Jamaican Man and those inerested in an interesting debate please take a look?

Jamaican Man and those inerested in an interesting debate please take a look? Topic: Jamaican Man and those inerested in an interesting debate please take a look?
December 13, 2019 / By Lew
Question: So I have seen a lot of the comments posted by JM on here concerning Dirk as being the best player and have also seen some of the comments against JM that I thought "Why not have a little debate hosted by yours truly." Basically, if JM is willing to do this, put an answer on here as to why he believes Dirk is the best. Then other users can come on here and discuss why they think Dirk is not the best. Now, for those users who want to do this I would suggest that you do your homework. You have been warned! Hopefully this will go the way I think it will. There is always a method to my madness : ) @JM - Just post it on here. Won't be as bad as you think. Thanks JM... Now it is time for others to come on here if you dare. Like I stated before, I suggest you do your homework before you come on here and post your answer to the contrary. That is all you have Bossking??? NEXT!
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Jankin Jankin | 7 days ago
Ok well first, I kinda think this Dirk opinion has gotten way overblown. I honestly have done this a million times, and some people just can't handle it because it goes against Kobe and LeBron. This section is filled with a large amount of bandwagon Kids that just fight over opinions. This would not go well. But, if you're curious, there is an interesting debate with me and another user about Dirk, it got heated kinda, and it's alot of reading, but it ended up good (because both people were mature about it) and he was added to my contacts for the debate. Here it is: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... ___ These are my reasons Dirk Nowitzki: He is the biggest mismatch in the NBA and anytime you take something away from him another opens up. He is a skilled 7 footer with the best ball handles for a guy his size and can drive past other bigs and also can shoot from anywhere with the %s of (47-50%FG, 37-41%3pt) therefore he lures bigs away from the hoop so that teammates can drive without being blocked. He doesn't need to touch the ball AT ALL to have an impact on the offense. Teams try to go small on him because of this and all that leads to is less rebounds for them and post up opportunities for Dirk which lets him get doubles and pass out to open shooters. He has the dimensions of a guard (passing off the dribble, creating his own shot, making FTs, outside shooting) which other bigs have a weakness in and the dimensions of a post player (shot blocking, post player for double teams, passing out the post, rebounding at 11per game in the playoffs yet he plays far from the hoop etc.) which the guards like Kobe/Wade would need a great big to help them in that (Shaq/Gasol/Duncan) and vise versa. Dirk didn't need either one to make the finals and none of the others made the finals in the tough west conference without that. -Clutch (hit the most gamewinners since 2005-2006, has a great effienicy and % in the fourth quarter) - Rebounds (He averages 11+ for his playoff career and he plays far from the hoop, some nights he will have low rebounds but again, he plays away from the hoop alot) Post game (He dominated the nuggets series in the post against Kenyon Martin, Nene, Chris Anderson averaging 34.4ppg and 11.6rpg) -Efficiency (He is the most efficient player we have in the NBA, he always shoots around 47-50%FG, 37-41%3pt, 88-90%FT and has a lower turnover rate than any star this past decade, he led the nba in efficiency 2 years straight and in the playoffs of 2009) -Passing (He has averaged 4+ assist 2 of the last 3 playoff series and can pass out the post and off the dribble and is 7 feet tall) -Outside shooting( above %s) -Defense (He isn't the BEST, but it is underrated because of what he was in the past. Right now he is a good defender and strips the ball in the post better than any other bigmen, he plays his man good one on one, he always hovers around a combined 2.5+ blks/stls and earlier this year you saw how in OT against the Spurs he stopped Tim Duncan on 3 straight possesions yet he still never gets credit for defense. -Most efficient player (Check) -Most effective in the clutch (Check) -Most impactful (Check) If you didn't see this already I will paste it Nowitzki: He impacts a game more than anyone on the planet. He led the league in efficiency 3 years in a row before and for this entire decade he has only turned the ball over 8.5% of the time. THATS FOR THE ENTIRE DECADE, only 8.5% turnovers, one of the leagues best marks, if not the best. He impacts a game in ways people can't see, so thats why they pick Kobe/wade/Bron Over him. He makes shot blockers non defenders, he can lure Dwight or Duncan away from the basket so that his teammates can drive without being blocked. That means that he makes them non-defenders. So if Dwight is a top 5 player in the NBA (according to most), when he plays Dirk he is a top 15, because Dirk takes away his defensive abilities by luring him from the hoop. Nowitzki can post just like any big and make perimeter plays which other bigs can't. Nowitzki has more dimensions in his game than any other player. If you guard him with a big, he will drive past, and teams try to go small on him. That creates mismatches all over the floor because if the team go's small that also means less rebounds for them and other mismatches. He is the only one to take a team to the finals in the West with no other allstar or inside player. The only success Kobe/wade and other elite perimeter players had was when they had shaq/gasol or an inside presence and vise versa. Lebron did it in the east but Dirk carried his team in the west. He rebounds at 11 per game in the playoffs and thats the same as all the other bigs that are considered dominant rebounders yet he plays further from the hoop. As a 7 footer he dominates the post and creates open shots for other players like Shaq/Duncan, but he also makes perimeter plays like Wade/Kobe. Those players need that other complimentary source but Nowitzki is BOTH. He is the only 7 footer that passes off the dribble in pick and roll situations. His percentages are amazing because he is always around 48-50%fg/ 37-41%3pt and 88-91%ft. He is the most efficient player and of course Kobe/Wade/ and bron are more talented but Nowitzki impacts a game more than all three of them and therefore…. he's the best based off impact. ___ When you run your offense through Dirk, you don't waste as much possessions as if you do with Kobe or LeBron. Dirk shoots the ball at high percentages and doesn't turn the ball over nearly as much. If a team scores on half your turn overs, that means running your offense though Kobe and LeBron gives the other team more points than running it through Dirk. __ EDIT: Varsity you're right, I didn't want to do this at first for the same reasons, but I'll just give it a shot. Then when you talk about 4th quarter production, Kobe gets all the credit for game winners, when people don't look at the fact that Dirk plays with efficiency and consistency in the ENTIRE 4th quarter and doesn't require as many gamewinners. Dirk: *2 game winners * Dirk was second in the NBA only behind LeBron in 4th quarter scoring per game (6.3ppg) (5 minutes left in the game, also overtime) their %s Free-Throwing "Clutch" Dirk (62-of-64 97%) LeBron (74-of-91 81%) Kobe (46-of-55 84%) Durant (69-of-81 85%) 3-Point Shooting "Clutch" Dirk (13-of-18 72%), LeBron (17-of-54 32%), Kobe (11-of-31 35%), Durant (10-of-31 32%) Field-Goal Shooting "Clutch" Dirk (64-of-137 47%), LeBron (68-of-147 46%), Kobe (48-of-111 43%), Durant (43-of-115 37%) * Dirk's team went 17-6 this year in games decided by 5 points or less. * Dirk's team has won 11 straight games in games that were decided by 1 point. Dirk was the best 4th quarter player this year. He was more efficient in the 4th quarter (the entire 4th) and therefore didn't need as much game winners because it didn't have to come down to that. Also even if you want to compare gamewinners, Dirk has shot game winning shots at a higher % than Kobe for their careers. Dirk is in the 40% range for game winners, with Kobe being at 29%. People just have selective memory. EDIT2: @Bossking: As for not being clutch, I put a bunch of %s in the 4th quarter showing why he is more efficient in the clutch than the other stars.
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Jankin Originally Answered: Debate on Rommel: Need an interesting title?
Rommel - Germany's Robert E Lee? By which I mean that, just as the US Civil War would have been a lot shorter (and less tragic) if Lee had been born in, say, Ohio; so WW2 might have been less bloody and protracted if an accident of birth hadn't caused such a brilliant general to fight for a morally-repugnant regime.

Franklyn Franklyn
So what would be the point? Does anyone really think that there could be only one best player? I mean, best player today, or best player of all time. See what I mean? Years ago when my Spurs were playing the Nets in the finals, Jason Kidd told Tim Duncan that he was the best player in the world. At that time, maybe Tim was, but i am sure than not everyone would agree. Just last year Pop said that Kobe was the best player in the NBA. Now coming from a coach like Pop, that is a real compliment. My point is that people are going to like who they like and who is to say who is right or who is wrong? *****Great answer from JM. I have said many times that Dirk can hit from anywhere on the court, and you can't say that about every player.******
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Deandre Deandre
Ha I would not get into a debate with JM or myself because you wont WIN @ JM 99% of people in this section will not read your post like I just did they just want to argue with you all day. Looks like you have A Good argument going here nice job dude.
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Barry Barry
can we make a argument why our player is the best or do we have to try and dis proove JM. EDIT guess i will just go on and give my reasons excuse any mistakes i made this as a counter to a james is the best argument my friend made so james will be my "punching bag" in this statement Ok first of all the reasoning why people say james is the best in the NBA cause he has better stats. well lets look at how james plays 2/4th quaters he looks to score playing one on 5 basktetball to get his overall scoring up. 1/3rd he looks to pass alot more to get those ast numbers up iam not going to say he is not great he is but he starts to take over mo's job as PG. but what happen when the game is on line this is where players like kobe and dirk shine now dirk has the slight edge in clutchness overall but when there are 5 seconds left i want kobe to take the last shot or have the ball in his hands he made six this year and in the finals last he year he got doubled and passed it out to fisher(high IQ in clutch time) also he passed up on the final shot this year in artest with girz but artest missed still a great split second decision that was the right one. kobe was also robbed two years for MVP here are his numbers for those season http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kobe_Bryant... the 05-06 06-07 seasons) he had a tremendous year and carried a mediocore team in the playoffs ready to pull an upset against the suns also he is a mis match as well. he has a post up game and can step out and hit a jumper he is to quick for opposing SF that hold him and to tall for most SG and if you can find a guy who match up with him like artest or battier this is just a small bump in road cause of his PG like vision he can penatrate and dish it to the open man (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01acf-rpb... this shows that he is also one of the best SG defenders if not the best in the game today back when the lakers played the sixers in the finals kobe demanded to hold AI and shut him down to help LA to one of its three titles(9 all D team selections for kobe) also i will use last years game one in the finals as a example of his big games that propelled them to a win he had 40 pts 8 rebs 8 ast and 2 stl in a close game the lakers could have not won with out that contribution also what about his 25 point, 11 rebound, 7 assist, 4 block game in game 7 vs the trail blazers or even the 22 pts in the second half help the lakers win while shaq foulded out this is my reasoning
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Yvonne Yvonne
There are some men and women in Jamaica who seem desperate to marry someone and leave their beautiful island country. Economically and politically speaking, Jamaica is a country with many problems, but people, in my opinion, are essentially the same all over the world. I've been to Jamaica four times, with a fifth trip just around the corner. I'm not in the dating scene...but hopefully, you have met a sincere person who loves you for the right reasons.
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Shelagh Shelagh
This is going to be ugly. There seems to be a lot of people that have an unhealthy negative obsession with Jamaican Man. At least that's what I've gathered since joining Yahoo! Answers a couple of days ago.
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Shelagh Originally Answered: Jamaican stereotype oragin?
bob marley. @ brunette i bet you're a fat ugly man who spends his time on here all day! i am jamaican and i have never smoked a day in my life! EDIT: @ sam you obviously don't know many jamaicans. i know alot do but not all. my uncles don't smoke!

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