Should we vote out all the incumbent Republicans and leave the Dem's. Would that help America?

Should we vote out all the incumbent Republicans and leave the Dem's. Would that help America? Topic: Should we vote out all the incumbent Republicans and leave the Dem's. Would that help America?
December 13, 2019 / By Jaquelyn
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Best Answers: Should we vote out all the incumbent Republicans and leave the Dem's. Would that help America?

Eugenia Eugenia | 10 days ago
Yes...but actually just because they are a Democrat is not necessarily progressive. So yes we should get rid of all the Republicans, but also even more importantly make sure that all conservadems are not reelected and that they are replaced by true Democratic progressives. I also believe a new movement should be undertaken where Democrats running in primaries should sign a contract....promising for a strong single payer insurance, fight to cut state and local regressive taxation and to impose more progressive state and local taxation such as income taxes. They should also agree to raise the top marginal federal income tax rates for people making over $500,000 a year....to 42% and those making over $2 million a year should have a top rate of 50% and those making over $10 million a year a top rate of 70%. stopping outsourcing of jobs issues, cut defense spending and war spending and to solve the illegal immigration alien problem. They have to show that they are strong supporters of these view points if they want to call themselves Democrats.
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Eugenia Originally Answered: Why don't Republicans leave America?
There are two sides to liberty and freedom, liberal and conservative. America was an experimental government. A democratic republic had never been done before the USA. Our government wasn't 6 months old when the liberals, the Hamilton Federalists, and the conservatives, the Jeffersonian Republicans, started knocking heads within George Washington's cabinet. That power struggle within the executive branch spread quickly into the congress. Just as it takes two to tango, it takes two sides to have freedom.

Clementine Clementine
Before you get pissed off with this answer, read it through and think about it. What you really need is a three party system. This would force the party with the most seats but not a majority to cooperate. Even more, you need a population that can think for itself and accepts responsibility. Most of the USAnians do and say exactly what they are told, either by a holy man, a rich man or the paid flunky of either. It would also be smart if only the junior house introduced and passed legislation with the senior house reviewing the legislation and deciding if it was constitutional and appropriate for the country. The executive could then sign it into law and get on with being the face of the nation.
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Bekki Bekki
Some people say it's either parties fault for this or that, kick them out; others say throw the whole lot out. I say we selectively cut down on both sides, instead of killing either side, or going for a clean sweep. Think of the Democrats and Republicans as a forest filled with Oaks and Pines. Selectively killing off only the oaks or the pines would disrupt the entire forest, making it worse, probably killing it. Cutting down the entire forest would just be just as bad, seeing as it will take years and years to revive the forest, if it ever could be revived, and you would also be taking out quite a few good trees (not to mention the fact that the forest is going through a rough time). Now, selectively cutting down these trees, taking the time to find and cut down the truly rotten trees, without bias, may seem like a much more difficult task, but would allow for the forest to survive, and most likely thrive. Meet y'all in the middle.
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Adolpha Adolpha
Help America?? Flash back to 2007 Remember when Dem's took of congress? Literally every thing went down hill. Total disaster. and you want more Dem's in office. America has seen first hand the Incompetence and corruption of democrats. After the upcoming election. It will be obvious America will not make the mistake of having Democrats in office again!
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Terah Terah
So, you're saying we need a one-party government where all decisions are made without any opposing point of view? What you are referring to is fascism. Should we vote for it? Any American worth their salt would rather die than vote for that. Of course, being an Independent, I say we should throw the whole lot out and start over. Both parties will bring about our downfall unless we do something soon.
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Phoenix Phoenix
Everyone in office needs to go, and this has to be repeated every year until this $hitstorm is cleared up. We need a good 3rd party candidate for 2012, no more Democraps or Republican'ts, they can't get it right.
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Maddox Maddox
Well, if you want to make absolutely no progress, then. Democrats have done absolutely nothing to help this country. They sent more troops to the War. They have not helped the economy at all. And they are trying pass a horrible healthcare bill.
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Jehosaphat Jehosaphat
You see how well it has been working having the DimocRATS running the country with the majority in the House and Senate and the POTUS. I think the country has had enough,.
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Gaynor Gaynor
I think we should kick out both parties out and begin all over. The system is corrupt and if we keep going down this path we will destroy this country
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Gaynor Originally Answered: Republicans, Change my vote, Can you? ?
All recent wars the US have been involved to relate to oil. The US consumes the biggest amount of oil in the world. The only two oil producers that befriend the US are Canada and Mexico, all the other countries are America's enemies: Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, among other African countries. If you want the US to keep away from wars, and stop spending money defending other countries and US oil providers, then you have to vote McCain. Why? Because McCain wants our country to become oil independent. That is, it wants the US to produce ALL the oil we need. That way, those countries stop being a threat, thus it will not be in their hands to paralyze our economy. Also, McCain is serious about developing strong alternate energy sources. That is why Sarah Palin is necessary, she is an expert in oil production and energy. Remember Palin gave back more than 1000 dollars to each person living in Alaska because they exceeded oil sales and the benefits were given back to people. That's cool. A second thing: Have you seen senators and congress men enjoy all luxury at their meetings, commissions and have you ever seen how government offices waste our money in paper, electricity, non efficient workers, well, McCain and Palin want to reduce all that wasting. It is a lot of money. Obama thinks it is all right to waste our money. He doesn't even think this is important. But look again at Palin's work in Alaska, the savings she made were worth a check of 500 dollars per Alaskan tax payer. So, in one year, they receive almost 1700 dollars back!!!! Just in savings from government wasting AND oil sales. A third thing: Obama and Biden were forced to say in the debates if their programs would slow down due to the depression. They were forced to say, the delivery of their programs will slow down. What does that mean??? It means that they will not do what they have promised!!! Including tax rising!! A fourth thing: Obama wants to beat "rich" people, you know what, normal people with small stores or small business are making 250K, taxing them means losing the jobs they provide, stopping selling the products other small companies are producing which will send them to bankruptcy and even more jobs will be lost. His tax policy will not benefit poor people, because poor people do not pay taxes!!! They get money for free!! But he will cause a lot of middle class people close their small companies, their small businesses, and good bye to the American dream. We'll all be employed by big companies that will pay us what they want. Obama tax policy is misleading, and against America. A fifth reason I am voting McCain: Because he is against corruption!! He warned the senate in 2005 about the corrupt activities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were carrying out, he told them they were giving indiscriminate loans and credits. BUT Senators including Obama were getting benefit from those companies that were growing so fast. He insisted warning the senate in 2006. He is against corruption. Sarah Palin is against corruption too. She sent six senators to jail because they were approving laws that allowed oil companies to spend very little money in the restoration of the ecological damage they cause. Those senators received benefits from those companies and passed the laws that would keep on giving benefits to the companies and themselves. She started a process against them and won it. Those senators are still in jail. Obama has benefited from companies -take a look at his campaign donors, even CNN is giving him money-, Biden has been 25-26 years living from the system and being part of that corruption. I do want to choose a president that will stop it, and McCain is that person. I understand you want to get rid of Bush. BUT McCain is not Bush, just like you are not your sister, or your cousin, or your friend. You are you, you have your own good ideas, you have you own intentions independent of who your neighbor or your boyfriend or your mother and father are. The same goes for McCain, he is himself. He is not Bush. You are not the guy you seldom see at work! McCain is also a good person, father of seven children, four adopted, three of his own. How many men avoid to take responsibility of their children or paying child support? This man accepted four children without hesitation!! Also, this man knew he screwed up his first marriage, and accepted humbly his responsibility, divorced and since then provided abundantly to his ex-wife who supports him. He pays her medical bills, bought her a house, bought her a car, provides a high monthly pension. He also married a rich woman with a prenuptial agreement that prevents him from ever inheriting any of her possessions. How many men do that? He is definitely a good man, with strong morals, someone I can trust.

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