Why should same-sex couples be able to adopt children?

Why should same-sex couples be able to adopt children? Topic: Why should same-sex couples be able to adopt children?
December 12, 2019 / By Norah
Question: I have reasons for why they SHOULDN'T, by why should they? Dudes, I just need reasons for an essay I'm writing!
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Best Answers: Why should same-sex couples be able to adopt children?

Mabella Mabella | 1 day ago
Because they want children. Simple. I'm in a same sex relationship at the moment and personally i don't disagree with it but i don't entirely agree with it either. I would just feel so harsh on the kid when it grows up having two moms or two dads. But why should who you love determin if you can't or cannot have a kid(s)?
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Mabella Originally Answered: Children and non married couples?
Hi. My hubby was 16 and I was 18 when our son was born. We were living with our parents for the first three months of our sons life as my mum didn't want me to move out until I'd finished school. We then moved in with my hubby's brother and wife and were there for almost a year. We are now renting in our own place and have been doing so for the past year. We got married when our son was 1 1/2.. he is now almost 2 1/2. Within the next 2-3 years we aim to have another 1-2 children and own a house. :) I study, work and am mostly a full time mum. My hubby works and studies. He's an amazing dad. If you ask me we are coming along quite nicely. While it wasn't ideal and if we didn't have our little surprise we were originally aiming to get married, move in together, buy a house and then have children in our early 20's. I'm a Christian which is why I think that our original plan is still the right way to go, but having children outside a marriage can be a bit riskier in general.. While it all comes down to the individuals, statistically children born outside of marriage are more likely to grow up with single parents, which isn't ideal. Children need both a mother and father who are active and loving within their lives. I'm 20. :)

Kelleigh Kelleigh
properly i could say no, yet you improve very valid factors. In a perfect worldwide i could say that having a determine of each and every intercourse could probable be superb, yet we don't stay in that worldwide. lower back even having the two mum and dad would not assure that the baby would be raised acceptable. So i could say that as long because of fact the comparable intercourse mum and dad have been properly adjusted and not harming the baby or attempting to tension their way of life on the baby {Which i do no longer think of they could} then i could be pleased with it. the only concern I see is what different toddlers and human beings could do. you understand brand call calling and such. they could of direction be the ignorant ones with a closed concepts. greater advantageous to have a loving kinfolk then no kinfolk in any respect. once I spoke back I study all the different replies. they're very enlightening certainly. I guess you probably did no longer think of you may get that many useful responses, i understand i did no longer. possibly there is wish for the worldwide.
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Irmalinda Irmalinda
Because two people of the same sex obviously can't have children together and allot of mothers either have to give there kids up for addoption and need a home or they don't want the child so why shouln't people be allowed to adopt kids the kid would be getting a better home.
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Elfleda Elfleda
What's it matter if they're the same sex? Who cares? Not like it's any of your business. Everyone's different and you need to stop being so close-minded. It's rude and it makes you look uneducated. Besides, I'd rather see a nice gay couple take home a child than the straight couple that will be separated and have drug addictions in their late 20's.
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Chevonne Chevonne
i don't agree with it either this question wont last because you said you have your reason why it shouldn't be , they shouldn't why confuse our children with shyt like this before they are even old enough to make a decision on the subject being gay isn't a right or a gender its morally wrong and well it isn't right
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Chevonne Originally Answered: Children and non married couples?
I'm 21 years old, and no I will NOT be having any children outside of marriage. I won't even live with a guy without being married to him, let alone even having sex outside of marriage.. I'm very traditional when it comes to things. I believe that kids should be raised in a stable environment where both parents are present. Kids shouldn't grow up thinking that it's ok to raise kids without being married. It's a bad image.

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