Two books to write a compare/contrast essay on?

Two books to write a compare/contrast essay on? Topic: Two books to write a compare/contrast essay on?
December 13, 2019 / By Bliss
Question: For my english assignment I need to read two books and write a compare/contrast essay on them. There are a few books that I am interested in reading, but I'm not sure what I could compare them too. I know these books aren't all really related, but that's just because I like pretty much everything. So here are the books that I could see myself reading. Emma - Jane Austen Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens So I need to find a book to compare with one of these. I am leaning more towards doing Emma or Anna Karenina because I like the whole female protagonist aspect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Airlia Airlia | 6 days ago
Emma-Adam Bede Anna Karenina-cousin bette Picture of Dorain Gray-Vanity Fair Oliver twist-After the War (main character is a girl)
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Airlia Originally Answered: Ccan someone write me a compare and contrast essay on stephanie meyers books the host and twilight?
I'll tell you a couple of things, but I'm not writing your essay for you. Contrast: Twilight: Vampires/werewolves No one knows about them (except Bella and Charlie. But Charlie sort of blocks it. And of course the parents of the wolves) Series of four Whole story basically focused on Edward and Bella falling in love and Jake falling for Bella Host: Aliens Everyone knows about them One book Basically focuses on Wanderer (Wanda) and her guilt about taking Melanie's body. There is romance though. Compare: Romance Mythical creatures Same author Human/mythical creature romance A war of some kind going on
Airlia Originally Answered: Ccan someone write me a compare and contrast essay on stephanie meyers books the host and twilight?
She wrote a story in the book called Prom Nights From Hell. Other than that, there's nothing else published that she has written. Her next book coming out is The Official Guide to the Twilight Series in September 2009.

Tracey Tracey
If you want to compare Emma to another, you need a romance-style novel in which the heroine has relationship troubles due to family, societal expectations and is deceived by fronts put up by others (like thinking they're one way but as she gets involved with them, they reveal their true nature). Also, a novel dealing with women's concerns and difficulties in a time period. Other than popular trending books being made now, nothing comes to mind immediately though...
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Red Red
Anything by Ayn Rand preferably Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged--staunch capitalist proponent and 1984 or Animal Farm, which shows the problems with socialism.
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Red Originally Answered: i need to write a compare and contrast essay. please help!?
They are both tragedy's, they are both written by Shakespeare, they are both about a troubled Monarchy, they both contain crazy or insane people in it, They both have ghosts one of Banquo and one of Hamlet's father I think. Differences. Macbeth the main character is the usurper to the throne and in Hamlet the main character is the son of the dead king. Macbeth monologues with himself about killing others while Hamlet's famous monologue tends toward suicide. I'm not good with differences, but there are some ideas for you.

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