A hypothetical about our culture's "standard of beauty".?

A hypothetical about our culture's "standard of beauty".? Topic: A hypothetical about our culture's "standard of beauty".?
January 19, 2020 / By Sedona
Question: There is a constant bombardment of an unrealistic ideal of beauty, along with the mantra of "the thinner the better", & we almost worship the "beautiful" people. That got me to wondering why we do that? My theory is that those people (who could probably be better termed "freeks of nature") have won the gene pool & are blessed with they way they look vs. "average" folks, & are in the minority, & because there are so few of them vs. the vast majority of "average" types who are shorter, heavier, & without that "picture-perfect face", they absolutely stand out, & I believe that people prefer what is rare vs. what is common. So, my mind went to an interesting place & I started wondering what if it were reversed & the majority of people looked like the minority do now & vice-versa? What if the MAJORITY of people were tall & thin & struggled to put weight ON vs. lose it, and & only a FEW were short & heavy. Would we then idolize THAT "look"? Any comments on this "theory" or your own?
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Octavia Octavia | 1 day ago
You are right and this is a good post. I remember when my husband introduced me to his friends they felt (when we were courting) I was not good enough for him because I had weight on me and they felt He could have done better look wise. Weight makeup wrinkle cream are a multi million dollar industry and woman are brainwashed by society to look better and be more glamourous. I remember in the 5th grade 1981 the boys were rating girls in the class how pretty they were I remember being rated a 1 being the least and another girl being rated a 10 being the prettiest even back then being pretty meant you were treated better. You have to love yourself and respect your self and that has NOTHING to do with size and EVERYTHING to do with a good healthy self esteem. Look at people in thier 30s and up many are average and some struggle with weight. The standard of beauty should come from inside and putting your hope in the Lord according to scripture this makes you more beautiful and having an inner quiet spirit 1 Peter 3:4-5 In the hard times your looks wont get you through your faith and preserverance or patience will. People think losing weight will solve all your problems but life does not always get better when God answers prayer. PS my door bell did not start ringing for dates until I gained weight and I am a large size woman empowered by God.
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Octavia Originally Answered: how can I prove that The standard image of American beauty is white?
Use examples of women with European features being emphasized in the media. I mean, really, it's your homework and ultimately you have to come up with this on your own. I must add that I agree with the Boss. I know that some of this doesn't not directly relate to being white, but all over the world, bleaching products are a big industry. In fact, one women actually injected bleaching products into her skin in order to get white skin. It's so sad.

Madeline Madeline
People are what God makes them, whatever they determine is already predetermined by God to happen. And we know all things work together for good, regardless of what the carnal mind can understand. So in my opinion, God views all of us equally wonderful and full of purpose that we are already fulfilling no matter what we are or are not doing. Everything needs contrast in this world. Nothing would be known to exist if we weren't aware of the lack of that particular thing. For instance, for us to appreciate a well lit room, it must not be well lit prior, right? So it is with everything in this world. God works all things for His will, the bible says. Hence, each one of us is constantly doing His will, whether we believe in Him or not. In fact, our denial of Him is very much by His will. The bible says He locks us all into disobedience and that He hardens whom He will. We don't serve a wicked God, but one with an ultimate purpose behind everything which we are told is to be All in All.
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Kenina Kenina
Thats a pretty good question, I'm guessing that we would worship, the minority, even if it was the other way around only because we want to be what we aren't.
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Ivory Ivory
Absolutely yes -- just look at the olden days, when only the rich could be fat. Fat was the ideal back then. I think if it was reversed, then yes, I think we would idolize that look.
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Ivory Originally Answered: have you read a novel or seen a movie that strongly discusses beauty inner and outer beauty?
The Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire http://www.gregorymaguire.com/books/conf... [Excerpt]

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