Young girls being conditioned to be beauty obsessed?

Young girls being conditioned to be beauty obsessed? Topic: Young girls being conditioned to be beauty obsessed?
January 19, 2020 / By Alen
Question: do you think this is true and what would you say that disney has an important role in this ? eg high school musical What i mean is that the characters in high school musical are popular, smart and funny all thier problems are solved with a happy song but most of all they are good looking do you think success and beauty become linked in girls minds
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Tamela Tamela | 6 days ago
Disney (aka Beuna Vista) is not telling people what to think in most cases. They have the resources to make characters and things and test the waters. Which ever one tests the best they spend more money on. So, the public at large is typically reinforcing the entertainment industry telling it what to make. If they make an air-head and people like it, the people are telling them to continue doing it. We reinforce them. Now, this is not so true for the generation that is growing up. They look to their seniors to see what is cool and "in." So when they see that, they adopt similar preferences until they become second nature. So we are riding a wave that was created oh so long ago, aren't we?
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Tamela Originally Answered: Media and their image of beauty? POSITIVE effects on young women, and teenage girls?
you could actually consider it a positive effect that it destroys self confidence in women resulting in higher sales on beauty products or dietary medication thus supporting that nations economy afterall the beauty industry is a very large industry in the west.

Rexanne Rexanne
I do thing media has a huge impact on how our society perceives "beauty". However, I don't think High School Musical is the biggest offender. Magazines, TV, the Web and movies are all involved. Every "girl" despite her age wants to feel beautiful and our standards regarding beauty are what we see in such media. Stick thin, overly made up and suggestively dressed is what the media presents so some think that is the real norm and that is what beauty is. At least the girls in High School Musical are not dressed and made up to look like they belong standing on a street corner in the Red Light District, I will give them that!
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Mildred Mildred
Young girls (as a whole) are not conditioned to be beauty obsessed. It's already been proven that boys and girls will choose different toys, and different methods of playing with those toys, even at levels where social pressure should be as close to minimal as possible. The question isn't whether young girls are beauty obsessed but why are they beauty obsessed? Why do girls care more about their looks then guys (for the most part.) Maybe it's because girls are conditioned to be group-oriented, to worry more about the needs of the many rather than the needs of the few (like their own.) This group-orientation mentality is great if it remains purely within one's peer group, but girls then take that mentality and apply it to guys, who don't share/socialize under that mentality. And when a girl sees a guy going after the 'pretty girls', how is she going to react? By thinking of herself as being independent? She isn't independent even among her own peer groups (fights and breakups and bff and whose friends with whom are all group/couple identities.) Where is a girl supposed to learn independence if she doesn't learn it from the girls around her? Guys have 'loners' as heroes, mavericks, and they are taught to try to be as independent as much as possible. They play games like 'king of the hill' and 'it' (last one caught is the winner.) Think about James Bond, the swiss army knife of maleness. Outside of the female Indiana Jones (Lara Croft) every other female heroine is 'bound' to her group of friends (Sex and the City, The O.C., The Hills.) Think about those Disney cartoons for a second. Just about every heroine has some sort of bff substitute tagging along with her on her adventures, male or female or both. Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and her fairy godmothers, Ariel with Sebastian, Flipper and seagull, Belle with Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts, Mulan with Ping. Girls 'transfer' their socially-built group identity when they hit puberty, which is why they try so hard to attract a guy's attention. You can't play the loner card if you've been too busy being a yes-girl all your life up to that point.
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Liane Liane
Yes but I don't think it's anything new. The media contributes to this but our obsession with beauty is as old as the human race. Our definition of beauty varies with culture and time but the obsession with beauty is far older than Helen of Troy or Cleopatra.
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Julie Julie
yep..stop watching mass media and pick up an interesting book, one that you learn something interesting from, that you can share stuff from it with others. airhead beautys dont make for conversation, or add anything to the mans life or theirs. a woman who brings nothing but beauty to a relationship is only there to take from the man, to fulfill her needs and her childrens needs. most men are not dumb enough to want to fall for that, they want a reason to stick around, not a bunch of vapid dependents that bore them. if you dont stand for something, then you will fall for anything.
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Julie Originally Answered: Are young, impressionable people being conditioned to believe that the culture is a "rape culture"?
I think the nub of what you are discussing lies in the context of the 'rape culture' as being "a term used within women's studies and feminism". That being the case, and considering the increasingly outlandish 'definitions' of rape and 'sexualised violence' that these self-interested groups create for their own unsubstantiated doctrine - you can fairly say that it is nonsense. I have not been exposed to this as propaganda - though I have been, as most have, exposed to the media representations, which, as discussed many times here before, are drama. Sometimes that drama makes a valid point in limited circumstances - often it becomes what is fairly described as 'gratuitous'. Remember that drama media ran out of plot many years ago, and simply feeds back on much the same all the time. AND - it is not necessarily a representation of life. Watching 'Sleeping With the enemy' does NOT demonstrate that all husbands are controlling violence freaks and that all wives are victims. It is a representation of ONE situation ONLY! You are entitled to draw your own conclusions - you have zero right to force those conclusions on anyone else.

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