What should I do about my child?

What should I do about my child? Topic: What should I do about my child?
January 19, 2020 / By Annemae
Question: He's 11 and he has no manners, he's direspectful to me at home and in public, tries to beat up his brother all the time who is 13, and doesn't get along with his stepfather at all. I have tried to discipline my children with postiive parenting ways and traditional ways but nothing works. I've put him in counseling-didn't work. I've had to call the law on him because he has hit me before.I grew up respecting my parents or I would get the $$$ beat out of me. He refuses to do anything I ask him to without a hassel. He wants to live with his real dad but he's a bad influence on him and I would have to give up custody of him. I can't bring myself to do it. Plus I can't afford child support. I go to school full time plus trying to keep up with homework, studying and raising my 2 boys. I don't know what else to do -family counseling didn't help either. I'm lost and all I get is feeling guilty. I've tried to raise my boy's right and nothing seems to work. Just to clarify a few things. I quit my last job 2 years ago to solely be home with my 2 boys. Nothing I have tried has worked. As for school, I have wanted to go back to school since they were little but have always worked because up until 7 years ago I was a single mother. Since I have been remarried I have tried to give them so much attention. Making time for them together and alone doing what they want. Now it has come to I have to go to school inorder to a good paying job. We are "two steps" from having to go on food stamps once again. The only reason I get to go to school is because I have grants and loans. We have tried several counseling types both together and seperately-not working. As for the 11 year olds father, he's in the picture but wont allow him to be put on meds. He tells him he doesn't need them. My husband has tried to spend time with them indiv. and together but they accept him. My oldest son,in the last 2-3 years has started acting up big-time also.
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Wymond Wymond | 6 days ago
Try a different method of counselling. If you tried one way..go for another. Maybe the councillor wasn't good for your son. Just like everything in life, we all have who we connect to better than others. Ask your Dr for referrals to different councillors..or check out for play therapy for kids. You boy is very angry and upset over something in his life, and I'm sure he does not like how angry he feels all the time. Please do not give up with getting help, it might take a bit to get to a person who connects well with your son, and it most likely will take quite a while for any real positive results to show within him...but it will happen..just not over night.
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Wymond Originally Answered: I have forgot to put my child's homework in my child's book bag 2 times out of 6 months and now my child has to go to Saturday school.?
It's a difficult one. Whilst your daughter is still a young child, she is at the stage where she should learning to take responsibility for certain things. The school are probably trying to teach her that it should be her job to put her homework in her bag and not mummy's. That said, the punishment does seem a little harsh for a relatively minor offence. Also, I don't think it should be as black and white as an "x strikes and you're out" policy, as there are a number of reasons why children may fail to bring their homework in. Plus, the good students who do bring their homework in on time may come to fear the inevitable occasion where they do forget it.That's one of the main reasons why blanket policies such as this can be a bad idea in schools-they punish the good kids when they make the odd mistake, and that's never good for morale.

Shawn Shawn
wow thats a hard one i really hope my son is not like this i would just let him go live with his dad you dont need that no one needs that you may be able to get help with child support seening you are a full time student and have two other kids call the health and human services and ask other wise try bootcamp usually that works GOOD LUCK HUN
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Nigel Nigel
First lose the guilt. What makes one child different from another? You don't mention if you have the same problems with your 13 year old. Some children need time and more love than others. Do you tell him that you love him? Do you hug him? I concerned about his violence. Have you tested him for learning disablities and other frustrations?
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Kolman Kolman
Sounds liek you could put off school for a while. Maybe he isnt getting enough attention? Children need LOTS of attention lol
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Immanuel Immanuel
Well first of all you need to sit him down and tell him the way it's going to be, and things are going to change. If he doesn't change then do something else. call Dr. Phil.
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Would not happen. http://childsupportrights.org/TrustFund http://Dads-House.org http://dadshouseedctr.qhub.com/ http://www.YouTube.com/DadsHouseEdCtr http://www.crckids.org/ For 22 years, I have volunteered my time working with divorced/single fathers dealing in family law issues, such as child support, teaching them about what the states are not telling support obligors. -------------------- Posted to Dads House Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/DadsHouseEdCenter ♂♀

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