What are some recommended child's learning toys for a child with ADHD and that is behind developmentally?

What are some recommended child's learning toys for a child with ADHD and that is behind developmentally? Topic: What are some recommended child's learning toys for a child with ADHD and that is behind developmentally?
January 19, 2020 / By Kenyon
Question: I was considering getting a leapster system for this child or a toy that helps her learn to read and sound out words properly. I'm trying to find the best toy to help her without spending a fortune. Can anyone make some suggestions? Thanks!
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Best Answers: What are some recommended child's learning toys for a child with ADHD and that is behind developmentally?

Hosea Hosea | 4 days ago
It's hard to know how to advise you without knowing your child's age, but being mom to a 17 (nearly 18) year old with ADHD I can suggest a few things. Even though people often say "Don't let them near computers!!!", I don't agree. My son's reading really improved through playing computer games (educational ones). Good games are ones that ask your child to problem solve, like "Pajama Sam" or "Putt Putt saves the zoo", especially is there is a reading component to the game. The Jump start series are good for younger kids. I agree that reading, reading, reading to them is vital. Often these kids are smart, but need to HEAR information read to them, as opposed to reading it themselves. My son as a huge vocabulary (and he started young) simply because we read, and talked to him so much. And, last but not least, a TRAMPOLINE! is very good, to help find an outlet for all the excess energy, and to ground the child so they can concentrate better. I hope this helps. My child with ADHD is a delightful young man. While he was sometimes exhausting as a youngster, life was never dull!
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Hosea Originally Answered: What is the difference between a "normal" over-active child and a child with ADHD?
Normal kids can control their behavior, kids with ADHD can't and no matter how hard they try, they struggle. Normal kids are able to calm down and focus in class and get their work done while a kid with ADHD fails to get their work done so they come home with tons of homework. They also often misplace their work or items and they struggle trying to be organized. But with pills, they find it easier to focus and be more organized. There have been a few people who managed to get better at it without the medicine but that was maybe because they were borderline ADHD or mild. ADHD is not another made up thing (nor are the other conditions you mentioned) but if you look at it another way, it is made up and so are all the other conditions. Everything needs a name so people know what to do to fix their problems or know what treatment to get, etc. Just imagine what life be like if conditions didn't have a name. People wouldn't know what to do about their problems and doctors wouldn't know what pills to prescribe. People wouldn't even know what to look up to see what they can do to help their child or themselves. Labels don't define anyone. You are you and people are people, not the label. The problems do exist but some are over the top like shy eating or pregnorexia. They're real but I think the names are ridiculous. Pregnorexia is just anorexia except the woman is pregnant. Shy eating just sounds like social anxiety but they picked braches from the tree and made it a condition of its own. But Stockholm syndrome and Lima syndrome? Ridiculous even though the behavior exists but to make it a condition? Come on. I even think adjustment disorder is ridiculous even though the problems do exist and I had that condition too.
Hosea Originally Answered: What is the difference between a "normal" over-active child and a child with ADHD?
Having ADHD is very different to being a normal but very active child. It is important to remember that when most babies are born all the parts of their body and brain are functioning normally. However, any part of the body or brain can fail to develop at birth and therefore malfunction. There is no such thing as a part of the body which can't malfunction and this alone is complete proof that ADHD is real. If a childs eyes malfunction they struggle to see, if their ears ,malfunction the struggle to hear, if their lungs malfunction the struggle to breath. The same applies for different parts of the brain. If the part of the brain responsible for learning malfunctions there is learning disabilities and if the part of the brain that is in charge of self control and concentration malfunctions then there is ADHD. Saying that ADHD does not exist is like claiming that one part of the brain is the only part in the entire body that is magically immune to disorders and malfunction. People like to claim things like this because they take great pride in having "self control" they feel it is a learned behavior and yes it is learned to some degree but you need to have certain functions there in the first place to make it work. There are many ways to tell the difference between a very active child and an ADHD child. 1. ADHD is pervasive. Normal kids may be difficult a lot of the time in a lot of places. But ADHD kids will struggle with their behavior most of the day every day. A normal child may only misbehave in situations where they are bored, but an ADHD child will struggle with behavior even when they are loving what they are doing. 2. ADHD is chronic. ADHD is an inborn condition and the problems are present very early. A normal child may develop behavior problems later on in life. 3. ADHD problems are more severe and interfere with normal functioning. The child may be failing at school, being expelled, struggling to make friends and so on. While a normal child's behavior does not tend top be as severe.

Emerson Emerson
My son has ADHD....he uses the Leapster & the Leap Pad....they only help marginally. The BEST thing that you can do to help...it to read NIGHTLY with your child. Go to the bookstore (or even ask the kindergarten teacher at the local school) for developmentaly appropriate books....consistantly reading the same books will help more than any game you can buy. My son really benefitted simply from him reading with me (and me reading to him) on a regular basis more so than what he got from the LeapPad etc. PLUS reading is more about sound "chunks" and not just sounding out the word. That helps with decoding unfamiliar words. Also...using picture clues can help...but can also be misleading since sometimes a squirrel will be on the page...but it won't be in anything written on the page. Also sight word flash cards will help the child recognize regularly used words. That will go a LONG way to boost the reading. (my son went from a reading level 4 to a reading level 8 in two months simply by doing this) We use the Leapster to reinforce ideas....but to rely on them solely didn't work and isn't a good idea since they don't "teach" the chunks and hunks needed to actually read.
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Cleveland Cleveland
NO TV/VIDEO - Reading and quiet things that don't change visually every three seconds. Your child needs to work on her concentration and focus. Coloring books are good for this as are board games; color WITH your child; play the game WITH your child. Teach her patience and other skills that are necessary to get along in life.
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Cleveland Originally Answered: ADHD, MY CHILD. My son was diagnosed with adhd and behavorial disruptive as well in school it hurts me?
Sorry this long! How old is he? Age makes a big difference. My son has sever ADHD, home life is so hard I send him every other weekend to spend the night with family cause. It give us time to calm down. My son has tantrums at home when he is told to something that he does not want to do. I have found that if I give him tasks to do that take only a few min helps. When he doesn't want to listen at all he sit on his bed the rest of the day. If he listens, he gets to play video games, ride his bike or what ever. If he listens most of the week I let him play video games as long has he wants on sat verses an hour. Video games help calm an ADHD child down, it seems to give the brain a brake from going 100 miles an hour. They also sit still, which is the biggest blessing! Find out what he REALLY likes, use it as a reward. Decide what rules you want, the rewards and consequences for those rules. Sit him down and go over the rules. If he brakes them stand your ground no matter what he says or does. Make sure you know he is capable of following the rules when he wants to. For example I know if my sons room is a really big mess he is unable to clean it all at once. SO I will tell him what part to clean. When he listens he goes out side or play a video game for a little bit, then I send him back in, and so on and so on, until it is clean. I also do that with his homework. My son has in-pluses, he doesn't think all the time before acting or talking. That's a hard one because he just turned 9 and he has a 2 year old brother. It seems like he's always hurting his brother, but he is not out to hurt his brother, it just happens. My son was 6 and had just started the first grade when he was put on Adderall for his ADHD. The doc has up the dose 4 times over the years, she said she will keep upping it until we get to a dose that works. Since his inpluses are really effecting his ability to think before he acts, she has add Intuniv. She add this to his Adderall to help with his inpluses. Both medications have helped A LOT, to clam him down. I try to spend 30 mins to an hour one on one with him, and do a puzzle, play a board game or what ever , but he doesn't get that special time with me with out his brother if he wastes his time not doing what he was asked to do. AS far as your bond with him, that's going to be a tough road. The best thing to do is him as much love as you can. Give him lost of hugs and kisses and tell him you love him a lot. When he has a fit or what ever after you correct him, tell him you love him, even if you are still mad. Tell him you are sorry but you only do it because you love him. If you say you love him when you are still mad or upset. It will reinforce his thoughts about your love towards him, if you can look him in the eyes, tell him you love him with all your heart, even though he can see you are still up set. It shows him you truly love him. I have a habit of taking my hands and gently hold my son's head so he looks me in the eyes and say " I love you very much but I can't take this right now so you need to go to your room until I come get you". He know this means we need a time out from each other. To sum it all up: Show and tell your love for him as much as can, even when your clearly upset. Invest in video games if you don't have any yet. Stand your ground on the rules, if you don't he WILL walk all over you and do what it takes to brake so he gets his way. Make sure rules and chorus are age appropriate. Take time outs from each other when needed. If you can, send him to a family for the weekend. Talk to his doctor and tell them the good and the bad! Sometimes medication is a must. Call the school to see if there is a program for his special need( I hate to use that term) most have something to help for ADHD. Small tasks not big ones. See if he will help you around the house. My son is nine, he likes to help chop things up for dinner with supervision (it's a good bounding activity), also he likes to clean off the table and sink, and water the outside plants. SO see if there are things around the house he can do with you. Try to allow for one on one time. Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest difference. Remember his brain is going 100 miles an hour most of the time, and he my not be in full control of his emotions and actions. Parenting is trial and error, somethings work with one child and not the other, even with sibling. My two kids are nothing a like. I have to do things a lot different with my 2 year old then I did with him when he was 2. Again sorry this is long but ADHD is complicated. Look up info on the internet and read up on it.

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