Advice about taking weekend courses to help get a job?

Advice about taking weekend courses to help get a job? Topic: Advice about taking weekend courses to help get a job?
December 12, 2019 / By Mag
Question: I haven't worked in 5 years while I was a college student, but before that, I had 2 years retail sales experience, 1 of which I was an assistant manager. So, I'm thinking of taking a year off after I graduate from college this month, and work in a retail setting in a supervisor type of position in order to save up money for graduate school. Would it be a good idea to take some weekend courses on Management or Retail at a community college before applying for jobs, so that I CAN get a job. Because I'm concerned that my lack of employment in the past 5 years is gonna be a problem when looking for a job. What do you think? Thanks for your opinions :-) When I said I'm thinking of taking a year off, I meant a year off from school.
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Best Answers: Advice about taking weekend courses to help get a job?

Kerrie Kerrie | 9 days ago
I think that would be a great idea. You can never go wrong with taking courses and getting certificates and actually learning something. You sound like you are on the right track. Keep up the good work and good luck with everything. PS. Remember to breath and enjoy moments.
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Kerrie Originally Answered: What are the disadvantages of taking courses online?
Some disadvantages to online classes are: 1. The lack of face-to-face interaction can be difficult if you like personalized attention from your teachers. In addition, an online course does not provide the social aspects of a traditional classroom. 2. There is no set time and place when your class will meet, so you will have to take responsibility for your learning, and be self-disciplined and motivated enough to work on your assignments on your own. 3. If you are a procrastinator or you always need an extra push to complete assignments, you may have difficulty making time for your online classes. 4. You must possess a minimum level of computer knowledge in order to function successfully in an online environment. 5. Online courses will also require you to learn new skills, such as navigating within the features of your course. 6. Because there is no verbal discussion, you must be comfortable with and have time to focus on writing. Most communication is written. 7. Online courses are often MORE work than campus-based courses. (The online classes I took freshman and sophmore year had so much busy work, I only took in class courses the last 2 years of undergrad) 8. You can feel isolated when questions and technical issues come up. You mentioned you want to go to medical school. If you want to go to medical school, you should be thinking about majoring in biology or a related pre-med field, which will require labs. Labs can not be done online. Trust me, I was a biology major. Common medical school prerequisistes are: General Chemistry with lab: 2 semesters Organic Chemistry with lab: 2 semesters General Physics with lab: 2 semesters General Biology with lab: 2 semesters English: 2 semesters Calculus: Notice that the sciences all have labs. There will be many more sciences that you will need to take. Also, admission committees look at the school you attended and consider this when they analyze your GPA. Having a 4.0 from an online program may not be weighed higher than another with a 3.0. I am not discouraging earning your bachelors online at all. I am just warning you that medical school may not be very fond of all your courses being online. You can have some. They do not really care if you take online courses in non-science courses. If you are good at math, you can even take that online. Just realize that medical schools are very tough to get into. You need every advantage of the classroom that you can get to earn your professor's respect. This will help you get an excellent recommendation. Also, if you did extremely well in the class, you could conduct research with the professor and/or become a TA. Medical schools love that. During your interview, they may even ask you about research you have conducted. Labs are to be in a laboratory. I had at leat 10-12 labs as a biology major. They consisted of experiments, research, disections, and observations that simply can not be performed online. Even if you can, it will not be the same as hands on. If you want an online earned degree, I would recommend looking into another future path that would be able to accomodate your degree, such as psychology or even business. However, if you are passionate about going to medical school, talk to your advisor about your situation. He/she may be able to have to dean authorize you to take some science classes at a local college where you will be and have the credits transferred. If you are coming back within 4 years, wait to take the science classes when you get back. Take all the humanities, social sciences, englishes, etc. online. Basically, if you just want to take online courses to satisfy social sciences, humanities, english, etc., that is absolutely fine! The only classes that require you to be in class are science classes. The material cannot be taught online. Wait until organic chem if you don't believe me. Hope this advice helps! Good luck :)

Jacquelyn Jacquelyn
Taking the courses would be beneficial for your own personal knowledge and maybe helpful to get a higher rate of pay. However, I don't think they are necessary to take before you start applying for jobs. If you need to start making money for graduate school you should just start applying for jobs now. Waiting to apply for jobs until you finish the courses will just be more money out of your pocket (which you are trying to save) and more time before you can start making the money you need (you can start working now and earn money that you wouldn't get while waiting to complete the courses.) I think your experience in the past is good enough to get you the job. Just include on your employment application and/or resume the 5 years of college. Also if asked about the 5 year gap of employment let them know you were in school. Most employers understand that situations arrise which causes you to take time off of work (you could have gotten ill, you had to take care of a family member, you had a baby, went to school, relocated, etc.) It is a part of life and it can't be avoided. Also 5 years isn't very long considering some people don't work for 15-20 years. If an employer has a problem with it, you probably don't want to work for them anyways. They would probably just be to demanding and not very appreciative of you or your work. Which would cause more stress and problems that nobody needs or wants. You also could apply for jobs now and also enroll in the weekend courses and let them know you are attending these classes now if you believe they will help you get the job. If working on the weekends and the courses will conflict you could also take them online and you would never have to attend the class on campus and you can do it when you are available. I don't know what your degree is in when you graduate this month, but is it possible for you to get a job in the field that your degree is in? Good Luck and I wish you the best!
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Emely Emely
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Christobel Christobel
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Christobel Originally Answered: I am taking Penn Foster online course for Dental Assistant has anyone taking Penn Foster courses?
Well bless you for raising 5 kids! I actually, however, wouldn't take any course from an 'online school' such as penn foster or stratford career institute as most employers don't view them as reputable in addition to dental assistants needing a certain amount of clinical, hands-on experience since there is so much manual dexterity (fine motor/hand coordination) and short-term memory skills involved (sometimes the dentist will give oral instructions). Here is the website for the American Dental Association to try to find accredited programs in your area: www.ada.org and can click 'oral health' then 'careers in dentistry' and then 'dental team careers'. Perhaps you can find a program thru the local community college or county vo-tech school. Wishing you the best of luck! P.S. I'm not so sure that penn foster is accredited with the american dental association, however, and that may be key in having credibility or marketability as a dental assistant. Perhaps you can ask the dentist that you work for along with contacting other dental offices, and find out if they recognize the program as having a reliable curriculum.

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