Beauty tips for 13 yr old!?

Beauty tips for 13 yr old!? Topic: Beauty tips for 13 yr old!?
January 19, 2020 / By Aideen
Question: I'm 13, I like a guy whos older than me and I want to impress him. what make-up should I wear? (guy opinions too) I have medium length red hair, blue eyes, and have freckles. I have five blue shades of eye shadow from light to dark, I have a dark green and a light pastel green, I have approx five shades of brown sort of colours, and I also have a goldy colour. I also have a purple ish colour too. What hair style appeals to guys? My hair is straight. What colour should my nails be? Suggest any colour and I'll see what I can do :)
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Tiras Tiras | 8 days ago
Well your only 13 so you don't want to look too older cause it can sometimes send out wrong messages, Most guys i've seen on tele and i know all say they prefer girls who look "natural" So thats like wearing colours that don't over do your face and make your skin glow, ;D You can do this by wearing foundation or powder to even the skin tone out, and for eyelids you want to wear maybe a little bit of shimmery gold, (it would go well with your hair colour, and possible draw attention to your eyes) But if you don't have Gold a purple colour goes nice aswell, It can brighten your eyes up when your eyes feel teird!, Just don't cake it on just very lightly put it on, You can wear mascara (if you wish) and a bit of blush and clear lipgloss and your away, There's no point in wearing SO much makeup, i know a guy might like you cause your "beautiful" but thats the makeup doing the work, You can look amazing with little makeup!, And plus when you rely on makeup a lot you won't be able to leave the house not wearing it, In my day to day routine, I tend to wear concealor if i have any blemishes I.E spots and marks, then some powder foundation, Or liquid foundation, ( If i'm going out i wear a bit of both to smooth out the skin,) Mascara, Blush, Clear Lipgloss, Done :) And if i'm going out i'll put liquid eyeliner in a cat eye wing on my top eye :). Some women Cake it on as in Lots of foundation, Bronzer all over there face, Blusher, Lots of mascara and 5 fake eyelashes on one eye lots of eye liner and eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick and there only going down to the shops LOL. Just use summery, pastel colours for eyes, Not too bright but not too dark, in my opinion it always brings the eyes out more:), Oh and for your nails, I reckon a red will be nice, At the moment i have on Some Yellow nail varnish, But i put this black crackle stuff of top It's really cool and makes a pattern itself Like this! http://www.doyouspeakgossip.com/wp-conte... All you have to do is paint your nails the colour u want them too be and then when its dry, Paint a thin layer ontop with the crackle polish and it makes that effect! Sorry for the essay LOOL
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Tiras Originally Answered: Great unknown beauty tips?
why not try researching home beauty methods? or even folkloric methods? Indian websites have a trove of home beauty treatments. you could also talk about the growing popularity of makeup and hair tutorials on youtube.

Randall Randall
My daughter was exactly the same when she was your age a year ago. she still is the same. She wore 2 coats of mascara, eyeliner on the bottom line and the upper-lash line, light pink blusher, tinted moisturiser or a drop of foundation, and sometimes brown eyeshadow, or purple and green will look good with your blue eyes. She has freckles too, but they are beauty spots. Blue eyes and red hair are good too. I think staright hair, beach waves, wavy or a ponytail will look nice and appealing. Any colour for your nails will look nice. Red will look sexy, but it might clash with your hair. Pale colours will look nice, pale green, blue, pink, yellow, purple e.t.c. Or a dark blue, black, purple, e.t.c. any colour will look nice, but I don't tend them to match my outfit, as I always want them to stand out. Rosie xx
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Marshall Marshall
i know you must hear this everywhere but you just really have to show personality. all my guy friends say they don't understand blusher and foundation etcc however they do like a bit of lipgloss and mascara and hair i would go with wavy, it will look gorgeous. guys like red or pink nails however if you're feeling kooky you could go for a teal or a greeny blue x
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Jeshaiah Jeshaiah
I'm a 14 year old guy and I love girls with red hair. You should straighten you hair or something. The hair is important. I don't really know anything about make up. Sorry.
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I was Lumiere in my production of Beauty and the Beast this spring! It is really hard to live up to peoples expectations of a character. The main point is to make sure you dont become a carbon copy of the Belle from the movie or cast album. People who try to be exactly like the person from the movie will always fail and there is no point. Being an exact replica is for theme park entertainers. Theatre is different. Be your own version of Belle. Avoid watching other people's versions. Study the material and make your own version of the character. Thats when people will think you've done great work. Belle is a hard character. The plot line is not believable, but it is Disney so what do you expect?! First things first: To solve your facial problems, work on saying the word "Meow" really huge in the mirror. Really stretch out. Open youre eyes like you're really excited. No one cares if you look like her as long as you are believable. If you really feel like you need to be more like her, sing a little nasaly. But not so much as you make a fool of yourself. lol. Show over the top emotion. Belle is emotional. And no one is gonna get that unless you make it a little over the top. Most importantly: HAVE FUN! I've noticed that when I am having fun and relaxing into the part, I am at my best and the audience is with me. If you focus too hard on being perfect, you stress yourself out and it doesnt help. Hope this helps you out! BREAK A LEG!!!

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