I need a way to get $540 (as a child)?

I need a way to get $540 (as a child)? Topic: I need a way to get $540 (as a child)?
January 19, 2020 / By Cecelia
Question: i am a child gamer (13), and seem to go insane without my gaming fix. im planning to buy a gaming laptop, but i have no ways of raising money (paypal). any ideas?
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Best Answers: I need a way to get $540 (as a child)?

Annette Annette | 9 days ago
you should work around the house do laundrey baby sitting will get you alot of money sell some of your old stuff to your friend or random peopleif you have a younger sibling do there homework if you have rare items like cards signed balls sell those it will eventually get higher than you think before you know it hope this helps:) and good luck i hope you get the laptop
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Wyot Wyot
depending on how good you are at gaming you could try and find a local gaming competition to participate in. If not, try mowing lawns, housework, or do your own mini fundraiser. Buy a box of 20 candy bars at Walmart for like $12 and then sell them for 1-2 $ a piece. $1.00 a piece gives you an $8.00 profit on each box.
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Shea Shea
You could set up a candy machine in a store somewhere or you could get a part time job as a bus boy.
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Nivek Nivek
Household chores Dog walking Lawn mowing Selling your old things Part-time career Save all of your money
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Korey Korey
1.get an adut to help you sell things on ebay 2.have a garage sale 3.do odd jobs 4.babysit 5.get your parents to help you earn money by doing extra chores.
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