Why doesn't Romney respond to the commercials about how bad he is?

Why doesn't Romney respond to the commercials about how bad he is? Topic: Why doesn't Romney respond to the commercials about how bad he is?
December 12, 2019 / By Alishia
Question: Is that because they are true that he ran a company into the ground? That he doesn't know how jobs are created?
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Best Answers: Why doesn't Romney respond to the commercials about how bad he is?

Unni Unni | 8 days ago
What an amusing question. Okay, here's my two cents' worth: 1. Did you think the Dems would run ads saying that Romney is great? or even good? DUH! 2. Why WOULD Romney respond to these ads right now? The nomination isn't official and the debates have not begun. 3. Did you do any homework on this? Which company did Romney run into the ground?
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Unni Originally Answered: why are there so many commercials on T.V. i am so tired of long commercials.?
It's interesting, because if you think about it, TV actually exists more for advertisement than for entertainment. It's not necessarily just that the commercials pay for the shows, so much as the shows exist to sell commercials...all networks could do as HBO, Showtime, and even Disney 15 years ago, and have you pay for the channel and get rid of commercials. These channels typically have better programming even. Ultimately, the only reason networks want quality programming is so that more people will watch. If more people watch, they can sell their advertising slots for more money. The networks are only concerned about what you like indirectly. The first questions is: "how can we sell these advertising slots?". Think of the Super Bowl, and how a lot of people watch more for the commercials (though most are there for the game). It's become a cultural thing to watch the championship game of the most popular sport in the country and see what interesting commercials will be broadcast on a given year. The networks know this, and the one that gets the rights to the game banks off of it. Furthermore, think about when respected awards shows are on. Do any of the network channels run new episodes of their shows on the night of the Oscars? the Emmy's? No, because fewer people are going to watch. The advertisers know this, and so they're not going to pay as much for a slot of a new episode of Lost if it's going up against the Oscars. It's all about advertising...we live in a consumer culture (and very much so). If you talk to someone who studies Modern Culture and Media, you'll get some very interesting perspectives on the televisual experience. Ultimately however, the culture of TV, like the economy of TV, is very much involved with commercials. When watching a movie in a theater, you don't really get up unless you have to (bathroom) or really want to before the movie gets to its pivotal moments (popcorn). It's different with television. You get up during commercials, you might talk on the phone with your friends, you might do your homework, go to the restroom at your leisure, make dinner and do your chores, etc. It's a different experience, and commercials, the typical setting of television viewing, etc. all have a lot to do with it. But yeah...DVR's aren't the cheapest way to avoid commercials, but are the best way to go. DVD burners can be complicated/frustrating, and are not as reliable. VCRs are outdated of course, but are definitely the cheapest way to go (if they still even sell VHS tapes). In response to Connie B - it makes sense that different programs seem to have commercials at the same time. Different shows have different strategies, but there are people who are paid to study the televisual habits of consumers/audiences/etc. After compiling data, they determine what they have surmised to be the best placement/spacing of commercials and they run with it. That several networks adopt similar policies (that have been shown to be effective) is not surprising.

Rob Rob
Well you may be right. If people looked at what he has done as a venture capitalist, or private equity as they call it these days, he got rid of good jobs and created low paying retail jobs. He went into struggling companies, pushed them over the edge by loading them up with debt, and sold those companies piece by piece making themselves rich. In two instances he did back the creation of Sports Authority and Staples but most of those jobs are transient, low paying retail jobs. I think to the intelligent voter, he wants to keep that low key. I hope Obama exploits this every chance he gets because this point alone makes Romney the wrong man for the job.
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Metushael Metushael
Thats a clown question bro. He played a pivotal role in launching successful businesses like Home Depot and Staples. He would know that a law like Obamacare which imposes $2000 penalties on every job in USA unless it includes expensive federally controlled healthcare would kill the recovery since there are whole sectors of businesses in America that cannot afford to give this kind of healthcare coverage, nor can they afford to pay a $2000 for each job. Obama should have known this too----he handed out waivers to his politically-connected friends. He should have known that any business that he didn't give the waiver too would have to close up shop, which is what we are seeing today and why long term unemployment is reaching catastrophic levels not seen since the failed Presidency of Jimmy Carter! Moreover, MITT ROMNEY was a very successful Governor of Massachussetts from January 2003 until January 2007. Here is unemployment rate data from his first few months as Governor. 2003 Jan 5.6% 2003 Feb 5.7% 2003 Mar 5.7% 2003 Apr 5.8% 2003 May 5.9% 2003 Jun 6% Here is unemployment rate data from as his term ended and he handed over the Governorship to Democrat Deval Patrick. 2006 Nov 4.7% 2006 Dec 4.7% 2007 Jan 4.6% 2007 Feb 4.6% 2007 Mar 4.5% Source: http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LASST2500... In 2003, before any of Mitt Romney's policies were in effect, Massachussetts ranked 49th out of 50th in job growth. In 2006, after the effects of more than 3 years of Romney's policies, Massachussetts ranked 36th in job growth. He had achieved a level better than what economists consider "full employment". Once a state has "Full Employment" there new job opportunities will generally be used by workers who leave good jobs for better ones. Thus net new job creation ranking is actually moot. Dems deceptively cling to a phoney job ceation ranking statistic try and smear Romney using bad job numbers in first years and ignoring full employment achievements at end of term. If the Minnesota Vikings get the ball 10 times on the three yard line and each time they hand the ball to Adrian Peterson and he scores a TD, would you complain that he only got 30 yards in the game? If Giselle Bunchen lost a couple pounds due to exercise and diet, should she embarassed that she didn't lose as much as Rosie O'Donnell after one bowel movement....alright now I'm getting gross
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Josiah Josiah
Responding to every unsubstantiated half truth that only fools like you are spreading is a tremendous waste of time. The facts are he bought and sold many companies, the clear majority of which were improved, people were employed and good things happened. Expecting 100% good to come from every business deal is unrealistic and some things are not salvageable once you see the situation first hand as opposed to being a buyer on the outside. Nitwits like you see a gorgeous woman and focus on her toenails that need trimming. Somehow in your mind that justifies her not being gorgeous. Please don't think of yourself as an informed voter. You are not.
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Harcourt Harcourt
Romney does not watch MSNBC so he did not get to see how they edited the video like they did with George Zimmerman just to hide the trutb. Hey people MSNBC got caught so give it up cause no one watches it.
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My first instinct tells me that he is not interested. I enjoy flirting because of my ego, it tells me I am attractive, but this does not mean I am attracted to all the girls I flirt with, sometimes it's just harmless fun. My sister used to accuse me of hurting girls feelings, men and women think differently, but truth is many guys do that. Instead of asking him in person and risk being rejected, text him something else, about homework perhaps just to see if he replies, if he did then just continue to flirt, wait a few months before you ask again, he may later be attracted to you.

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