men that judge such events are cruel and unusual people who take pictures during the pageants, not for pageant business, but for their own personal supply. There is a dangerous consequence of slutty that happens to the girls that attend these events.
Kathie Originally Answered: Effects of Child Beauty Pageants?
Self esteem issues- never thinking you are good or pretty enough. Losing a pageant can be a huge deal and a huge blow to the ego Eating disorders- most teens in pageants do in fact have eating disorders. Some are very serious Becoming superficial. Thinking looks are the most important thing in life.. Never looking at anyone's character, and judging people solely on their looks Over sexualizing children. 10 year olds wear 1 pound of makeup and small dresses. Why please pedophiles? Also, what is this teachingyoung girls? Wear makeup and dress fancy and you get attention Pageants can become obsessive! Training and practice takes hours a week. This puts homework, chores, and other important things on neglect. Gives the impression that school is not important as long as you win this pageant! Costs waay to much money! A lot of families actually lose homes and put off important bills in order to pay for the 1000 dollar dresses and personal training for their daughters. This is ridiculous Pageants are a HORRIBLE idea.

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