which will you prefer: beauty or intelligence?

which will you prefer: beauty or intelligence? Topic: which will you prefer: beauty or intelligence?
January 19, 2020 / By Tiffani
Question: could you please provide me your age, gender, and ethnicity before you answer this question. this is my homework in school and i'm trying to gather everyones opinion about my topic: Beauty vs Intelligence could you please elaborate more why you chose one over the other. thank you so much.
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Best Answers: which will you prefer: beauty or intelligence?

Rowan Rowan | 5 days ago
As Ron White, an American comedian said, "You can't fix stupid." I prefer intelligence. Beauty fades. 40 years old Female Multiracial American
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Nan Nan
I am between the ages of 20-30. period. See my avatar for my gender and ethnicity. I think I prefer intelligence, cos if I were, then when I became a doctor, I d be able to pay for reconstructive surgery to make me beautiful. but thats only what my head is saying. In my heart I'd prefer beauty, cos then I might find love soon and wont need to study so hard before a rich man swept me off my feet and I wouldnt need to struggle to live well.
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Lorene Lorene
19/m/Hispanic Intelligence, I cannot put up with dim witted people. Plus like what these other people are saying, beauty can be taken away any day. Intelligence is yours and no one can take that away from you. Also I find intelligent women beautiful lol.
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Katelin Katelin
Intelligence. You can have all the plastic surgeons fix you to become the most beautiful person on the planet but you can't be smart overnight. Female, 29, Asian
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