How to convince my mom to stop taking me to music lessons?

How to convince my mom to stop taking me to music lessons? Topic: How to convince my mom to stop taking me to music lessons?
December 13, 2019 / By Polly
Question: so my Pareto have enrolled me in instrument lesseons for a good 3 years now and they're planning to keep it up until I graduate. now I know I should be grateful and it might give me an advantage, but I seriously hate it. I hate instruments and because I'm not interested, Im not doing well. anyways, my instructors starting to make me sing as well and I'm This. Im also enrolled in swimming, and I hate it too, but I understand that's a needed skill. I absolutely hate piano and my parents keep insisting I have to take it, and if Im doing bad (because I am cause I'm ininterested), it's going to be a big waste of money. I already have the basics learned, and I'm just sick of it. how can I convince my parents to stop the lessons? really appreciate the help. thanks xx to 'just google it.', and now I feel terrible cause that's my exact situation. kind of torn about it. this sucks :p
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Maud Maud | 3 days ago
I know a lot of people here will tell you that it's your life/your decision, and to stand up to your parents.... but I'm going to disagree, here's why: Children who were encouraged to learn an instrument (or sport) at a young age often resent their parents for it, just like they resent their teacher for giving them homework. BUT children who never learnt to play an instrument or a sport grow up wishing that they had. You may not appreciate it now, you may even hate it, but when you are older you will be thankful that you have such a beautiful talent that you can share with others, and that you have been taught how to swim and keep fit. So I know you might not like it now, but please please try to stick with it. One thing I can suggest is finding music that interests you (forget the classics, maybe you have a favourite band or song? you can get hold of their piano music easily on the internet, and show it to your tutor) Trust me, you will regret it if you give up lessons. I used to learn piano and guitar, I didn't like either, but I hated piano the most. I begged my parents to let me give up the lessons when I was 14, they said yes, and now (age 22) I regret not being able to play the piano. I really wish I hadn't given up, and I am so glad I didn't give up guitar, it made me very popular at college, and many of my friends also play instruments. I also learnt to swim from a young age, I gave up lessons when I was 18, and in just a few years I have become more and more unfit, and do not have the stamina that I used to have, I should not have given up swimming. So that's my story, I hope you don't give up :) EDIT: As I mentioned earlier, try to find a way to make it interesting. For example, lets say you love Beyonce, pick a song: "If I were a boy", look for the music: http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtd... take it to your piano tutor and learn that instead of some boring classical music. Now you know a piece that you are interested in, and that you can play in front of your friends, they can sing along as you play, trust me it's great at drunken parties. That's how I stayed interested in my guitar lessons, I started learning songs I loved, and not the boring stuff in my music books. As for swimming, everyone needs exercise, it makes you feel better, live long, and look better. It will be great for confidence later on in life, and knowing how to swim properly is a potentially life saving skill.
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Maud Originally Answered: music lessons?
I'm in TX and the average is 15 - 30 dollars an hour, if the instructor has a bachelors degree. If you want someone with a masters or doctorate degree, look at spending 75-100 dollars. Some teachers are cheap and will charge that rate for a half an hour or forty five minutes. Make sure your future instructor takes the time with you to help you out. I give private music lessons myself and the hour goes by really quickly. About buying your own instrument right away, no. You do not have to. Theoretically, you could study music theory the rest of your life and never even touch an instrument! I don't recommend that, but you really could. By the way, make sure your instructor takes the time to teach you music theory for a good while before taking on the instrument. You will develop a wide understanding of music and be able to switch instruments quickly in case you change you mind. Chords, scales, notation, intervals are all the same in music. Its then just a matter of learning how to play them on the instrument.

Lashay Lashay
I think you should talk to your mom and tell her how much it will mean to you. Tell her everything you've explained here. Or show her that you truly want it by sacrificing something, like maybe getting a job for example. Play something for her, or go online and try to learn something difficult to prove your passion. I really do see your dilemma, my siblings and I all have had private lessons for different instruments. My sister was in the school orchestra, but she couldn't do much because there's so many people. But she loved the violin and was able to convince my parents to sign up for private lessons. Ask your mom to sign you up for a month or two, and if she likes what she sees, you could stay. Good luck with this, i really hope you get to have your lessons!
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Jessalyn Jessalyn
First you need to figure out what you are really interested in doing. Once you know that you can present a reasonable alternative to the music and swimming. Sounds like you are an artist. But I could be wrong. Whatever you are, find good opportunities to replace what you are already doing. And tell them why it is a good idea to switch.
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Florrie Florrie
Just tell them exactly that. Youre not interested in it and that they're wasting money on it if you're not going to be happy with it. Make a list of the advantages of you quitting and read it to them. If they see your not interested they might reconsider.
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Florrie Originally Answered: How to convince parents to let me take ice skating lessons? And also other questions?
I'm sorry, but even as much of a skating nut as I am, if I was your parents I'd say no. And the main reason is quite simply: HOMEWORK. Your schooling is more important than ANYTHING ELSE at this stage. (Yes, even skating!) If you're putting in 2-3 hours of travel time every day (plus actual skating time), then when are you going to get your homework done? On the bus? They're not conducive to homework, believe me. Skating will still be there when you turn 18. Skating will still be there when you go away for university. It will always be there; it's never too late to start lessons as a hobby. I started at 22, in the middle of my university degree.

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