PLEASE HELP! What does beauty mean to you?

PLEASE HELP! What does beauty mean to you? Topic: PLEASE HELP! What does beauty mean to you?
January 19, 2020 / By Marianne
Question: I'm doing a school essay about beauty. It could be worth 500 dollars. I need sentences from everybody saying what beauty means to them. Help me get some ideas. And no you will not get any of my money if I win. DON'T ASK.
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Best Answers: PLEASE HELP! What does beauty mean to you?

Kolleen Kolleen | 4 days ago
Classic beauty means a person matches the beauty criteria of a certain era or location : the current western beauty criteria are big eyes, small nose, plump lips, high chiseled cheekbones, sculpted jawline etc etc. Monalisa was a classic beauty at her time, now not so much anymore because the criteria change as time goes by !
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Kolleen Originally Answered: have you read a novel or seen a movie that strongly discusses beauty inner and outer beauty?
The Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire http://www.gregorymaguire.com/books/conf... [Excerpt]

Jayde Jayde
Beauty is truly about being comfortable in your own skin. I have seen it millions of times before, the guys always go for the comfident girls... aka not me haha
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Eve Eve
beauty means that your outside doesn't necessarily reflect your inside. beauty is something that is wonderful, something that is wonderful is beautiful, places can be beautiful, people can be beautiful, and personalities can be beautiful. anything that makes you wanna be close to it and makes you feel happy and you know its good is beautiful. <3
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Cody Cody
a perception of appearance and how your carry your self in a certain style/way with many different fashion sense like modern , retro ,hippie ,all the unique Style and also a way of showing your expression hope i helped answer mine ? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090901192945AAL41mw
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Belphoebe Belphoebe
Beauty brightens our day and makes us feel better inside. Beauty makes us feel happy. Beauty attracts others. Beauty inspires us. Beauty can be deceiving.
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Belphoebe Originally Answered: what does beauty mean to you ?
Beauty is like being you. Being who you are and not someone else. Beauty comes from the inside but also it might come from the outside also. When I say outside, I say the way she dress and how she presents herself. The way she does it beautiful and does it right. Classy and elegant not slutty and bitchy. Not being lazy and not having a good hygience makes her ugly. I know people say inside count also and I agree.From the inside beauty depends on your self confidence, on how you act and how you feel. You say your ugly and I say your right. You say your beautiful and I say your right. Also, waking up everyday to see that person in front of you who is beautiful. No makeup, nothing, just seeing her face makes her beautiful. The way she smile, the voice, the whisper and the yawn when she awakes. Just the way she acts. I say beauty is by personality. But also the way you think. The way your heart goes. But to me, beauty is a thing that your opposite has. Like only, the one you love has the most beauty. Many girls are beautiful but not as much as the one you care for.

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