What is your inner beauty?

What is your inner beauty? Topic: What is your inner beauty?
January 19, 2020 / By Jerald
Question: because i'm going to write an essay about my inner beauty, i don't know what to write about.. but for me i like playing tennis and that's all that i can think of.. can that be a part of my inner beauty?
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Gerrard Gerrard | 2 days ago
its aspects of your personality which shine and glow regardless of ascetics and appearances. kindness, empathy, tolerance, being genuine, patience, a giving personality, being open, receptive and accepting, being willing to listen, to lend a helping hand, to muck in! seeing people are equal etc. have passion is part of inner beauty, but saying you like tennis specifically isn't inner beauty! that is talent and skill not inner beauty
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Gerrard Originally Answered: have you read a novel or seen a movie that strongly discusses beauty inner and outer beauty?
The Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire http://www.gregorymaguire.com/books/conf... [Excerpt]

Dob Dob
inner beauty is a complex subject really, i think of it as love but then again love is anoher complex subject, i think it's just the way u wanna see things, such as love, what does love really mean to you, for example i could be ugly inside and you could still love me if u had a crash on me, a deeper example, if u were a villian in a world of fantasy u would fall for the villian and you'd think he's beautiful woudln't you not? so what is inner beauty, i think its what u really wanna see in someone, so if i look in the mirror and i think i'm hot and all you see ia ugly all around me ... another small example lol....
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Boniface Boniface
Just hand in a picture of your boobs and say "I don't have any inner beauty, but would you look at these!"
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Adalia Adalia
i have mastered all skills that you can think of except one, give me beads ill make you jewelry, give me paper i'll make you a professional drawing, give me ingredients ill cook for you, give me a soccer,baseball,basketball,handball,etc i will play the game no pain no gain. give me a gun ill blast them, wait give me a laptop, ill make 3d graphics, blahh blah blah i could keep going... give me love, forget it i will never undestand how it works.
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Adalia Originally Answered: what does beauty mean to you ?
Beauty is like being you. Being who you are and not someone else. Beauty comes from the inside but also it might come from the outside also. When I say outside, I say the way she dress and how she presents herself. The way she does it beautiful and does it right. Classy and elegant not slutty and bitchy. Not being lazy and not having a good hygience makes her ugly. I know people say inside count also and I agree.From the inside beauty depends on your self confidence, on how you act and how you feel. You say your ugly and I say your right. You say your beautiful and I say your right. Also, waking up everyday to see that person in front of you who is beautiful. No makeup, nothing, just seeing her face makes her beautiful. The way she smile, the voice, the whisper and the yawn when she awakes. Just the way she acts. I say beauty is by personality. But also the way you think. The way your heart goes. But to me, beauty is a thing that your opposite has. Like only, the one you love has the most beauty. Many girls are beautiful but not as much as the one you care for.

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