Do you think people are just good at math cuz they cheat?

Do you think people are just good at math cuz they cheat? Topic: Do you think people are just good at math cuz they cheat?
December 12, 2019 / By Shelomi
Question: honestly does anyone think that people who are good at math only because they have seen a prob a billion times. doesn't it seem unfair to call someone a genius if they've seen the same problem reiterated a billion times in hundreds of books ? not into labels or anything .... but people who are good at something are known be excelled cheaters. just look at people who claim to be good in a field they all quote lines and gigantic paragraphs to implicate that they are smart ..which is just like the same crowd as before ....nuthin original tell me lies people, tell me more lies. people good in math cheat off from foreign ideas and call it their own. logic is not always used in math it is just accepted from somebody else as true but real logic would never accept what is true if the mind has never thought of it yet
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Best Answers: Do you think people are just good at math cuz they cheat?

Noll Noll | 9 days ago
Hi, There are no problems seen a billion times in maths and even if a problem is seen second time after some period one has to do it again. The solution can not be memorized to any particular math problem and one has to solve it again no matter how many times it comes in front of him. Also there are number of ways to solve a single problem. A guy who is good at Maths never cheats. Hope to answer you well, keep smiling, bye.
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People cheat for various reasons. Usually one of their needs is not being met at home so they have to go outside of the relationship for it. Maybe a spouse doesn't want to have sex very often while the other wants it all the time. If even after talking about it and time passes and nothing changes... the chances of the sexual partner going elsewhere is higher. I don't think all cheaters like to cheat... it's just that they feel desperate to feel wanted and the thrill of getting attention. Other people get off on the thrill and excitement of the chance of getting caught... while some people chance it only because many don't believe they will be caught so talk themselves into it. Sometimes people are vulnerable and tempted into sex outside of their relationship. Say a business person goes on work travel for an extended period of time and is tempted by a beautiful person away from home. They might feel like since they are so far away it would be unlikely to get caught so they fall victim to the moment and to his or her self. I believe that people can change and that the whole "once a cheater" thing is crap. A person can go outside of the box only to learn that what was inside was what they wanted and need all along. Another reason is boredom. You might have a long history with someone filled with memories and ties that are so deep you couldn't leave the person but to entertain yourself you deviate from the relationship with someone else. If you ask me, I think it's in animal nature to want to mate. You don't often see monogamy in the animal kingdom which makes me wonder why we hold such high expectations on all humans to do so. I think that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and ways of living, even if that's having sex with many people - personally I just believe it is important to be honest with a mate about how monogamous you are or plan on being....... I have a real problem when people cheat on their partners and put them at dangerous risks of contracting an STD. That is by far one of the most selfish acts you could do to someone. Cheating is one of those facts of life that we will always be fascinated with.....

Kurtis Kurtis
Anyone who can look at a new problem and figure out how to solve it is not cheating. In order to solve a new problem, one has to think originally and logically. Thinking logically and originally does not come naturally for many people. Edit: You must not understand logic very well if you think that it is cheating. It is true that some people in mathematics will have practiced many different types of very similar problems and then know how to solve another similar problem. But there are mathematicians who can really think very logically and originally. If there weren't people like that, applications of mathematics would never have been developed and we wouldn't have a lot of the technology today which is based on the mathematics.
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Irwin Irwin
People are good in maths because they love it and its practice that makes people good at them. One doesn't have to see the same problem a hundred times, if you get the concept cleared and understand how you have to work out the solution then maths is one of the easiest and most interesting subject on earth.
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Faron Faron
Some people are able to retain a large number of facts, but others have the innate ability to solve problems they've never seen before by drawing on past knowledge. It is impossible to solve any problem with no knowledge, but knowing how to use that knowledge differentiates people.
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Crofton Crofton
How is logic not always used in math? How is experience with a problem cheating? You have to be good enough at math so that you can advance your education and gain that experience; if they weren't smart they wouldn't have been avle to gain that experience in the first place. What's your issue? You're unreasonable.
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Asia Asia
l think that your wrong people who are good at maths don't cheat they just find it easy and like it. Some questions don't occur a lot of times in books.
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Vena Vena
no, people find maths easy because it has only right or wrong answers and everything logical. I am much better at a subject like maths rather than english because english is written against oppinions and doesnt really have right or wrong answers.
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Seona Seona
well, I'm not the best, but I actually like Math and do well at it. I don't cheat. I think you do well at things you practice a lot.
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Seona Originally Answered: Why do people just copy & paste & want others to help them cheat on here?
One reason is the number of people up here who actually DO the work they post! I might be the top answerer, but I DO NOT do the kids homework! As to why people enable these kids, I don't know. Maybe they think cutting and pasting Wikipedia makes them look smart. (BTW It doesn't.) Reporting them doesn't do any good at all. You can report until you are blue in the face and Yahoo doesn't care. Unfortunately, that's a fact. Also, unfortunately, blatant cheating isn't against the rules. Posting a quiz, fill in the blanks and asking for essays is against the rules. I frankly encourage EVERYONE here to ... STOP answering the lists of questions STOP doing the math STOP writing the poems, paragraphs and essays and REPORT all of the above! By all means keep helping! Show them HOW to write something, provide good and solid research sites, edit essays, correct work, show example math problems. Now .. I will sit back and wait for all the thumbs down I will get for this. But I wear my thumbs down proudly because I know I'm hitting a nerve of all the cheating kids! (BTW: Good luck in not getting THIS question violated -- you're not cheating on your homework!)

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