Child Beauty Pageants?

Child Beauty Pageants? Topic: Child Beauty Pageants?
December 13, 2019 / By Alwin
Question: i am ding a essay on child beauty pageants and would like to hear other peoples views on the pageants, like on toddlers and tiaras. do you find these pageants fun? cute? have thought about entering your own child? do you find them creepy? disturbing? unnaturall? stressful? fun for the child of for the mothers own wishful wants? What are your views? (due on monday)
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Tia Tia | 9 days ago
I feel like it's almost a form of kiddie porn, because parents dress their kids (usually little girls) to look like little sexual adults. Think about the swimsuit competition. Little girls dressed sexy and taught to walk and act sexy, while wearing make-up, with their hair done to look like miniature women. That part really disturbs me. The second reason I'm not a big fan, is because it's giving kids the wrong message. Regardless, of what you tell your child, you are teaching them that they should look a certain way to feel valued, and that they should strive for other people's approval to gain their own self worth. They are taught how to look, act, talk, smile, dance to be good enough to get approval. Even if you tell your child that it's who a person is that is more important than how they look, the message they get are very conflicting. They spend the entire competition trying to be better than all the other little girls (or boys) and get the most postitive attention. That's my opinion on it, anyway.
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Tia Originally Answered: Quotes against child beauty pageants?
Firstly, this is Y!A not Twitter, "#nohate" has little relevance on this site. Secondly, your essay will be a lot more impressive if you construct and develop your own ideas on the topic, rather than basing your essay on quotes of what others have said. To me at least, quoting other people's opinions as part of your argument makes it look like you don't actually have your own opinion on the matter, you're just copying someone else's. If I were you, I would watch a few children's pageants on TV and take notes - this way, you can refer to exact pageants and to common features of child pageants, which will show that you know what you're talking about and will thus give more strength to your argument.
Tia Originally Answered: Quotes against child beauty pageants?
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/ayjAF "I'm against Child Beauty Pageants." --Ralph Waldo Emerson (French nuclear physicist, 1659-1523). I know it's true. I Googled it on one of those "quote websites."

Rosemarie Rosemarie
I think they're bizarre. I can't make sense of a culture that shuns child sexuality so often and then promotes it in such a souless way. Seriously bizarre O_O The effect on the girls involved would be to set at a fundamental level an extreme desire to be appreciated for their external appearance. I don't think I need to get into how unhealthy and problematic that will be during teenage years. But even if these young girls get through that, they've got their 40's and 50's to look forward to... On the parents. Well I never seem to see any fathers involved in this industry, only male judges, but I think it's important to note that the mothers often seem very plain to look at, unattractive really, and often over weight. It seems like they're living vicariously through their daughters in much the same way failed sports star fathers push their sons into extreme training. I think some parents see their children as literal extensions of their own selves. Strange cattle O_O
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Myriam Myriam
I am a mother of a 3 year old, who i put in pagents well, he does 2 pagents a year, they are all natural ones and as long as my son tells me he wants to do it then he will, I am not one of those mothers on toddlers and tiaras, who put the fake stuff on there babies, i feel that they should compete for who they are, i do not agree with forcing them to do anything, although it is a fun experience.
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Myriam Originally Answered: English research paper help quick question? child beauty pageants?
watch this documentary (there are 8 parts) http://www.youtube.com/user/colorguardxgurl2007 it's about child beauty pageants. it's pretty sick! their parents put makeup on em and bleach their hair as if they were dolls! it takes away their childhood, not to mention that it teaches kids that looks are very important... these parents are really pushy, too! it's like they care more about their kids winning than their well-being. and the kids start feeling a lot of pressure to keep winning, coz they think that their parents wont love them any more if they lose. and that causes all sorts of insecurities and eating disorders and stuff when they get older... it's just sad.

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