I feel SO nasty because thats not me what should i do?

I feel SO nasty because thats not me what should i do? Topic: I feel SO nasty because thats not me what should i do?
December 13, 2019 / By Ailse
Question: my boyfriend had a party and pushed me into taking a pill(X)......I only did it to make him happy bekuz he does anything for me i know it sounds stupid but love can make you do some crazy things....people told me that i was twisted and i had multiple sex partners that night what should I do???
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Best Answers: I feel SO nasty because thats not me what should i do?

Tommi Tommi | 8 days ago
First of all break up with your boyfriend! He knew what that pill would do. There are alot of pills out there to make girls go wild and do things that they wouldn't normally do. Those are the date rape drugs. I would lie low and listen to how people are talking about the party and see if you can figure out if it was intentional that he knew what the pill would do. You are not sick but he sure sounds like it and I wouldn't trust him again! He basically got you to f- his friends without your consent! If they knew that you would do this with the pill then they are guilty of rape. Do your homework first and don't discuss this with your boyfriend but you may have to report this. PS go to your doctor and get checked NOW for STDS and pregnancy. You should go again in six weeks for a follow up. Monitor yourself for female problems, rash and fever. Stay on top of this and don't let guilt rule you. You took a pill, don't do it again. It is partly your fault for experimenting with this drug but mostly not your fault because I don't think you realized the potential of the drug.
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Tommi Originally Answered: Im having trouble with my relationship i feel my partner is nasty to me and i feel that he doesnt love me?
It honestly doesn't really matter if you talk to someone else or not about your problem if you're looking for a solution (that would make your partner more loving and not nasty). If you want to talk to a friend or someone, sure you'd be able to get things off your chest and vent, but it won't solve your problem. It's only to help you to feel better. You've already talked to your partner about it and nothing really changed. He didn't really do much to change (obviously, since you still feel that way). It doesn't really matter if it's all in your head or not -- because it can't be if you feel so strongly about it -- and if you have to doubt his affection and if he's continuously being nasty to you, it's time to move on in life without him. You don't want to end up marrying and spending the rest of your life with someone like that. Probably what I said wasn't what you wanted to hear. But I felt as if I should be honest.

Ray Ray
your boyfriend should have taken care of you. if my gf took a pill i would keep her safe. and better yet do my best to not get her to take it. never would i pressure someone i cared about into somehting liek that. tell them to stfu. and dont take any more pills or things that make you go unconscious. thats when you get raped and used. im not surprised if anything happened because my friend just got really drunk last weekend with tequila and beer and had sex without remember really anything besides what people told him. trust the people you can and all you can do really is make the best of the worst. people will get over it. youre not the only person to get fed up at a party. and youre not a whore or slut for doing it either . so try and feel okay about what happened, try not to repeat it, and continue living life to its fullest!
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Matania Matania
um dang. thats messed up. no offense, what he did was just f*n wrong. If he truly loved you he wouldn't have even asked you to take (just guessing but probably ecstacy) I could see if it was just you and him at his place or something.... but not at party where something like could have happend. As for what you should do, I'd say tell him how you feel about the situation and honestly i think you you should end it. But I'm just a different type ofguy others may say different
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Jimmie Jimmie
well you just need to remember your morals, and NEVER let that happen again, or you're going to feel even worse! i think you need to find someone to talk about it with or something. and your boyfriend shouldn't have pushed you into taking a pill, he shouldn't be pressuring you.
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Gomer Gomer
1st Id go get checked by your doctor.. 2nd if thats not the things you want to be doing then dont get yourself into that predicament.. and if your b/f loves u he wouldnt put u in a situation like that ever again...
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Driskoll Driskoll
Dump him, the pig knew what would happen to you and did nothing to protect you. He abused your trust. You need to get checked for STD nad AIDs. more that one time.
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Briscoe Briscoe
you could have been raped!!! or have STD. Please get yourself checked out and please make sure you arnt pregnant. Take the contraceptive pill and don't be so silly by doing something he tells you to take. You could have died and you would die for him coz he asked you to? NOWAY! PleaSE GROW UP and think of your safety first!
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Robert Gates went into the oval office and told GWB that 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq yesterday. GWB's face turned ashen as he sat there in stunned silence. Finally he asked, "How many is a Brazilian?" I must add that I am a GWB supporter, and I think that he did the best that anyone could do under the circumstances, but I also have a sense of humor, and enjoy making fun of him.

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