Can you legally turn a child away from a child care facility if you do not have updated immunization records?

Can you legally turn a child away from a child care facility if you do not have updated immunization records? Topic: Can you legally turn a child away from a child care facility if you do not have updated immunization records?
January 19, 2020 / By Dodie
Question: I need some help with a little research. I can't seem to find it on my own. I am in Oklahoma. I work at a gym, and we have daycare at certain times for our members. A co-worker of mine just decided to take it upon herself to send out letters to all of our members who bring their children to daycare giving them two weeks to provide us with updated immunization records, or they cannot use our daycare facility. While I understand the logic behind this (kinda) I did not believe that this was legal. Most of the kids have shot records on file, just not the most recent ones. Can someone help me figure out if this is legal. Also, my supervisor was under the impression that we were okay as long as we had a copy of their immunization records on file, and did not have to keep updating them. Can someone help me figure out if this is true or not. We only watch the children for a maximum of 1.5 hrs a day and do not charge for the service if that makes any difference.
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Best Answers: Can you legally turn a child away from a child care facility if you do not have updated immunization records?

Carlota Carlota | 2 days ago
That seems odd to me. My mom's gym offers a cheap (3 dollars a kid) daycare while you exercise, and the issue of vaccines has NEVER come up. You simply walk in with your kid and drop her off! Seems to me that since the service is free, they have no right to inquire about the kids' vaccines. Also, in Oklahoma, medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions to vaccines are allowed. So this appears to be illegal, although I assume your coworker is just ignorant of the actual law. http://www.nvic.org/Vaccine-Laws/state-v... 10 Okl. St. § 413 (2007) § 413. Exemptions. Any minor child, through his or her parent or guardian, may submit to the health authority charged with the enforcement of the immunization laws, a certificate of a licensed physician stating that the physical condition of the child is such that immunization would endanger the life or health of the child; or upon receipt of a written statement by the parent or guardian objecting to such immunizations because of religious or other reasons, then such child shall be exempt from the provisions of this act.
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Aneta Aneta
Legally, a enterprise can draw back clientele for any reason no longer specifically prohibited via regulation. no longer smart, yet no longer unlawful. here the place I stay (no longer Oklahoma), public faculties will draw back scholars that don't have contemporary immunization documents on document. maximum states have immunization standards mandated via the state. i comprehend, some human beings could particularly have their newborn die of whooping cough (or different preventable ailment) than get a sprint prick in the arm, i'm helpful they have their solid reasons, yet that does no longer mean a enterprise has to take the youngsters. It sounds like the co-worker is entirely a sprint too zealous in making helpful immunization rules are observed. maximum mothers and fathers will comply for the unfastened day care, besides.
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Wilbur Wilbur
I believe it is legal. Depending on the children's ages. At certain ages they do require different immunizations. They should have to give you an updated copy when they get new shots. It is required in schools, daycare, and any other place where there will be a gathering of children. It's a smart idea. Doesn't matter if you just keep them there for 30 minutes or longer. Children in close quarters mixed up with each other..they should be up to date, and you should have a copy of them. I don't think the parents would have a problem with doing this...it's for the safety of their child.
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Sanford Sanford
Yes, there is a law requiring day care facilities to require updated immunization records on each and every child or no service can be provided.
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Nat Nat
Yes it is legal. The gym has a responsibility to all it's members included keeping them safe from infectious diseases. With all the dangers now with swine flu and others why would you not want all participants be current on their shots? You are at a very high risk by taking a chance. The time you watch the kids is minor, a virus travels in the air that gets recirculated in your air conditioning or heating system. One infectious person can start contamination of thousands of others. I would aways prefer to be conservative and safe.
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