Anyone can suggest me?its about my future.?

Anyone can suggest me?its about my future.? Topic: Anyone can suggest me?its about my future.?
December 12, 2019 / By Fingal
Question: Hi there..Im Lawrence and I was studying in marketing course now. The thing is, I've found my interest over time and I'd like to become a fund manager or investment manager in the future. This is my first time I found my dream of becoming a fund manager or investment manager and I won't give up ever. Does anyone can give me some suggestion or any ideas on the way of becoming a fund manager or investment manager?It is because I was studying marketing but I don't know what to do and whether should I change my current course or not...can a person who studying in marketing to become a fund manager in the future??what else requirement should I prepare for? Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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Best Answers: Anyone can suggest me?its about my future.?

Darby Darby | 8 days ago
Step 1: Obtain at least a bachelor's degree in finance, business or economics from an accredited college or university or an accredited business institute. Step 2: Pursue a graduate certification such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation to increase your chances of success in finding employment and moving up in the field of investment management. Step 3: Gain experience in the financial field by working in a bank or in corporate finance. Become familiar with long-range and short-range returns, risk, diversification and investment styles. Step 4: Become certified through the American Academy of Financial Management. Meet all requirements, including education, experience and pass an examination for consideration. Certifications include Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) and Chartered Risk Analyst (CRA). Step 5: Seek employment in banks, investment firms, trust companies, insurance companies or corporate financial departments. Decide if you wish to manage smaller, personal portfolios or take on large investments such as corporate pension funds or mutual funds.
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Darby Originally Answered: Suggest some ideas for a school leaver (a person who leaves school after Year 10) to make a better future.?
maybe try and go for an apprenticeship, learn a trade etc as far as i know you only need y10 to get into an apprenticeship program of some sort, and most trades offer excellent money
Darby Originally Answered: Suggest some ideas for a school leaver (a person who leaves school after Year 10) to make a better future.?
they could always work as an apprentice to get into a trade. Or go back to school or learn through other methods i.e. correspondance, night school....

Azaniah Azaniah
Take some economics classes. I have some friends who are in the finance industry now and few of them actually majored in econ. When you are a senior keep up with when the big organizations (JPMorgan, your city's BOE, BOT, Susquehanna, etc) are coming to campus for interviews (they tend to only recruit at top colleges, if yours does not make the cut, go to your career center and see what you can do, if that does not work, do be afraid to network and ask for informational interviews with people at the top firms). These firms hire out of undergrad and if you get a job with them, they will put you on an executive track and pay for advanced training and school (from your MBA to your accreditations). The programs are uber competitive- so keep your grades and stay close to your profs so they can give you good references. If you get the job, work hard and make good connections.
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Wenda Wenda
You can become but Fund Managers should be strong in finance management subjects. Marketing subjects won't help you have to shift or study in addition to that.
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