What is your definition of beauty?

What is your definition of beauty? Topic: What is your definition of beauty?
January 19, 2020 / By Kelley
Question: I'm doing a Senior project on beauty. For my research paper I'm asking the question, what the definition of beauty on a human. What do you think it is? What is beautiful?
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Herman Herman | 4 days ago
Well we all are in our own way beautiful, but superficial beauty (what the media tells us) is having nice skin, healthy silky hair, having a healthy body. To me though I think the way a women carries herself is a big one, a women may be beautiful, but if she doesn't look after her self properly or dresses daggy she can automatically became 'plain'.
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Herman Originally Answered: Do you agree? Is this your definition of beauty ?
It is thoughtful but not tight. Learn to be concise and stop hedging. Get completely venerable and write it in the 1st person singular! Put it forth as Exposition and don't give a care about consensus. After all, that is what this is about...a little of your soul bleeding on the paper ...or screen in this instance. Courage lad! You may be our Shakespeare... after the honing of skills and another draft.

Ellgar Ellgar
Sorry to be picky, but I take a great deal of time and thought when I respond to a question, in the hopes I can give my educated opinion or shed light upon an issue that is gray. When you asked, "what is the definition of beauty ON a human" the term "on", made me hesitate before answering. To me, the use of the word "on" signifies visual signs of beauty and as I am sure you are well aware, most people include other senses when expressing what beauty is. Having said that, beauty to me in a person...or å beautiful person, is someone that is extremely pleasing to your eyes and ears and your morals and values. It is based upon ones own preferences and differs greatly from person to person. True beauty has more to do with the inside than the package it comes in. However, rarely do people allow themselves to see the beauty within, if the package is not pleasing. When you find someone that is pleasing to you to look at, kind, considerate, genuine, unpretentious and fun to be around, you think beauty...inside and out. You ever hear of the saying-"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"? It is so true! What is beautiful to one person may be ugly to another. Just like everything else. Ever seen someone who you think dresses horribly, but walks around with an air of confidence and pride? They do that because they really feel like their outfit is great. It may seem unbelievable to you that someone could feel so differently than you, but it happens all the time! Although I realize different things are important to different people, I hope that kindness and consideration are basic qualities that we all find to be beautiful. To me, nothing more beautiful than an honest, hard-working, funny, tall, slim guy with a nice smile!
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Christian Christian
That is a great question and topic idea! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is true, but also present the idea that the media impacts our opinion of beauty. Look at the changing trends in what we consider "beautiful" over the last several decades. Beauty is part attraction, part sexual intrigue, part artistic impression and part personal preference. Good luck!
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Ambrose Ambrose
It inspires awe in me. I am breathless to it, and humbled by it. It excites my libido, distracts my focus, and stirs my ardor. It inspires song, poetry, and even monuments of devotion. So pleasing to the eye that it can essentially rule and conquer without trying to. It's what drives men to madness, women to jealousy and despair, and is almost single-handedly responsible for most of culture, and almost certainly the Renaissance. Without beauty there would be no art, justice, or progress, most likely. Beautiful is what stirs in the heart in an inner sense, and draws people to it in a photogenic sense. Turns many a young man's brain to mush, in other words.
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Tikva Tikva
Beauty is the person. Nice, giggly and want's world peace. Someone who looks past what's on the outside and cares only about the inside.
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Tikva Originally Answered: Good definition of beauty?
It doesn't exist outside of human thought. All of us have been influenced one way or the other to the portrayal of beauty, and that portrayal and judgment we make on how beautiful something is, is purely from one's perspective. How ever, the media portraying the ideals of beauty in it's own view has gripped the masses and their perspective as well. Beauty may be the eye of the beholder, but it seems the media can control countless beholders to change their eyes. Conclusion: Beauty = perspective on the appeal factor of something that can be altered or controlled into a standard by the media.

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