If i fail 9th grade can i go to college?

If i fail 9th grade can i go to college? Topic: If i fail 9th grade can i go to college?
December 12, 2019 / By Bastian
Question: Hey guys im just here to do a quick answer. so, i am in a severe depression and i have a really tough anxiety disorder on which I have a very VERY low school attendance, I think probably 20% at the moment, and in this term 0% of attendence as I think about suiciding myself the moment i'm about to go to school.. I am a very smart kid, my psychologist and my teachers say that I am more matured than normal for my age and that I have a really high capacity of learning and also that i can go far in life.. but that isn't enough. i'm on antidepressants at the moment and they aren't working yet, but, i am in risk to fail 9th grade, and I would really REALLY want to go to college to be a someone in my future. now, i've been guiding myself to think that colleges will understand my problem and will look towards my capacities but.. what if they don't? and what can I do to NOT fail 9th grade? Studying isn't a problem to me, I can study everything really fast I learn really well by myself, but, i need to go to school to catch up on track, but I just can't.. any ideas? thanks in advance.
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Zilla Zilla | 2 days ago
I know it is a personal issue but you may need to inform your teachers and guidance counselor on what is going on with you so they can help you/ work with you. If you were to still fail you could still get into college as long as you made up for it and did better over the summer or if you have to repeat the school year. Maybe you can be home schooled? Either way colleges can be understanding if you write about it in your essay and talk about over coming your depression etc. You may not get into Yale but you can still get into college. : ) Get well....
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Zilla Originally Answered: If you don't do your homework in 7th grade, will you fail the grade?
you probably would have to redo the 7th grade, you should do your homework now or else when you get in the higher grades it will be a lot harder for you, and you don't want to be a 7year senior.

Sheri Sheri
You'll still probably get into college if you get on track next year. You might have to go to community college for the first couple of years but that isn't a big deal. Most kids mess around the first year and colleges understand that it happens. If you feel you need to explain, work it into your application essay as overcoming an obstacle :) If attendance is a problem, I would look into an online high school. Ask your counselor and they'll have information. Also, try going in for half days and slowly build up to returning completely. If you ever feel trapped, remember that you can always walk out of the classroom and leave, it's not a big deal if you do it calmly and without distracting others, trust me. Tell your teachers about your anxiety attacks and they'll be accommodating. I used to ask to go to the bathroom and just walk outside for awhile.
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Peggy Peggy
I think that if you talk to your guidance counselor and make everything up in either Saturday school or summer school, it won't be too much of a problem, but I'd highly suggest talking to your guidance counselor first.
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Maris Maris
homeschool, or check out on line High schools. Your doctor, parents and principal should be working together to help you get through public school.
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That is a 3.5 my friend, A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0, add the total and divide by 6, and tell him to quit worrying he'll be fine with them grades =)

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