How do I clean a rental property so filthey satan would not move it uck!?

How do I clean a rental property so filthey satan would not move it uck!? Topic: How do I clean a rental property so filthey satan would not move it uck!?
December 13, 2019 / By Patricia
Question: There were 4 heavy smokers, although it was rented as a non smoking unit, and unfixed cat that went everywhere and even in spots that did not know there was, and a man that was totally mechanically unsound but knew how to take things apart never to be put back again until the second coming came and oh what else.. just every discusting thing left in the fridge that you possibly could .. how can I clean this without burning it to the ground which would be easier. Janet B
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Best Answers: How do I clean a rental property so filthey satan would not move it uck!?

Margie Margie | 5 days ago
Welcome to the world of Landlords. If the property has carpet, you'll probably have to remove it due to the cat urine. Then replace with new carpet or sand the floors and re-finish them, if there is hardwood underneath. Paint all the walls. Wash all curtains. Wash down all other surfaces with undiluted white vinegar. These solutions should fix your problems. If the floors do not have carpet, just wash them down with vinegar. And paint, etc. I would not return any of these renters' deposit. I hope you charged a Cleaning Fee. Legally you cannot deduct "cleaning" from a Security Deposit...only from a "Cleaning Fee". The painting and re-flooring can be deducted from Security, but all the labor involved in washing and cleaning cannot...this labor can only be deducted from a pre-designated "Cleaning Fee". I charge what I call a "Reimbursable Cleaning Fee" that I tag right onto the first month's rent and the Security Deposit. This way, if a tenant moves out leaving me with 6 months of cleaning, I can deduct the cleaning damages from the Cleaning Fee. Good luck with this, but you'll just have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Paint and vinegar should solve your problems unless you have carpet. In that case, you'll need to rip up the carpet and either replace it or go with hardwood floors. You have my sympathies. -
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Margie Originally Answered: What do I need to take to a rental property viewing if I know I may want to secure the property there and then?
I concur that it depends on the merit of your application as to whether you will be offered the apartment. When I look at applications, I do consider whose came in first but when all is said and done the best applicant wins. Provide solid references that can be verified (with correct phone numbers, I've had people submit apps without even trying to give contact info for their references believe it or not), and make sure those references aren't family members or friends. Take with you proof of income so it's easier for them to verify (pay statements and such). If you have a recommendation letter from a previous landlord, take that, too. Anything that paints you in a positive light as a good tenant that you can put with your application will help you stand out from the crowd.

Kitty Kitty
shovel everything outside and burn it!!!!! lol. Then get 15 cans of lysol and spray everything down. Get a sponge mop from dollar genral and use bleach water to clean the walls, floors and everything else. and oc course fresh paint, and new carpet. u may want to open all windows and let it air out a few days before you start. When your done send the old tenants a bill for all the cleaning. lol
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Jaqueline Jaqueline
shopper (or renter) beware! How commonly do you purchase issues before checking them out such as your own eyes? under no circumstances, excellent? nicely apparently the single time you probably did to procure screwed over and it really is merely too late to back out or renegotiate the deal. in case your spouse inspected the valuables, I advise you're making your spouse do what ever it takes to make the valuables appropriate to you. As to the condition of the valuables once you come it to the owner, do not assume you are able to go away it interior the same condition until eventually it really is suggested so on your employ.
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Ettie Ettie
My friend had me go to the Dollar General and buy a cleaner called Awesome and it proves its name. I clean every thing, you can spray it on and watch the filth run off. I use it on every thing and it is awesome in the laundry.
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Ettie Originally Answered: I'm buying property. Was supposed to move in on Sunday. On Fri, 5:30 PM they said dont move, MECHANICS LIEN?
Basically someone did work on the house and they never got paid. To have a clear title when you buy the house all liens need to be paid off and the seller needs to sign a affidavit stating that that no money is owed on the home. If the work has already been done and you have had your inspection and everything looks good then you can sign a doc stating that you will take care of the lien to move things forward. BUT FIRST, make sure you read that lien and see how much it is for. If it is only a few thousand dollars, just refuse to pay it and it will be void after 13 months. It will take the company six months and more money for them to get legal action started than what is owed to them. Also use it to your benefit and have the seller reduce the price by at least half of what is owed on the lien if you are willing to have it fall in your lap. I hope that's clear. Don't talk to your broker or real estate agent call the title company and ask them directly.

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