my child is getting me down.?

my child is getting me down.? Topic: my child is getting me down.?
January 19, 2020 / By Havelock
Question: this sounds really awful, and i do love him to bits. But if he was my first born he would have definitely been my last! he is 6 and really hard work. I suffer from depression, so sometimes i may take things too personally. A few people have told me he could be AD HD, but i am not sure of symptoms, and they are so many things... ADD, Aspergers etc etc. so i am totally confused. He is really argumentative, plays with poo and wipes it up the wall, if he wants a toilet roll to make something, he thinks nothing of putting all the toilet paper down the loo to get the roll, he will pour out new bottles of shampoo, bath bubbles down the sink, i am forever in his classroom as he has been disruptive, he breaks toys ( not his though, his brothers and sisters) he cant sit through a film, everything results in an argument, he hates loud noises, i cant take him to shops otherwise he kicks off. Who do i see about this, where do i start? Thanks for the advice, i always spend time with them, the problem is with me at nights when i am on my own ( think too much). We do homework together, he does after school clubs etc. I do tell him off when he does something naughty, but it really does not phase him in the slightest
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Eliah Eliah | 4 days ago
Well, first of all--get a lock on the bathroom door! If that means he has to be escorted every time he needs to use the toilet, so be it. Second--as the person above said, only a doctor or specially trained educator, not your friends, can diagnose ADD, Aspergers, etc. Get him to a doctor asap and ask for help getting him tested. Or speak to his teacher. She/he will be able to not only give you their educated perspective, but also guide you to getting him tested. Third--do you have help? Can you get a babysitter or mother's helper for a few hours a week? Or better yet, enroll him in an activity outside the house where he can get out his energy, such as soccer or some other sport, or karate, tumbling, etc.
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Eliah Originally Answered: I have forgot to put my child's homework in my child's book bag 2 times out of 6 months and now my child has to go to Saturday school.?
It's a difficult one. Whilst your daughter is still a young child, she is at the stage where she should learning to take responsibility for certain things. The school are probably trying to teach her that it should be her job to put her homework in her bag and not mummy's. That said, the punishment does seem a little harsh for a relatively minor offence. Also, I don't think it should be as black and white as an "x strikes and you're out" policy, as there are a number of reasons why children may fail to bring their homework in. Plus, the good students who do bring their homework in on time may come to fear the inevitable occasion where they do forget it.That's one of the main reasons why blanket policies such as this can be a bad idea in schools-they punish the good kids when they make the odd mistake, and that's never good for morale.
Eliah Originally Answered: I have forgot to put my child's homework in my child's book bag 2 times out of 6 months and now my child has to go to Saturday school.?
It is your responsibility as a mother, to make sure that your daughter has everything she needs when she goes to school each day. Homework is very important. Unless you came down to the school, that day, and physically brought the homework to her teacher, that you forgot, the teacher has every right to take action. But at least her homework would have been turned in, so that would be your fault, for not bringing it to her teacher right away or at least sometime after school. However, it would not matter, your daughter did not bring it to school. Rules are there for a reason. I don't agree with the rules, and suspension is utterly ridiculous, but this will instill values on your child, and teach her to be responsible, and to put her own homework in her own book bag. She is 7 years old and should be doing this by herself, already.

Chadwick Chadwick
I do agree with the last person who answered. What is your discipline like? But then again if it's happening at school as well, then the problem could be deeper. I've been a preschool teacher for seven years and I've had some "troublesome" children. Most of them have an attention issue. They do everything negative because they want some sort of attention. You said you're suffering from depression, is this effecting your relationship with him? Do you set time apart in the day to play with him, do his homework with him, etc? If it's not a attention issue, as in you give him positive attention, then I suggest you talk to his school's counselor. The school counselor might have some better professional advice and input. I hope everything works out.
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Alphonzo Alphonzo
1) What are you doing to disciple him? If you are not using consistent, regular discipline his behaviour will only spiral out of control. 2) If you are using regular, consistent discipline maybe it's time to switch techniques. There are plenty of different parenting techniques and not all of them will work for all kids. Different kids respond better to different parenting techniques. 3) If you are concerned that he may have a medical concern (ADD, ADHD, Aspergers...etc) then I'd talk to a doctor about what steps can be taken to make things easier for your little one.
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