How can I be more creative in my writing?

How can I be more creative in my writing? Topic: How can I be more creative in my writing?
December 13, 2019 / By Marlen
Question: I think I'm somewhat creative, not as much as I used to be though.My ideas are never as good as before and I think I'm losing my creativity. How can I start being creative and imaginative again? If you have any tips please share
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Jerome Jerome | 3 days ago
There are probably several things you can do. What I like to do for realistic fiction or fantasy that starts off seeming like a realistic fiction is picture a random person that I saw on the street or in the car next to me and let myself wonder what their lives could be like, or what they might have been like in their youth. From there, you just keep thinking of wilder, crazier situations until you have something so far out there that maybe- just maybe- you could work with it. Another thing you could do is take the basic idea or plot from a book you recently read or a movie you saw and re-write it the way you would want it to be. If it should have had a different ending, or the character didn't have a name and description that fit together in your opinion, then change it, make it your own! Play with it a little; the result could be amazing, unlike anything seen before. Lastly, try using different wordings. If you find yourself using the word "evening" a lot, try using slightly more specific words like "twilight", "sunset", or "dusk". If you describe things as "smooth" a lot, try using other words with the same or similar meaning within the context, like "worn", "tender", or "level". These methods are not guaranteed to work, because every writer has his/her own style, and different methods work for different people. Try other methods as well as the ones listed above; you'll never know what works.
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The Worst Hair Day in the History of Mankind Sorrow's End Coffin Rock Swords of Rebellion How to Hatch a Dragon in 30 Minutes or Less The Faeries Ate My Homework My Dog, the Great Philospher Elvis was a Space Alien Conspiracy 101: It was Bigfoot on the Grassy Knoll There's a Skunk-Ape in My Backyard The Collins Park High Chronicles My Best Friend is Missing The Heart Shaped Ruby The Wizard/Witch of Glen Ferris The True Story of How Dinasaurs Became Extinct High School War My Teacher has a Third Eye in the Back of her Head History is What You Make of it... How Winnig the Lottery Has Changed My Life You Can't Blame a Guy for Trying... I liked the picture idea too. When I took my creative writing class (WAAAYYY back when), our instructor had us choose between a few different series of paintings. There were 3 paintings per series and we had to come up with one story for all three paintings. That was a lot of fun.

Gilbert Gilbert
*Don't worry about it! I've gone through some serious slumps before. You might feel like all your ideas are crap now, but don't give up. *Read plenty of books, watch lots of movies- in other words, absorb some creativity from others. ;) If you can't think up an idea, take bits and pieces of ideas that are already out there and mush 'em together. Ta-da! You have created something new. I find myself doing that quite frequently. I'll find an aspect of a story I like, and I try to incorporate it into my story. Of course, you have to be careful- don't overdo it or make it obvious. *Practice. Even if all you have are little nubbins of ideas or if you think they suck, just write 'em out. Sometimes, you just have to write. Even if you're sure whatever you're writing is lousy...carry a notebook with you. Always be on the lookout for ideas! Hope I helped! :D
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Donall Donall
Pick the right topics. You can't write if you have nothing to write about.Finding and choosing the right creative writing topics can be challenging. There is a big difference between having to say something and having something to say. So how do we go about finding the right topics? I would recommend reading through the hints and tips on picking the right essay topics at http://www.creativewriting-prompts.com/c... . The advice is practical, easy to use and something that you will refer back to time and again.
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Donall Originally Answered: Why do people take creative writing classes if they don't want to be creative?
I've spoken to several people who thought that a creative writing class would "teach them to be creative." Apparently many people believe that there is some "secret" and if they learn it, they will effortlessly pump out books and get rich. I kid you not. They keep asking "How do you do it?" and when I tell them that you sit down in front of a keyboard and type for 200 hours, they stare at me and say, "No, really."

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