Is your child fat? Why?

Is your child fat? Why? Topic: Is your child fat? Why?
January 19, 2020 / By Emmie
Question: When my 11 year old son started getting "pudgy" around the middle, I explained the consequences of being over weight. Then I told him he could pick a sport, or I would. He didn't choose, so I picked track--and MADE him do it. Then, every time I see him eating the wrong kind of food I ask him, "do you really want to get fat?" "Is getting fat worth it to eat that?" What did you do, if anything, when your child started getting fat? Or have you ignored it like 40% of America has?
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Cicely Cicely | 8 days ago
I think your concerns are valid. However your approach may be too drastic. As the parent, you are the one bringing the food in. If you are concerned about him eating too much of the wrong kinds of foods, don't bring those foods in the house. Approach the subject as a health issue, and try not to be critical and personal about it. Discuss the benefits of eating healthy and exercising. Don't make this just about him- make healthy improvements for the entire family- go for walks together, make healthy fun snacks and foods together. Encouraging participation in a sport is a great idea as it provides alot of exercise, but may not feel like it because it is fun, but forcing it on him will only make him hate it. I was concerned about my daughter who put on a little weight at 10, but was nervous to discuss with her, especially being a girl. I called the pediatrican for additional advise. I used the approach as above, and she has lost weight on her own jsut tryin to be more healthy, eating carrot sticks or baked cheez-its for a snack. I also encouraged a form of exercise and she wanted to give dance a try- SHE Loves it! And she still has an ice cream snack after dinner a few times a week, as you dont want to deprive them of everything. Good Luck!
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Ayeesha Ayeesha
Don't tell your child they are fat. You are only making them have low self esteem and being called fat can be pushed to anorexia- that is what happened to my little sister and she is now 12. But eating the wrong foods, well maybe you should not buy them, buy healthy foods and teach your child to eat healthy. I would never tell my daughters not to eat something because they are might get fat. If my daughters started to get "fat" I would help them by eating less and healthier and I would exercise with them, and that could just be going on a bike ride or jump roping. But they are 3 and small for their age I am not worried about them getting fat, never have been, I just want them to be healthy.
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Abihail Abihail
Wow. Thats harsh man. You should never force a child into anything, that's just wrong. You're supposed to love and support your child no matter what size they are. If you cant do that maybe you shouldnt have had one. Its ok to explain the consequences of obesity but your kid is just a little "pudgy" around the middle? Hes 11 years old! He doesnt sound fat and really hes 11! He'll probly lose the pudge himself in a couple years! Yeah its wrong to ignore it but its also wrong to force your child into things and wrong to give them self-image issues for the rest of their life!
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Sullivan Sullivan
I think you're being too hard on your son. I would never call my child fat or suggest that if she eats something she will get fat. Instead, get off your butt and get out there with your son and play sports, games, etc. You are responsible for the food that is brought into your home. Make better food choices available to your child. If all you have are doritos, cookies, and soda in your home...how can you blame him for eating them?
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Parker Parker
well it's not like a 11 year old is responsible for his own food, you're respsonsible for his well-being and you shouldn't buy the wrong-kind of food in the first place. Asking him wether the food is worth being fat or not doesn't make sense to me. You should buy the good food, and ask him if he could play any kind of sports... at least with other kids?
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London London
Wow, you sound really harsh and your poor kid could end up having major weight problems in the future. Haven't you ever heard of positive parenting? Only have good food at home and that's all they'll eat. If they have snacks elsewhere, at least they'll be eating healthy at home. Why not encourage a sport, not force them. I feel sorry for your child, not to be rude, but nagging never does any good. Encouragement is so much better!
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Jasper Jasper
Your child eats the wrong kinds of foods because you buy them and keep them in your home. We buy fresh fruits, veggies, organic and fat free products. I suggest you switch to wonder bread (40 calories a slice vs a normal 80-100!), skinless chicken, fresh veggies (or birdseye makes a good frozen steam-in-bag veggie selection) Instead of cereal go with low or no sugar oatmeal. Skip all sodas and try crystal light, 100% fruit juice or seltzer water.
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