Benadryl for dogs?

Benadryl for dogs? Topic: Benadryl for dogs?
December 12, 2019 / By Sheree
Question: Now I know people use benadryl for dogs and my friend is here and seems to think that benadryl allergy would be better for my dog beacuse of his skin. Isn't she wrong??? and NO I didn't not give my dog anything. and I didn't plan on it! Oh, ok. I'm not big on giving my dogs medication unless it comes from the vet anyways. but earlier I asked a question about my dog chewing her hair out. and ppl said to use benadryl but my friend is saying the allergy. I was just curious.
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Peggie Peggie | 2 days ago
Thank you for being smart enough not to give your dog a drug without the advice of a licensed veterinarian. That is whom you should be asking. Now - you said your dog has allergies. You may be able to solve that without having to give him any drugs, and give him long term relief. Many dogs are allergic to food items these days, and you may find the answer in his kibble, or treats. The top allergens are (drumroll, please): corn, chicken,beef, wheat, soy, and dairy That having been said, I have a dog who is allergic to sweet potato - it can be anything! There is no such thing as truly hypoallergenic food (for every dog). If your dog is itchy all the time, first check for flea dirt. Many dogs can have just acouple fleas and be itching like crazy because they are allergic to flea saliva. A tube of Frontline and an oatmeal bath should fix that one. Now, back to the food. If it's all year round, see if the list above is in his food. you can try changing him -gradually, over a week - onto lamb and rice, and see if that helps. Sometimes you get lucky, and that's all it takes. He should itch less, at least, in a bout a week - but it can take a month. Make sure there aren't any of the allergen ingredients in the food - or in any bisquits he gets. It only takes one, and you're itching again. You can always give more kibble as treats - that way, you know what he's eating all the time. There a great many specialty food that do not contain a lot of ingredients - Mother Hubbards Wellness line is a good one, if you can get it. I know a lot of dogs on their Atlantic Whitefish and Sweetpotato kibble that can only have that - but they are itch free! If the itching is seasonal, it is probably pollen. The best thing for that is to wash the dog down every day with tepid, not hot, water to remove the allergen. That simple. I have only ever given benadryl for acute allergies such as a bug bite (or a dog that has eaten a wasp!), and only at the diretion fo a vet. If your dog has allergies that last for a while, it would be much better to figure out the problem, and fix it. It's such a relief when you do! Good luck!
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Peggie Originally Answered: Medical/ chemistry answer needed asap re: scopolamine acetycholine, benadryl as anticholergic & paralysis!?
Benadryl and scopolamine both have anticholinergic actions, but only on the autonomic nervous system, at the muscarinic receptor. The acetylcholine-nicotinic receptor interaction which takes place in muscle is unaffected by these two drugs. I suspect your diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome is probably correct.

Marinda Marinda
The problem with giving any medications for thunderstorms no matter if it is Acepromazine, Benadryl, or another sedative, is that it is going to take at least 40 minutes to really see a full effect... which is a lot of time when you need it for a thunderstorm. While Benadryl dose have a sedative affect, I highly doubt it would be strong enough to bring a dog with severe anxiety through a storm. The good news is, is that thunderstorm anxiety is very common, and is easily solved with training. A behaviorist can make a huge difference. You may also want to try using a cloth muzzle. Not only to protect herself and everything else, but the pressure on the back of the neck can have a relaxing affect on some dogs - similar to picking a puppy up by his scruff.
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Kristen Kristen
I live in a hot climate most of the year round and my dogs get skin irritation when their flea prevention meds are due. I routinely give them Benedryl around that time. I do know how much to give though, from having checked with my Vet and being familiar with using this for dogs. It's not a cure all though. I also have used it as a first step intervention when my dog got a mouth full of fire ants. Then she went to the Vet the next day and got a mega shot of Benedryl plus some Pepcid AC. because she was getting better and then started to swell more and broke out in hives. (Oh, and I did talk to my Vet when this happened including before I had to bring her in.) I've learned a lot about what is safe to use for my dogs and how to use it. Guessing is what is dangerous.
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Jazmine Jazmine
Your vet can best determine if your dog has allergies and if benadryl would work the best and just how much to give determined on the weight of your dog. I don't know if your dog is allergic to something that's causing him to scratch - but your vet would know. I would suggest a trip to the vet and let them determine if your dog is actually allergic to something that isn't harmful ... like his food or something that you can change. Our vet has told us to give our male Pug a whole one but our little female Pug 1/2 of one ... the benadryl for adults - the pink ones you can break in half. Our vet suggested that because they were allergic to something.
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Faith Faith
Yes, I've seen it done, but LISTEN to your vet. He may prescribe or recommend a certain dosage depending on his size. Benadryl happens to contain a small amount of a HALLUCINOGEN, and If a human takes more than 4, He could possibly start to see things. (Althiough people have been known to go as high as 30 pills). In a DOG, this effect may appear more readily. Symptoms of a drug induced stupor include unusual agitation, staring at walls, drooling excessively, and, well, He'd basically be behaving like a different dog. The symptoms are VERY hard to miss.
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Faith Originally Answered: Should conformation dogs and working dogs be labeled as two separate breeds?
No way. People who concentrate ONLY on conformations that please show judges have lost the plot. People who concentrate ONLY on what pleases judges at a brief "working trial" have lost the plot, although they are closer to reality than are the "show-is-all" and "pet-is-all" folk. Go study "The Dog In Action" by McDowell Lyon to start understanding the links between various conformations and the tasks those breeds were developed for. A breed is primarily a combination of agility, attitude, biddability, character, coat, determination, endurance, instincts, muscle type, size - all of which MUST be suitable for that breed's tasks, whether digging along an underground burrow or running down game animals or tracking a fox for hours or swimming to retrieve a rope tied to a lost net or patrolling between hungry sheep and unfenced crops for up to 14 hours a day. Although few nowadays realise it, the lap dogs & sleeve dogs that became today's Toy breeds had several functions: attract m'Lady's fleas to itself, amuse m'Lady and pretend to listen to her, bite any fingers that attempted to grope m'Lady's "interesting" bits, bark up such a storm that the manservants arrived to firmly escort the groper off the property and later report him to m'Lord. So any Toy that is timid, or is friendly to everyone, is unfit to be a Toy! Just as any Dachshund that is scared of badgers is unfit to be a Dachshund, any Terrier that is scared of rats is unfit to be a Terrier, any Collie that can't fly sideways through a 5-wire fence to get from one paddock to another (AND land on its feet, not its side!) is unfit to be a Collie, any Labrador that won't swim to get a wounded duck (and bring it back wounded, not dead!) is unfit to be a Labrador, any Bloodhound that can't follow a 48 hours old trail is unfit to be a Bloodhound. And you think breeds are broken into just 2 types??? Mine has, in addition to functional GSDs: AlsatiOns, German Crouchers, NAmerican Ski-Slope Dogs, Prick-Eared Bassets, Teeth-on-feet, Titanic Tail Tuckers, all of which The KC, the AKC, the CKC register as "GSDs" without checking more than (1) "Are both alleged parents in the same Breed Register?" (they can't imagine that any breeder would LIE about things like parentage!) and (2) "Was the right fee paid?". Yet my breed has a standard set of certificates that real breeders require before agreeing to breed from or with a registered GSD: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/The_G... Your use of The KC and the AKC for "Standards" is foolish. The only breeds for which the arrogant The KC is entitled to invent a Standard are the breeds that were created in the UK. The only breeds for which the arrogant AKC is entitled to invent Standards are the breeds created in the USofA. Both those arrogant clubs plus the CKC cannot bear to belong to the FCI - heavens, they might get democratically OUTVOTED by the rest of the world! If you want the real Standard of any breed, the Standard agreed on by the member-nations of the FCI, look in http://www.fci.be/nomenclature.aspx [Aphrodite]: It is a breeder's task to BREED what is required, not rush to remove bits here & there. E.g.: My kennel hasn't produced a rear dew-claw since Feb.'73. [Donna Reed]: What is "working" about the 9½ months GSD pup in my e-group having completed its UKC Champion title? What is "working" about the UKC's "White German Shepherd Dog" breed? No way is any sheep farmer going to use a white dog for HERDING sheep - the white dogs are guardian breeds that sleep with the flock and require coat & gait that resemble a sheep. Were I interested in the unrecognised UKC I could find other examples of non-working aspects of its operation. No - I am not in the least a fan of the AKC - the best I can say for it is that it DID, eventually, recognise the value of the SchutzHund qualification developed by GSD clubs in Europe and adopted as IPO by the FCI. But, the negotiations having been conducted by arrogant Yanks, the name was changed from SchutzHund to Working Trial, and several preliminary stages were invented to encourage pot-hunters who want lots & lots of almost-meaningless letters after their pooch's name... Les P, owner of GSD_Friendly: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/GSD_F... "In GSDs" as of 1967

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