I'm writing an essay on being against gay marriage?

I'm writing an essay on being against gay marriage? Topic: I'm writing an essay on being against gay marriage?
December 13, 2019 / By Stephani
Question: I asked this question before. I need help writing a thesis and help with the intro paragraph or maybe I should ask this if you think gay marriage should be banned, why? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Queenie Queenie | 6 days ago
First, let's agree on just this point: Government is supposed to be separated from the Church. The first problem is how the secular government got mixed into religion. This is what I believe to have happened: some short-sighted person thought that the government needed a way to classify joined couples who live together and have a combined income. Naturally, these couples were usually married and the person, who allowed marriage to be government regulated, thought that it would be easier to just call these conjoined individuals are "married". And all the privileges, taxes, and rights became tied to people who were "married". Now married no longer has the denotation meaning: something as sacred as a the conjoining of man and woman and becoming one flesh. The government gave the word "marriage" a new connotation which is the joining of two people (no longer just man and woman) for LEGAL matters; that means living under one room, being taxed differently, and having a shared income. When I first learned that the government actually recorded and took part in regulating marriage, I was shocked. Marriage is something absolutely religious and not at all secular. What ever happend to the separation between Church and State? These "gays" (I don't know how else to classify them) ignorantly thought that marriage applied to them because of the new connotion that the government created. But what they really want are just the rights that come with marriage and have a this vain, worldy, materialistic marriage ceremony. Summary: Gays don't deserve marriage. They may however deserve the rights that come with marriage. The government needs to stop mixing marriage with the government. They need to stop saying marriage because the word is absolutely limited to religion and so they have no part in it. I mean, Come on!, priests and elders no have to get a secular license to marry others. That's ridiculuous! Stop mixing government with the Church. Solution: What the government needs to do is get a separate license that all people, including gays, who want to get married sign and just declare that they are two conjoined couples living under one roof and have a conjoined income and therefore need special consideration when being taxed. This way, marriage is by no means linked with the government and the term is no longer used by the government. By the way, the gay's can still have a fancy party but please stop calling it a marriage. And, Yes!, this is all the government's fault. If you disagree with me, then you just want to change the meaning of the word "marriage" into something of your own liking and that's just stupid. What if I get a bunch of people to start using the word "right" to mean left and the word "left to mean right? You're doing the same thing with the word marriage. Seeing the rest of the posters, I can tell that the majority of the people have not even read the Word of God and have no reasonable background knowledge to argue this.
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Queenie Originally Answered: Help, im writing an essay on gay marriage.?
you could talk about how you think it is unfair that the government decided to put gay marriage in the propositions this year, when some people have to vote against gay marriage due to the fact that it is their religion, when i think it's the law that you have to separate the church and state. and even though they claim that the prop was not having to do with the religious stuff, even though it does. you could talk abotu the that's so gay commercials. and how people shouldn't use the term gay to mean stupid or dumb. i'm against that even though i'm not gay.
Queenie Originally Answered: Help, im writing an essay on gay marriage.?
Some key points: It's not GAY MARRIAGE, it's MARRIAGE. Period. Stop making it something separate, make it what it is, a right for all citizens, not just people who are straight. The argument against the right for gays to marry is a religious one. Religion has no place in the US Government - remember that bit about the Separation of Church and State? Marriage provides approximately 1,400 federally protected rights. Civil Unions provide approximately 300 rights that are under no federal protection, and are not recognized across state lines in many cases. Hope these key facts will help you out in your paper. Good luck.
Queenie Originally Answered: Help, im writing an essay on gay marriage.?
we cant have an actual marriages we can have a civil union. people compare marriage between the same sex to that of a human marrying an animal. the bible states that a man can only lay with a women and so forth. another argument would be that it destroys the sanctity of marriage because gays always break up, so that would mean more divorces.

Meave Meave
Well I would start off with a quote from the bible if your against it and then explain that. Then for your last sentence in the first paragraph state your thesis: I am against gay marriage and think it should be banned.
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Meave Originally Answered: Writing a persuasive essay on supporting same sex marriage?
Idk, but i'll give you my opinion.. straight people can get married and divorced as many times as they want. They can have marriages that dont last a week. And they won't even let us have one. Marriage should be about love, not about how the people will have sex. And they say marriage is a God thing... it's not even proven that homosexuality is a 'death' sentence to God. Love is the important thing, God teaches us not to hate. But denying people the right to get married and be happy b/c of who they love is hate. Isn't this suppose to be a FREE country? They need to leave other people's happiness alone, it has nothing to do with them. If someone doesn't agree with gay marriages, then they shouldn't get one.
Meave Originally Answered: Writing a persuasive essay on supporting same sex marriage?
Just a few facts on why gay people want marriage on the same basis as anyone else.... Marriage gives certain legal privileges. A couple of key ones are that if you have a serious illness, often hospitals will not give out details except to next of kin, which has meant that on occasion, gay people have been deprived of being told about what is going on with the person they love. The other that immediately comes to mind is that marriage usually means you can pass your property on without death taxes, inheritance tax or whatever it's called. This can and has resulted in the surviving partner having to sell their home in order to pay the tax. Married couples don't have that problem. A famous case of this is the actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne. If marriage didn't give couples a privileged legal status, gay people wouldn't be agitating for it for themselves. I know many religious people go on about marriage being a religious institution, but that ignores the reality that it is more than that.

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