Bed wetting ten year old girl?

Bed wetting ten year old girl? Topic: Bed wetting ten year old girl?
December 12, 2019 / By Dolanna
Question: i have a ten year old niece and she's quiet healthy and playful. my only concern is she still wets her bed at night. i do not recall anything traumatic or things that cause her any anxiety or something like that but she still wets her bed occasionally. and she always go to the toilet before going to bed. a little help please
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Carlotta Carlotta | 2 days ago
It's probably under-developed bladder. I had this as a kid and was late to pody train. The doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and did all these tests... it was fairly traumatic. Now a days, a lot more is known about under-developed bladder, and it is also know that it's no big deal. Like someone else said, some kids are just late bloomers in that area. What helped me was my mom getting me up in the middle of the night to go. For example, say I went to bed at 9. When my mom was on her way to bed at say 12 or 1, she'd come get me, sleep-walk me to the bathroom, then put me back in bed. I rarely ever remembered in the morning. It also solved the problem. Definitely tell her parents not to be hard on her. It's not her fault or anything she can control!
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Carlotta Originally Answered: My 12 year old son is wetting the bed, what can I do?
I have several suggestions. It could actually not be his fault that he is wetting the bed. Some struggle into their teen years. Talk to your doctor about it. S/he can tell you about treatment options that will help with a hormone deficiency that can cause bed wetting. This is most successful if there is any family history of bed wetting. If ANYONE in your family struggled with this, it is most likely a genetic condition he cannot help. There are also alarms that you can look into that create a noisy racket whenever any moisture touches them. Also, someone who is overweight is not necessarily "over-nourished". What kinds of foods is he eating? A healthier lifestyle in general will make a huge difference in his energy level. Start adding one serving of fresh fruit/veggie at each meal for him once a week. Perhaps this week he could start with a banana with breakfast, an apple with lunch and a carrot stick with dinner. Even if he only adds one serving a DAY per week, that will start to make a new healthy habit for him. Get him playing outside even if you have to play with him. His health depends upon it. Best wishes. ADD: That's great that he will go outside to play sports. But since he still won't do the chores you ask him to, maybe he needs some consequences. I'm sorry, but a 12-year-old should be much more involved in the care of the home. I'm sure it's an uphill battle for you, but one you need to fight. He needs to learn to pitch in CHEERFULLY and if he doesn't do it quickly and cheerfully, he should be given more work until he can do it with the right attitude. I love the suggestion about cleaning up his own nighttime messes. This will give him incentive to work with you to solve this problem and move on.

Anetta Anetta
My daughter is 11 years old and has two separate friends that have this same issue. The boy with this issue is just a dead heavy sleeper, has no control or awareness of it and he is 9 years old. The girl with this issue is 11, her parents have taken her to doctors, etc...they told her that this is a very very common thing, (they even have commercials on tv for it - Big Kid Diapers so to speak). Well, come to find out, bedwetting into older ages like this, can also be sort of hereditary. The girls aunt had the same problem growing up. The mother of the girl gets her out of bed every night at about 2-4 am and takes her to the bathroom, and then puts her back in bed. This is normal, and eventually your niece will get it under control.
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Wilburn Wilburn
some kids are just like that, i probably only wet the bed a few times in my life. but my neighbors growing up would wet the bed EVERY night, up until they got pretty old. Not drinking any liquid at dinner would help...but that just seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me
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Sawyer Sawyer
age will tell. you just grow out of it. i bed wet until i was 13. then puberty hits and everything just gets bigger, especially the bladder.
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Nathan Nathan
ask her if there is anything she needs to talk about that could be bothering her, is she having problems at school, eg bullying? worrying about something?
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Nathan Originally Answered: 13 year old just started bed wetting again?
Things to rule out: UTI -- ask him if he has any pain urinating. If so, have him go to the doctor. Wet dream -- definite possibility. Is the bed soaked as though he urinated, or just somewhat soaked, as in a wet dream. If you are pretty sure it's urine, then you need to find out why your son isn't waking up when his bladder is full. Emptying his bladder before he goes to bed will not solve the problem. It will only mask the problem, which is actually a deep sleep problem. Is he bothered by allergies? If so, then an increase in allergens in the house could cause your son to sleep more deeply and not wake up. Getting his allergies under control will help. If none of the above applies, have your son wear a bed wetting monitor. When it goes off, he probably won't hear it, but you will. When it goes off, go to his room and make sure your son is awake before you have him go pee. Repeating this will help break his pattern of deep sleep. Also, Kegel exercises help strengthen the bladder control muscles.

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