Am I depressed, please help?

Am I depressed, please help? Topic: Am I depressed, please help?
December 12, 2019 / By Ziba
Question: I've been sad like a lot, and I hate my life. Anyway, this past week, its gotten really bad. I don't know why. I've cried every day this week. Also, I've lost interest in everything! I stopped studying and doing my homework. I'll be in the middle of listening to music(which I love to do) but I'll skip every song(including my favorites). Also, I'll be in he middle of watching my fav show, but I'll get annoyed with it and stop. All I want to do is sit around doing nothing. I pretty much gave up on everything. And of course, with sadness, there's anger. I've been bitching at my family and friends...I think they're all avoiding me now...which makes everything even worse! I don't know what to do, please help me!
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Sheona Sheona | 10 days ago
At least you can still feel sad, mad, and can cry. I've passed that point years ago; trust me, it only gets worse. You know somethings wrong when you lay in bed trying to convince yourself that you're still asleep, just so that's a few more hours you don't have to live out that day. If you really need a diagnosis to confirm how you feel, then go see a doctor.
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Sheona Originally Answered: IM DEPRESSED SUDDENLY GOT DEPRESSED HELP PLZ! 10 points?
the reason why your depressed is because you have seen corpses and allot of people died and its very disturbing, and also now your only starting to realise how short life is because of what you'v seen, i would suggest a therapist, and just realise that no matter how short life is you can always live it a good life, i no its very misfortune t what happened to those people but you will have to try to get over it otherwise your going to end up in a mental hospital, im very sorry for what's happened hope you get better soon

Pearlie Pearlie
To me, yes it sounds like you're depressed. I am not a psychologist or any sort of health care provider and I would suggest you get in contact with one of the two. I'm completing an undergrad degree in psychology and I have bipolar disorder so I know what the symptoms of depression are. The link I posted below, you should check out. It is by Eli Lilly (pharmaceutical) but it could be helpful to take some of the tests and bring it to your doctor - you might not remember all of what you're going through so having things written down may help Also, I wouldn't talk with random strangers about this, like one of the other answerers suggested. If you need to talk to someone, call your local distress centre or crisis line - they can direct you to resources and help you find help. Thats my answer for you
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Marilynn Marilynn
Well if your friends and family are avoiding you make it clear make sure that they really like you if they don't just be nice to them and be yourself think in your head a lot what you can do to make everything better!
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Kristeen Kristeen
i know its not easy but you gotta find the source of all this. if its private we can talk privatley aim: nyshortman95
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Kristeen Originally Answered: Am i sad or truly depressed?
You're depressed. sad to me is an event that happened thats made you feel bad. I actually went through what you're going through. I was somewhat social and honor roll my first semester in sophomore year, but suddenly i just didn't give a damn about anything and failed 5 of my 6 classes, stayed inside all day staring at the ceiling, and drifted away from all friends. It was bad, I felt very lonely but eventually I just didn't feel anything, I couldn't cry or get mad or laugh or anything. I didn't tell anyone what I was feeling, and no one asked because I seemed so standoffish, so it went by unnoticed (I think). but I had a break down and was sent to a psychiatrist. turns out I developed psychotic depression. I wouldn't want for you to get there. You need to talk to someone, even if its your parents If they don't listen, because they might just dismiss it as hormones, go to your school psychologist. He/she will definitely help you. So will your teachers, give them a chance to help you. Email me if you want: ervalik@yahoo.com

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