How to fix my damaged pc after I pressed my reset button?

How to fix my damaged pc after I pressed my reset button? Topic: How to fix my damaged pc after I pressed my reset button?
December 13, 2019 / By Unni
Question: So...I'm facing a major problem. So one day my pc had some problems. It opened continuously the start up recovery. So I pressed my "reset" button. The pc turned off and on but my monitor doesn't start and my keyboard & mouse won't start either. I tried removing the video card & replace it with a more powerfull one, but sadly, it still doesn't work PLEASE, IN THE LOVE OF GOD!!! HELP ME!!! I'm using a chipset pc right now but I miss my games :(
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Rob Rob | 8 days ago
Your Windows start files are corrupted. It was trying to fix them when you pushed reset. Put your old video card back in. Boot the Windows CD that came with your system (go into BIOS and change boot sequence to CD/DVD before HDD) and click on repair. It will try to fix your windows files. Your old card needs to be back in there cuz the drivers for the old card are on the HDD not for the new card. If it can't repair the files, then your HDD needs to have Windows reinstalled. When you do that you will erase the disk and start again. So if you have stuff on there you want to save spreadsheets, letters, pictures, emails, software keys, you can buy a new HDD and load Windows on it using your new card if you want (cuz your gonna have to reload all the drivers and MS update will run 20 updates to your system. After your've loaded it up, change your BIOS back to HDD first in the list. Set the old HDD up as a secondary (move the jumpers near the pwr connector to slave) and install it. You'll have to reload all your applications (games, photoshop, WORD, Ecel etc) cuz they will not be on the new drive unless they are one the manufacturerer's restore disk. You maybe able to get them to run from your old drive but I was never able to. You can access your old HDD which will now be drive D: or E: depending of if your C: drive got loaded into logical C & D drives or not. You can find the stuff and move it to C: if you want, slick and use the old HDD for something else. I suggest making hidden files visable and reading up on how to find your emails. My Documents and Pictures is pretty easy to find. Good luck with the system file repair.
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Metushael Metushael
This appears like either a motherboard or a power deliver. That you would be able to choose up a energy supply testor really low cost and test it. If the vigor supply is good than it's possible your motherboard has failed considering the fact that you indicated you have no publish in any respect on startup. Commonly when it is a memory or processor failure you will get a series of beeping tones to inform you what is failing.
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Josiah Josiah
take out the cmos battery for 5 minutes and replace it... then reboot and listen for system beeps. Those will tell you the culprit... sounds like maybe a bad power supply.
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