What's the best way to go about getting sponsors for beauty pageants?

What's the best way to go about getting sponsors for beauty pageants? Topic: What's the best way to go about getting sponsors for beauty pageants?
January 19, 2020 / By Cheyenne
Question: competing in miss texas teen usa (my dream pageant) and I need sponsors. What's the best way to ask people/ companies ect. to sponsor you? please and thank you
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Best Answers: What's the best way to go about getting sponsors for beauty pageants?

Aspen Aspen | 8 days ago
Sponsors: Include family, friends, small stores, companies, and any other establishments your family have been costumers at. Here are some ideas: Neighbors Your Dentist Your Doctor Nail Salons Hair Salons Local Restaurants Bakeries Law Offices (Attorneys) Banks Florists Tanning Salons Dance Studios Fast Food Restaurants Cleaners Furniture Stores Car Dealerships Boutiques Markets Local Radio Stations Etc. Don't ask for a specific amount. Just say any amount would be greatly appreciated. Not every business will give you a ton of money. Telling them to give you a certain amount will make them think it is either that amount or nothing. You know what I mean? Some will give you $50 other will give you $500. Some might even say no. So basically don't give them a set price. Write a cover letter. This should include your goals, a little bit about the pageant, and why you seek sponsorship. It should also have a detailed list of your spending. This shows exactly what you could be using there money for. Your letter should explain that if they choose to sponsor you, their name will appear in the National Program Book(if they do that) and will be glad to attend promotional event for your company such as ribbon cuttings and parades, and also that any donation made by a business is tax deductible. You cover letter should also indicate a deadline in which your 'potential sponsor' must respond. Your cover letter should ALSO notes that you will follow up with a phone call or visit. After this put a packet together in a large envelope. Include your cover letter, a picture of yourself, a sponsor brochure. (if they have those), and an empty enelvope with your address and stamp. On the large envelop, write the potential sponsors name and your name underneath. Hand deliver your packets (mail if neccessary). If they do not respond visit or call them and ask if they have reviewed your packet. Record all donations (or none). Immediately after you get the donation, mail them a thank you letter. If you have any other questions just ask!! Good Luck !!!
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Aspen Originally Answered: why child beauty pageants are bad?
pageants are teaching children that they need to paint their faces in makeup because their faces arent pretty enough for the media at too young of an age.
Aspen Originally Answered: why child beauty pageants are bad?
They could make a child believe in superficial dreams..dreams that would never come true..they also could make the child act as though they are better than other kids, and basically become a bully (see: mean girls)...lots of bad, but i think mostly the main point is that the parent is too blame..also I think it could make said girl act like a spoiled brat!!!

Aaren Aaren
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awh3U I have never heard of any pageant contestant having to get her own sponsors. The pageant committee should be the ones out getting sponsorship from makeup brands, clothing companies, fashion magazines, etc All I can suggest is that you start visiting local businesses you frequent and ask if they would be interested in sponsoring you. If they don't know who you are, they aren't going to sponsor you. It has to be the dry cleaners you go to every 2 weeks, or your hair salon, or the corner shop where you buy groceries every week.
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Solomon Solomon
The best sponsors are going to be the ones from your hometown..the ones that are so proud of you and want to help you represent your community in a big way...target beauty industry professions as well as civic organizations. Nail and hair salons are a good start. Dont bother doing mail outs..they just cost a lot and are not effective. Go and visit in person..ask to speak w/ the manager/owner..if they are not available try to set up an appt. dont waste your time w/ people that cannot make the decision...present your case and tell them why it is important..explain your platform and maybe offer to do publicity work for their business like a public appearance. My hair and nail salons sponsored me and I do appearances for them and always give them a pic of you in your crown and banner..they love to hang these up!! Best of luck to you from another Texas queen :)
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Solomon Originally Answered: What are your opinion on children's beauty pageants?
they are disgusting. you dress up a 6 year old like a adult hooker, with fake teeth, a fake tan, fake hair, and revealing clothes, and make them parade around in front of a group of judges who decide if they are pretty or not. thats got to be good on their little self esteems. people wonder why we have pedophiles, maybe its the fact that we send practically naked kids out on stage with a face full of makeup, trying to make them look as adult as possible, and make them do provocative routines. we shouldnt be teaching these young children that makeup, fake hair, perfect teeth, and revealing clothes equal beauty. most of the time it is not the kids choice, their parents start them off as babies and they grow up thinking its normal, so of course they arent going to say they want to quit. i babysit a child beauty queen and she just stood in front of the mirror for ten minutes straight saying "whos so pretty, im so pretty, im perfect, everyone else is ugly, im so pretty so everyone loves me", its really disturbing.

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