What beauty pageant should I enter?

What beauty pageant should I enter? Topic: What beauty pageant should I enter?
January 19, 2020 / By Ivory
Question: I am 14 and I want to enter a beauty pageant. I have no experience in beauty pageats, but I do have experience in presenting and performing because I figure skate, and love public speaking. I live in Canada, so you have any suggestions of pageants I should enter?
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Ellenor Ellenor | 5 days ago
In Canada, most pageants are for scholarship purposes, and you usually need to pay expensive entry fees. The only two provinces with annual pageants that i know of is Ontario and B.C. Although lots of provinces have non-beauty pageants where you write essays, speeches, and debate and stuff like that. There's the Galaxy pageants, but their entry fees are ridiculous! Once you get a little older (18), there's the Miss Canada Universe pageant, but the only province with preliminaries is Ontario. Good Luck!
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Ellenor Originally Answered: beauty pageant question?
How do beauty pageants teach children that looks are everything? -Uhm....if you're the prettiest girl, you win money/cars/ect....no one cares about how intelligent/talented they are, as long as they're physically cute. Do they cause children to develop unhealthy relationships with their parents? -They can if the parents are obsessive and abusive How are they harmful? -Caking little girls in makeup and putting them in skanky outfits, teaching them that they can get anything with their looks, ect....it's all harmful one way or another. Oh, and how is judging children on a fake(fake hair, makeup, ect) physical appearance NOT shallow and a just a little bit pedophile-ish?

Christa Christa
hey hun .. I'm from Canada.. Ontario actually.. I looked up some pageants in Canada.. here's what I found.. there's this one: it is in Niagra Falls: http://www.allcanadianpageants.com/ <-- the home page http://www.allcanadianpageants.com/grandfinalssignup.aspx <-- the sign-up page Here are some province pageants: http://www.missmanitoba.org/home.html http://www.nfpageants.net/home.html Take a look :) & good luck!
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Audrey Audrey
some human beings do it to teach off their baby. i do no longer see the component interior the toddler attractiveness pageants, those are infants and that's like telling them "You did no longer win so which you're no longer enormously/appealing adequate" it is detrimental to a pair human beings. after which you have the youngsters that unquestionably choose(ed) to be in one. you are able to no longer believe maximum human beings ordinarily, you're saying that attractiveness pageants are irresponsible, yet that's comparable to asserting taking your baby to the park is irresponsible, taking your baby to an amusement park is irresponsible, and that i'd desire to bypass on. in spite of what you do there's a raffle issues would desire to ensue, regrettably, that's the ill component to life. You in no way be attentive to who you're coping with till it extremely is too previous due, a guy that likes babies would desire to no longer broadcast it, a woman with homicidal suggestions would desire to no longer inform the international.
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Abbie Abbie
You might want to brush on your your grammar skills since you clai to be such a goo public speaker.
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Abbie Originally Answered: Why do I keep getting beauty pageant applications in the mail?
I got those as well, and in high school I was barely 5' tall. You could have given your contact information away in some contest or sweepstakes, or a company you bought clothes or whatever else from could have sold your info to the advertisement people. Don't take it personally.

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