Could I get into really big trouble for charging to do other people's homework?

Could I get into really big trouble for charging to do other people's homework? Topic: Could I get into really big trouble for charging to do other people's homework?
December 12, 2019 / By Spirit
Question: Hypothetically, Let's say I was doing other people's homework (in middle school) and I would have them pay me. Like making a whole business out of it, not just a couple times, but over a few months. Could I be suspended, expelled, arrested, etc? Would the "customers" get into big trouble as well, or would their punishment be less?
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Best Answers: Could I get into really big trouble for charging to do other people's homework?

Primula Primula | 1 day ago
you definitely cannot get arrested. But you can get expelled from the school. Just be smart about it - be sneaky, change the style of homework from one customer to another, so they don't all look the same. Use shorter words for the homework of the dumber customers and more sophisticated words for the smarter ones. Be aloof, be zen, be creative and low-key. Do not get complacent!
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Mavreena Mavreena
While I understand people saying that the police won't care, what they have failed to consider is if this lead to any sort of scholarship. if one of the students you help gets a scholarship based on false grades it would be considered fraud. On top of that consider this:http://www.plagiarism.org/plag_solutions... schools are increasingly using plagiarism detection software to spot cheaters. Unless you intend on helping Jack Bauer with his homework, I guarantee, if they catch one of your classmates they will have him or her squealing in minutes. everyone involved could be expelled and it could seriously damage your ability to get into a good college to have such a mark on your record. but hey, if they will pay you enough that you don't need to go to college, maybe it's worth it. charge 75,000 a paper and you should have enough before you get caught. if you think they may not be willing to pay so much, give your head a shake and just ask your parents if you can do some chores for extra cash.
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Lauraine Lauraine
The police/law couldn't care less. The only trouble you might get in would be from your school, but that could be severe. Hypothetically, charge a high rate and only do it for people you trust, and who aren't snitches. And be careful.
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Jewell Jewell
Sure !!?!! That's extremely possible !!"?"!! But if you decide to do this & keep it up..."Everything should be kept HUSH~HUSH !! `bout this !! & or Just try not to have it be some on`going thing !! That you might somehow depend on !! Some of your so0O,`called friends might talk about this amongst themselves !?! & ot the wRoNg person_a.k.a._ wrong set of ears may hear certain details and might tell on you !?! Or tell the wRoNg person that will tell the right person/people !?! VERY RISKY !! But if you decide to carry on with this sort of thing ... change your name for when you do this !! mainly to try & keep others from even saying it by mistake !?! Or to get you in hot~water !!?!! .,.
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Francine Francine
you might loose your marks, fail the subject maybe suspended but nothing more. it depends on how strict your school is
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