friend trouble ! need answers?

friend trouble ! need answers? Topic: friend trouble ! need answers?
December 12, 2019 / By Agas
Question: hey Y!A My friend lela let me use her account to ask you this question so where to begin i'm a sophomore in high school and i feel like a loser who doesn't have any friends like there are some people i could hang out with but i don't feel 100% interested around them i feel sad that i don't have many friends i feel like i missed my chance to expand my social circle and this year i hung out with my sister when i didn't have nobody she's graduating and that means ill be alone .I don't feel it's fair that i feel that i am this way because growing up these girls always caused trouble for me and when i finally got to high school these b^tches pretended to be my friend and turn people against me. I feel sad when i see people in there groups of friends hanging out going places .... and then there's me . So i talked to my mom and family and they said if i feel strongly about it i could change schools but my mom is worried that what those b^tches in grade 9 did to me will happen again . SO DO YOU THINK I SHOULD STAY OR GO ?? Also how are popular people be so social ? THANKYOU!
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Tiberius Tiberius | 9 days ago
I hate that....that's my situation exactly, except i'm stuck with super preppy people but I go to an extremely small school (only 24 in my class, entire hs is like 70 or something), and there are just way too many scholarships to pass up. I'm a junior now and it really sucks. I do have one "friend" and a few aquintances, but the friend and i used to be real friends since 5th grade, but in the last year and a half she's gotten really competitive and is always secretly trying to sabotage me....like tell me wrong answers when we are working together on homework...I'm not even kidding. But the only thing I can suggest is say funny things, avoid making a fool out of yourself, and just be really outgoing...not to the point were everyone thinks you're annoying...but talk to people. and i think you should change schools : )...fresh starts are always good.
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Your probation officer is your ally here. He or she may well know of businesses owned or managed by people who are themselves ex-cons or who have sympathy or empathy for them. Are you observing basic get-a-job protocol, arriving in person rather than filling out applications online, well dressed and groomed, with your own pen, a complete list of the addresses and phone numbers applications ask for, letters of recommendation, etc.? Are you applying at places which actually has work for someone without skills or job training? It's hard, I know, when lots of places won't even consider you, but there are employers in every community which will. Most of the jobs are not great, but they're work, and if you do it well, reliably, and with a good attitude, that can lead to a better job. What you probably won't get are jobs where you handle money or goods with a high value. (The car rental place I worked at would not hire felons; cars were too easy to steal.) But you might find work in the kitchen of a restaurant or bussing its tables, sorting recyclables, trash hauling, doing lawn or ground maintenance, working a road crew, and similar jobs, many of which pay pretty well.

Rae Rae
I think you should definitely change schools if they are being that bad. Definitely, I suggest you be a cool person in the school like just hang out with kids THAT ARE NOT THAT POPULAR! Popularity is usually with all the gossip and back stabbers. Hang out with people that aren't that quiet either so they should be outgoing but not technically popular.
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Marko Marko
tell your chum what you think of and understand approximately him. tell her what you probably did... in case you assert you're as close as sisters i'm particular she wont suggestions. you may no longer incredibly pull somebody far off from somebody that they love, its too complicated. something like this occurred to my little sister. Her chum found out approximately interior of a pair of days. that could take place on your chum or it may no longer. the two techniques she could be unhappy. in basic terms tell your chum that she would be able to accomplish that a lot greater helpful, make her discover somebody else, introduce her to a large guy. Or discover the guy that she has cherished for a at a similar time as (if she has) and attempt and get them jointly.
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Jermaine Jermaine
well you just said your "Friend" lela let you use the computer so you have friends right? if not then you should start making friends talk to people find faces you never seen before if this doesnt work then you could move to another school and make fresh friends but try to at least meet people and try to talk and make friends
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Giffard Giffard
if you have friends in another school you should go. i don't say popular that makes people more conceited say well owned. you really just gotta make people laugh and don't be clingy tho people don't really like that. most important be yourself.
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Giffard Originally Answered: MY FRIEND IN TROUBLE?
My friend has an if it anatomy, its all about memorization, maybe as a good friend you should help her study for the next one thats what I try to do because I got a D in it so we both try to help each other out I would ask the teacher to maybe retake it or if I can't I'd study hard for the next essay because I figure it's not the end of the world.

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