Is there a kind way to tell my teacher not to compare us to others?

Is there a kind way to tell my teacher not to compare us to others? Topic: Is there a kind way to tell my teacher not to compare us to others?
December 12, 2019 / By Juliette
Question: One of my teachers has compared our class or even individuals to herself and previous classes. She acts as if we are NOT individuals in that way, and we should be as perfect little angels (and teacher's pets) as she describes previous classes. She says things such as "I didn't have all these problems with the class two years ago, they behaved, blah blah blah." It makes me mad because teachers talk about how we should respect differences, when it seems she should respects that we are not her previous classes and we all learn differently, so we will not be able to follow rules in the same way her other classes did. Also, she compares us to herself. She says things such as, "I would have never disrespected a teacher like that when I was in school," etc., making herself sound like a perfect teacher's pet. Sorry if that sounded like a rant, but I want to tell her that I think she should focus more on US and solving OUR problems rather than thinking about how we are worse than them or her. I don;t want to tell her up straight and be considered disrespectful, but I kind of do want to say what I think. They also feel they can be as good as they can and nothing will happen then, either.
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Glory Glory | 3 days ago
Look My dear who ever you are! you asked this Question and its mean you want a answer of a good friend. I am graduated from BCS( bacholar of Computer Science); I have to add this that I was so lazy in school I was third position but I am saying that I was lazy. But whole my teachers loved me as I am first position. Look my idea may work you. I did what? I took my mom to my school every week and my whole teachers were friendly with me because of my mom, and our teacher also said the same thing, but when I graduated from high school then college then when I start university and after my first semester I understood the value of every human being in this WORLD !!! I was first position in my university; and priciple I mean good eithics were and is very important in every place. I understood that our teachers were comparing us because they like us to become in high position then the previous class thats why they used their names as a symbol but in reality they love us. its a turth. Beleive me Our teacher really love us alot. and I also Love my whole teachers. Hope you get what I am trying to tell you. bye...
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Glory Originally Answered: What kind of education did you need to be a teacher in 1930?
The 1930s were still a pastoral time in US education. Many one room schoolhouses still dotted the nation with little to no formal oversight. Educational requirements in these schools were not strict. A high school education was generally expected but not an absolute requirement. A person of letters could come into town, impress the local governing structure, and be appointed to be the school master or mistress if the area needed one and no other qualified applicants were imminent. While this was possible, it was certainly not the norm even in these small farming communities. A high school education and at least some higher education, if not a degree, was expected. The role of school master or mistress in these communities was generally a position not just of education, but of social status. They were expected to be learned, competent and of high moral fibre. They served as an anchor in their communities. These people were to be paragons of virtue and beacons of morality to their charges. They were expected to uphold the folkways and mores of the local community and teach them to their children. Leading by example was more important in these situations than a rigorous, classical Curriculum Vitae. On the other hand, combination of small schools into actual districts was well on its way. The growth of cities, led by the rise of industrialization in the postbellum US had consolidated schools and communities. Elected or appointed boards of education for these districts were becoming the norm (if not already the norm) in these districts. The first rigid prerequisites for teachers in many cities were written and enforced right after the Civil War and the 30s were a continuation of this trend. A high school education was a must and higher education was expected. Degrees were generally expected and while the particular form and type of degree or higher education was not terribly important, they formed the dividing line between who could and could not get an interview. Management positions at the individual school level and district level always required at least a degree, sometimes a doctorate. This was a departure from the past, but the movement itself had been fomenting for a very long time. In the 1930s it was codified. The social position of the teacher in urban districts, while still highly regarded, was not the same as it was in the countryside. More freedom was allowed to these teachers in their private and social lives, but they were still afforded a great deal of respect for both their education and their position. Modern education was born, along with all the benefits and pitfalls. The 30s continued the inexorable march towards standardized curricula, hiring requirements and practices, and testing (both of students and teachers). Good luck with your speech, dude.
Glory Originally Answered: What kind of education did you need to be a teacher in 1930?
that is a grievance for the citizens of manhattan to soak up with their mayor and elected officers. in case you do not stay there, not a dime of your tax funds are in contact. Congress has not something to declare approximately how a city allocates and spends their funds. So your assertion that "our tax funds" are in contact is organic equus ferus caballus fecal count. and doubtless they desire the extra suitable protection through fact of all the crazed Liberals and Democrats who're threatening to wreck the station. rather that criminal ingredient masquerading as a social circulation over close to Wall street. Who is conscious what those loopy loons ought to do. And the city is spending far extra on them then they are on protecting Fox information studios. what share roles has the OWS crowd created that contributed taxes to the city of manhattan?

Destiny Destiny
The problem today is young people do not like being given direction. This is I believe a direct result from the removal of corporal punishment in schools. Young people now feel they can do as they wish and not recieve discipline for it. To answer your question, try doing as directed then the teacher will compare you favorably against the former. A simple efective method is to approach the teacher when she is by herself and ask if there is any particular reason she always compares your class to former classes or herself when she was younger. good luck.
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Candace Candace
Wow Pat. in basic terms whilst curiously like there may well be a soul in there (from different solutions) you disprove the full factor via attacking a new child. thank you to circulate. As to the question. Its sturdy to work out that a number of the extra youthful human beings fairly care on the subject of the direction that our u . s . and faculties are heading. that may not as black and white through fact the government not being concerned. i think of you're directly to a minimum of a few thing whilst it is composed of human beings irritating with their very own paycheck and little else. area of this is an illustration of the situations nonetheless. each little thing has become very perplexing, money clever, and makes us all somewhat jaded at situations, some extra jaded than others needless to say. yet decrease back to the government. attempt to think of of the scope, in case you may, of balancing our youngster's education with having emergency rescue centers for individuals who're loss of life or in threat of loss of life. Now upload a kevlar vest which will look after a soldier from being shot to loss of existence foreign places. Now understand that further and extra anybody is jobless usual. yet wait, we can't make human beings hir epeople till we decrease a number of the corporation's value. yet wait, to try this we could desire to decrease some extra from someplace else. i'm not a new child-kisser and that i don't artwork with our u . s .'s funds yet i be attentive to that each physique of what I in basic terms laid out is a attention and that i additionally be attentive to its in uncomplicated terms a chunk of all of it. Its recommendations boggling and saddening. And government workers won't be in a position to do the activity crying the tears they could fairly sense for the rustic, they could desire to be stone confronted and all corporation approximately it. instructors could desire to care on the subject of the scholars through fact they are working with our destiny. yet, for some, regrettably this is barely a job that they had to get through fact the activity they actually needed (college professor or NASA worker or what have you ever) replaced into not available. i be attentive to all of it sounds chilly and hopeless and from time to time this is extremely close to that. yet i like to think of that there are people who do care approximately what they are doing whether they are in a position to't teach it in the process the perplexing judgements and that they are working to coach the region around. it is not all photograph voltaic and flora in spite of the undeniable fact that this is a glimmer.
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Candace Originally Answered: I Really like my teacher(crush) & i think he likes me too (its kind of long sorry but i really need help)?
If you really care about him you will stop. He could get fired and lose his ability to teach anywhere. You are graduating soon, I suggest you wait until you are in college if you try to make anything happen with him. Student teacher relationships are inappropriate so just wait or move on.

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