Am I gifted or something like that?

Am I gifted or something like that? Topic: Am I gifted or something like that?
December 12, 2019 / By Neva
Question: Here are my facts: Honestly, my teacher once told us the class that a child who can remember the things when he was below 7 or 5 maybe.. is a gifted one. As long as I could remember also, when I was 3 or 4, my family and I went to our grandma's house where I can never forget about the iguana on our sleep.. and also my grandma has a pond which i can remember i almost become wet, i can also remember that my sisters together with my mother went to the church while i was asleep. There are many things i can remember on that.. I also remember the feeling inside a booth or something like that, you ride on a coaster something, i just jumped out of the coaster when we were near the public viewing area, it was because i was scared of the things that i saw.. after i jump a man caught me as we waited for my parents and sisters. One thing also is that my interests and hobbies varies widely... First when i was a child, i like to do things with machines then after that I read a book about plants which i always read over and over again.I like also reading books and writing books or poems but now it seems to fade. I also socialize with other people when I was little, i go out from my house together with my sisters meeting our neighborhoods and friends but there was a certain period i stop playing with my friends at those time and took school seriously and that socialization lost it, and i start to realize to socialize again on people since i don't socialize on others though. Since grade 1, I always have my club on schools on art esp. drawing but this present time I think i just lost it,, then about animals,, then on psychology (both human behavior and the unexplained things, which is parapsychology) then on architectural designs esp. the Chinese architecture design.. I like also doing business, as I help my uncle, who is honestly poor, find money, I too also want to find money and help him since he also helped my mother years ago before I was born. I also love to sing not rock or anything but ballad or songs with nice rhythm melody and songs with meaningful lyrics. When i was little and to dance also but I just dance in cheer dance competitions since it is intramurals. Now, I listen to classical music and play the piano myself, self studying as we call it, which just started exactly a year ago. But I have no exceptional skill on it yet. Then i have a plan to buy a violin the learn it. I am also fond of surfing the net. Coz you know I am a curious person curious about the world especially when dealing with science. You see my interest and hobbies vary greatly and it is nonstop. I am just 15. My quality index on Intermediate algebra is high average, while on biology it is above average this is according to CENTER FOR EDUCATIONAL MEASUREMENT, INC.. And honestly I hate a little of Biology esp. on cells , reproduction thingy. I am also an observant person but i usually do things at my self, i don't mingle with people too much, So what can you say about me? In the future what could I be? Am I gifted? Or was I gifted? What should have been done yesterday? What should I do today? Also I am a heartbroken person sometimes.. i am also addicted to scrabble but because of the interference of my piano self studying skills, it seems to fade away!! I also dreamed of making piano pieces especially etudes when i grow up.. I aslo daydream on things like that, seeing myself as a great person who is skillful or like htat!!
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Luvinia Luvinia | 6 days ago
It is correct that clever people have good long term memories - the smarter you are, the more you can remember. So if you can remember those happening at such an early age that could be a sign your clever. However, this doesn't work with everyone, because traumatic or extra ordinary events in early childhood are always memorable no matter if your smart or stupid. eg. i have a friend with an average CAT score (98) that can remember the sensation of being weighed as a baby. Daydreaming is also a sign of great intelligence or/ and imagination. I must point out though, that academic ability has ABSOLUTELY NO relevance to IQ, and i can give you a billion examples. I don't think that interests and hobbies have much to do with intelligence... you'll find that some people in Mensa are actually high school drop outs and my IQ is in the 95 percentile but i have no interest in business, physics or machines etc. Intelligence (or IQ) is all about how good your reasoning is, how much logic you have, and how much you are able to understand. Your deep fascination with particular (and quite unusual) topics suggest Asperger Syndrome rather than giftedness. But that would contradict if you say that you are (or were) quite sociable.... My impression of you so far is that you are an ambitious, hard working person, possibly melancholy person, and care a lot about your music. You also sound quite deep? You say you don't have any skill on the violin yet but i find that hard to believe because, in simple terms, people like what they are good at, and if they are not good at it, they won't like it (like me and maths for example - i suck at it so i don't like it). You are probably a lot more talented than you give yourself credit for! Giftedness is a hard thing to understand. It is usually picked up on in childhood. Giftedness (to me) can mean two things: extraordinary talent or extraordinary IQ. You cannot gain or loose giftedness, it is something you are born with and will stick with you always (unless you have a head injury or something...). You so sound clever, so if you want to find out how clever you can always take an IQ test (PLEASE not an internet one, they're never ever accurate) - but gifted? well, if you were you would have been recognized as one by now... but hey, you could always self assess! Signs Of Giftedness: -Verbally precocious, early language development -High vocabulary, advanced verbal reasoning skills -Incredible memory -Intuitive understanding of numbers or patterns -Unusual ability in math at an early age -Advanced puzzles skills, mechanical abilities, builds elaborate structures -Unusual visual spatial abilities -Rapid learning, little need for repetition, learns things w/o formal instruction -Unusually long attention span -Very inquisitive, asks many in depth questions -Highly developed sense of humor -Obsessed with knowing all aspects of specific areas of interest -Creative thinking, divergent problem solving, advanced logical reasoning -Heightened sense of morality or justice -Perfectionism, intensity, sensitivity, less need for sleep -Exceptional abilities in other areas (e.g. art, music, sports, leadership, social)
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Luvinia Originally Answered: Why are high academic acheivers seen as gifted, and not people who are gifted in other areas?
I am a recently retired elem teacher. I believe all people are gifted in some areas. Those that are gifted in the areas covered in school are labeled gifted, but that doesn't include like even an Olympic athlete and obviously they are gifted, but I once asked a nationally renowned doctorate and he said the truly gifted are the right brain gifteds because they are more creative and can always create a way to get out or solve the problem Those are some thoughts on it. BUT HE DID SAY THAT PERSEVERANCE IS THE BEST GIFT OF ALL.
Luvinia Originally Answered: Why are high academic acheivers seen as gifted, and not people who are gifted in other areas?
Because you can test academics (this is done through IQ and other standardized tests). It has little to do with right brain or left brain except those who are right brained tend to be more creative in their thought process and have more creative ideas, which is a sign of giftedness. But I agree that there are children who are gifted in other areas such as arts and sports. But how are you going to objectively test these? You cant, so the school cannot prove you are gifted. I do agree with you, and I can tell you that nearly every teacher I have ever talked to, does as well. Dr. Gardner, a well known theorist and psychologist, even created an entire theory that is now taught to teachers when they are in college. Sadly many teachers, especially upper level teachers forget about these. Here is a link if you want more info: http://www.thomasarmstrong.com/multiple_intelligences.htm
Luvinia Originally Answered: Why are high academic acheivers seen as gifted, and not people who are gifted in other areas?
School is about academics. The word academy, from which we derive the word academics, means school. In school, academically gifted people are recognized because academically gifted people are gifted AT SCHOOL STUFF! School, and No Child Left Behind, are about learning academic things. There's no reason to recognize someone who's good at something non-academic when you're in an academic place learning academic things. You may be visual, and you may learn in a different way, but you still need to learn the same important skills of reading, writing and mathematics to succeed, just like anyone else. Teachers DO try to teach students who learn differently in different ways. If you're having difficulty learning in a traditional classroom setting, talk to your guidance counselor. They could reccomend an alternative school or class for people who learn your way, or they could set up an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) which sets up your school schedule in a way that you can definitely learn the material.

Kayleen Kayleen
To me if I were taking an educated guess I would not say gifted. Gifted people are misunderstood, people just don't get you and you aren't mentioning social isolation. Because academics come so easily to the gifted, they tend to be underachievers. The top 1 percent of all people are gifted with an IQ over 135. Nothing is limited to you, you are most likely in an above average to bright range similar to JFK (graduated from Harvard, IQ 117) or George Washington IQ 118. Here is an asperger assessment for you to try http://www.asplanet.info/index.php?=com_... go under AS symptoms AQ test I score a 42
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Kayleen Originally Answered: What are you views/thoughts on Gifted Children. Can you be gifted and not show it ? ?
Being gifted is not reserved for mathematics, literature or science, although there are children gifted in those aspects. I was placed in the gifted class because I am extremely creative; I wrote 2 books by the time I was 11, I was directing "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" as a play in my gifted class in 4th grade, and I was constantly drawing. A gifted child shows their talents in different areas; I'm not brilliant when it comes to math, but I score high when it comes to literature, reading and writing skills.
Kayleen Originally Answered: What are you views/thoughts on Gifted Children. Can you be gifted and not show it ? ?
I am not sure what you mean by gifted but my son is in the gifted program at his school and has been since the 2nd grade. With his school it is just a program for kids who learn on an accelerated level so they do stuff that requires a little more brain power than most of the other classes. There is no looking at a kid to tell if they are "gifted." That is like saying you can look at someone and tell what religion they are or what there IQ is. It just can not be done.

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