Parents of young(ish) children?

Parents of young(ish) children? Topic: Parents of young(ish) children?
December 13, 2019 / By Rozenn
Question: For my child development coursework i need to find out the most popular childs safety equipment. Please could you take some time to say the pros and cons of: stairgates. playpens cupboard locks car seats and socket covers. if you dont own a particular piece of equipment then just leave it out.you only need to write one pro and con for each but can add more if you wish :) thanks x
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Neile Neile | 10 days ago
i like the stair gates alot to keep kids away from stairs or just in one room. I find it no use for a playpen just takes up space. locks only if child in in cabinets otherwise a pain for parnets. car seats pro to help keep baby safe. But needs to be a little more simple. Socket covers a plus. They always want to stick something in there because they see people doing it.
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Neile Originally Answered: Parents of young children, Please answer my polls?
I fill like a dictator, I let my kids play video games only on the weekends.And that is only if we don't have plans. They do watch National geographic channel, TLC, and The travel channel, However they where watching the Travel channel on Sunday and they had a Africa tribe on there and they didn't wear any and I do mean any covering at all. Well we turned that real quick.When it comes to cartoon's they are allowed to watch Disney Channel only.

Lotus Lotus
Stairgates- pros:supposed to stop inquisitive children playing on the stairs cons:some have bars at the bottom you can trip on when open, some children can climb over them Ours is so hard to open it makes my wrist injury worse playpens pros:allows parent to safely leave child (unable to climb) for a few moments unsupervised cons:some parents may over-use or rely on like babysitter baby can climb out cupboard locks: pro:no constant refilling cupboard! con:frustrating when hurrying plus little ones can open far enough to then trap fingers in door. Car seats pros:child safety in vehicle cons:some parents leave babies sleeping in these unnecessarily in the house which decreases respiration by 30% and is unhealthy, some seats are less safe than others, MOST parents don't tighten the straps correctly or use a basic booster when a high back booster is required-seat belts can kill children if incorrectly placed.
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Kathlyn Kathlyn
Stairgates- very good to keep children from plummeting down stairs or out of rooms that could be dangerous. A pain for mom to have to open with full hands or to have to climb over. Playpens- very good to keep baby occupied while mom gets things done. Bad when the children are old enough to stack up toys and climb over the edge. Cupboard locks- Not needed, children need to learn not to go where they are not supposed to go. Just keep dangers up high. Car seats- VERY NEEDED, as an EMT saw too many deaths and injuries without them Socket covers- Not needed, children need to learn not to go near them and it gives them something to be curious about because they can be pulled out and if something is pulled out then something else can be put in. Better to be out of sight, out of mind
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Hephzibah Hephzibah
I have a playpen for my 2 weeks old. I bought one with a bassinet and changing table on it. That way I can use it for camping or if we go on vacation. Its small and able to take anywhere, or I use it in our livingroom, so I don't have to take my son everywhere in our house. cupboard locks are great bc my 2 year old loves to try and open the cupboard under the sink, and thats where I keep our cleaning items. car seats are very safe for the bby, but I have a fear of driving off a bridge and not being able to save my kids... I have 3 in car seats. socket covers are a life saver. I found my 3 year old trying to put things in ours.
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Earline Earline
stairgates are great to hold the younger child away for the stairs but my 1 1/2 year old can get though it. cupboard locks are great to keep the kids out but they also slow me down. car seats take up too much room in my car i have yet to find a socket cover to work
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Celia Celia
play pen - pros I like the play pen b/c it sits on the ground, they can see threw it's not like they are caged in, It's a life saver when no one is there to watch your child. Cons- I don't like that it's very hard for there tiny bottoms. car seats- pros I feel very safe with them. Cons- the way you have to buckle them is horrible. socket covers- pros it keeps the baby from putting things in the socket. cons- it stands out for the baby to want to play with them.
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Celia Originally Answered: How do single parents of young children with minimal support handle medical emergencies?
First, I understand how this would be a scary scenario and applaud you for being proactive. I relate first-hand to being the only "Point Man" for my children. It seems the only answer is to do what you are doing: have an emergency plan in place. In the absence of grandparents, family, neighbors, and friends/coworkers, you will have to appeal to "strangers". I've been in this position before and it is hard! You are being a great Dad to look out for your childrens' needs--and to take care of yourself, because they obviously need you around! I would call your nearest church/synagogue, even if you are not at all religious, and tell the pastor/priest of your predicament. You have a legitimate need for help, and the good news is that there are plenty of good people out there who are willing to help you--but they can't help if they don't know of your need. I would also call your local volunteer fire department, and ask the same question: Do they know of anyone who would be willing to be your emergency go-to person? I would also contact your local public high school or community college, and talk to the Guidance Counselor, or ideally, a Social Worker. There are students who drive who need to earn community service points, so you could help each other--they'd earn points while you have emergency childcare. This is really a special situation and will require some "out of the box" problem solving skills--which you're already utilizing to post this question online. You rock! I would not personally rely on CPS; perhaps because of my fears that they would think I'm not capable of caring for my children, to be in this situation in the first place (having a disability and being the sole care provider with no support network in place.) I wish I could assume that they would help provide support, but that's not what they're trained to do/requires a different perspective. I wish you the very best of everything.

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