society's distorted vision of beauty essay?

society's distorted vision of beauty essay? Topic: society's distorted vision of beauty essay?
January 19, 2020 / By Isador
Question: for my english paper i'm writing an essay on how advertisements in the media should change and what is wrong with it. i'm writing mine about how ads only show slim women, along with mannequins, who are always small in size. it can make bigger sized women feel like their size isn't beautiful, which may lead to self esteem issues, depression, and possibly even self harm or eating disorders. for my solution i thought that the media needed to accept anyone in size to model and get rid of the skinny mannequins to send a message that size does not define beauty. what other solutions are there? thank you.
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Farrell Farrell | 5 days ago
You can't change human nature and advertising that has a full figure woman in one ad next to an ad with a slim woman will not appeal to the majority of people. Simply saying that use of bigger models will solve the problem is hiding from the truth. The advertising will not work as well. You need to refine what you are talking about--clothes, fashion, vacations, cars etc. (anything that is sexy) will sell better with thin models. Other commodities beer, soft drinks, food, furniture, pets, etc. are the ones who should stop using thin models. These items can still appeal to people without have a good looking prop.
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Farrell Originally Answered: What role does Beauty play in society?
in our society: beauty is always good and ugly is evil beauty represents good health beauty represents affluence( well to do) beauty is perfection and on the other hand: beauty represents bubble brains beauty represents vanity beauty represents weakness(beautiful people can't take care of themselves) now you add to the list.
Farrell Originally Answered: What role does Beauty play in society?
the beautiful people fare far better than the pigs and those in between. even being tall has a huge advantage for men. studies tying tall and income prove it. rich men get the beautiful girls and beautiful girls get the rich men, eventually. not sure about beautiful men. i guess anything is fair. fair isn't relevant mama said. it just is and accept it. get on with my life, mama said. beautiful is not my favorite subject. my family didn't get lucky in that department. ugly and plain people have a hard time making up with hard work and determination. usually we have to settle for a lot less unless we get really rich like bill gates. he is a nice guy and smart but no brad armpit or tom cruiszoid, the whako. i admit, i am jealous and so what.

Curtis Curtis
I think you've pretty much identified the only realistic solution - get the advertisers to broaden their idea of acceptable women's shapes. The way to do that is to get them to realize there is money to be made, & just as much money as they make now, by manufacturing products & advertising those products that include women of any size. Right now, they seem to think they can only make big bucks if they can make most women feel dissatisfied with who they are & what they look like. They can make plenty of money, IMO, if they focus on the millions of women who exist in the real world in a variety of shapes & sizes. Plenty of women who are larger than stick figure don't have as much stylish clothes to choose from in stores, but would buy a lot more clothes if stores carried more stylish stuff in their sizes.
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Aston Aston
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Aston Originally Answered: have you read a novel or seen a movie that strongly discusses beauty inner and outer beauty?
The Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire http://www.gregorymaguire.com/books/conf... [Excerpt]

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