Is it possible after a system restore to retrieve the work u lost?

Is it possible after a system restore to retrieve the work u lost? Topic: Is it possible after a system restore to retrieve the work u lost?
December 12, 2019 / By Jaqualine
Question: i recently did a system restore not knowing it was going to delete EVERYTHING because a former associate of mine told me that it only goes back until ur computer reported no damage which was about 2 weeks ago, instead it went back about 2 years. is there any way to get my work back?
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Best Answers: Is it possible after a system restore to retrieve the work u lost?

Etta Etta | 7 days ago
Not really. Restoring to 2 years ago also removed any newer restore points. OK. It's possible... But first! Stop using that drive immediately! You may be writing over your data at the moment. Buy a new drive tomorrow and copy your system over to it. Put the old drive away. Meanwhile, think of what you need the worst, and any unique identifying characteristics it might have had. Pick a data recovery service and send the drive to them with as much detail on what your data was like as possible. There are several demo packages you can download that may show you what's available for restoration if you purchase the full software.
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Etta Originally Answered: System restore in Win XP Pro, don't work, any way of doing a restore?
Wow, this is a tough one. Don't know if this will help but it came from XP Help and Support (start > help and support > search for system restore). Antivirus utilities can affect whether your system can be restored to a previous point. If a restore point contains an infected file because the utility is not set to clean the file within the restore point, or if an infected file has been removed from a restore point by an antivirus utility because it could not be cleaned, System Restore will not recover the computer to this partial or infected state. If System Restore could not restore your computer to a previous state, and you suspect that one or more restore points contain infected files or have had infected files removed by the antivirus utility, you can remove all restore points from the System Restore archive by turning off System Restore and then turning it back on. Seems like this is a Catch-22. If you remove all restore points you can't do a restore. But if one or more restore points might contain a virus, you wouldn't want to restore that virus. As I understand the F8 function, you can go back to a "last known good configuration" when your computer started up with no problems. But a virus could still be lurking within the system and not make itself apparent until it's triggered. If I had my XP Pro install disk, I think I would remove all restore points and move on. The computer would create new restore points or I could do the same manually. I would try to go back in time to one of those new restore points. If it works, the problem is probably solved. If it doesn't, then that might lead me to believe I have some missing or corrupt system files. That's when I'd take my install disk and do a system repair. If a system repair doesn't solve the problem, I might have to resort to a full blown remove / reformat / reinstall the XP Pro. I sure hope you can get this problem solved and I'm sorry for not having a definite answer.

Clematis Clematis
Data written on the hard drive stays there! Formatting, deleting does not remove the data. Data is magnetized and not magnetized bits of metal! When you delete/reformat you over write the data location stored in track 0 of the hard drive. Your restore issue exist because the system may have written over some or all of your data. Then again, it may not have. You need a restore program like RESTORER2000. and you have to have a second disk for it to write to. To keep this from happening in the future, either partition your hard drive or buy a second drive. In the second partition create a folder called My Documents. Then when you save your data, always do a SAVE AS, and change to the My documents folder that you created. Or save your data onto the second disk.
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Becky Becky
hiya its your fortunate day as my job is computing device restores :) sure it is possible to get the documents decrease back even though it is severe priced i'm merely commencing a company doing this and the applying is somewhat high priced tbh except those documents are necessary its no longer properly worth it. computing device international do recoverys yet its one hundred£ plus unfortunatly i in elementary terms function in leeds on the 2d so except you're in leeds i cant try this for you
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Adisson Adisson
U shdn't have lost any data. No matter how far back it went. But you can do undo the restore. Then choose a date more recent.
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Adisson Originally Answered: System restore won't work and can't enable it? tried cmd.?
Click on start Button and then click on Run Type services.msc and ok. You find screen of services. Find System Restore service. Click on this services there is option Click on start and set on Automatic. apply and ok. restart your computer. May be Solve this problem

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