Microsoft works problem.?

Microsoft works problem.? Topic: Microsoft works problem.?
December 13, 2019 / By Pharaoh
Question: Im writting an essay and i just read it over and i saw that i mess up a sentance. So i go back and backspace but it starts to chew off the next word. So idk what to do. Please help this essay is do tomorrow and i dont want to redo 10 pages!!
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Best Answers: Microsoft works problem.?

Lynton Lynton | 4 days ago
try to see if you have insert or over write selcected in word if so press the insert button on the keyboard or use the mouse to edit the offending part of the essay.
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Lynton Originally Answered: Microsoft Word Problem?
Try clicking on the 'insert' button. This usually solves that problem. You may have clicked on it without realising it. :)
Lynton Originally Answered: Microsoft Word Problem?
It sounds as though you have clicked the overwrite button on the status bar - OVR. Have a look at the bottom of your computer screen and if you can see OVR quite clearly then double click it, and everything should be OK. Hope this helps
Lynton Originally Answered: Microsoft Word Problem?
Yes the insert button; this happens to me a lot lol and all I do is look over at the insert button and problem solved ^__^

Jeffrey Jeffrey
You've accidentally put Works Word Processor into Overtype mode. Pressing the Insert key is the usual way of getting into this -- and the easiest way of getting out again. Hope that helps.
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Jeffrey Originally Answered: Problem with Microsoft Word, help please?
Uh, try open the file again and check if it still happens. If it does, press Insert key and check again. If the error still occurs then I have no idea :D. Good luck!
Jeffrey Originally Answered: Problem with Microsoft Word, help please?
Yes. Look at the bottom right of the screen and look for OV. Click it to turn it off. Or, if it is Word 2007/2010 just do a right clcik on the status bar and select Overtype if it is checked.

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