Custom stickers for guitar?

Custom stickers for guitar? Topic: Custom stickers for guitar?
December 12, 2019 / By Gabriela
Question: I have an epiphone g-310 left handed. I'm pretty bored of the straight black color, and wanted to know if there is a website that I could go to, to print out a custom sticker that would go over the whole front of the body. I am a graphic designer and would be able to make the template myself(if there is a template out there that you know of, that would be awesome). So where could I go for this?
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Davina Davina | 8 days ago
Agree with JCR. I as well use to be in the graphic and commercial art business. I as well tried to make a 'pick guard' for my older classical years ago from Contact paper. It left a dull pattern in the surface finish when I removed it sometime later. I wouldn't mess with anything that may have to stick to the surface top of any guitar in question. But with black, and not having to really effect the tone, think (well) ahead first before maybe using a (suggestion) Silver or Gold color Sharpie that may provide a unique pin stripe (permanent) effect if that is what may at least give it some character. Anything thicker, as paints (used sparingly) or even (water base) decals (for models) shouldn't take away from the tonal quality or overall surface design, as you should just plan ahead as any project. The heavier, plastic or vinyl (bumper) sticker materials could muffle top resonance to make a difference, not just leave a P.I.T.A. residue. Auto pin striping? But, its your guitar.
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Davina Originally Answered: How to get custom guitar picks?
Hello there, You don't need a large order here. http://cgi.ebay.com/Custom-Engraved-Guit... I suggest you contact them. Also, you might be interested in a personalized guitar strap. http://cgi.ebay.com/PERSONALIZED-Guitar-... I think those make good gifts also. later,
Davina Originally Answered: How to get custom guitar picks?
it costs too much to set up the machinery for just one pick one pick would cost as much as a bag of them
Davina Originally Answered: How to get custom guitar picks?
dang, i was going to give you the site : http://www.claytoncustom.com/ but its for people who want to buy a ton of em. Sorry :/ but i can't think of anywhere where it doesnt come in big packs.

Brenda Brenda
You mean like a Decalgirl skin, or a wrap for a car? I don't think anyone does those for guitars. Stickers may react with your guitar's finish and/or leave residue that is difficult to remove without finish damage, and will greatly decrease resale value. They are really not recommended.
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Brenda Originally Answered: What do you need to do to be able to work in a custom guitar workshop?
Most guitar builders are overwhelmed with people seeking apprenticeships, and training an apprentice is a substantial drain on a luthier's time. Google "guitar building schools" and similar keywords - there are lists at various places on the web of places where you can pay for training courses. Many people pick up guitar building on their own. Training as a woodworker or machinist would definitely help, as would knowing how to paint cars. If you want to try your hand at building a guitar, a good quality kit is generally considered the best way to start. Guitar building is not a particularly lucrative occupation and many builders eke out a living by doing repair work. To a large extent you can pick that up on your own using guitars from yard sales, etc. and doing a lot of reading. You can find lots of instructional materials at www.stewmac.com.
Brenda Originally Answered: What do you need to do to be able to work in a custom guitar workshop?
If you only start to perform the guitar then you definitely need the most effective programs on the market to learn how to play this hard instrument and the most effective is Jamorama website, here https://tr.im/xNww1 In the event that you are going to learn the guitar for initially (Or maybe you attempted before and just couldn't obtain the "hang" of it), then Jamorama is the proper class for you because every lesson has a video to accompany the maxims, and when you have removed through a week of classes, you are able to get and printing a fitness page related to these lessons. The video lessons demonstrate how to play chords – the fundamentals of enjoying guitar. You'll figure out how to play important, small, 7th, and clean chords. If you never understand what any of that means, don't let it scare you. It's all discussed at length in the videos. A good thing about this is when you get these fundamentals down, the titles and the technicality just float to the back ground and you do not really have to think about it a whole lot more – you are able to just enjoy!

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