How do you think you did on the global June 2013 regents?

How do you think you did on the global June 2013 regents? Topic: How do you think you did on the global June 2013 regents?
December 12, 2019 / By Elkana
Question: I thought the MC was somewhat easy but the cartoon questions were super confusing! Like the one with the poor guy in debt and the super rich guy and the questions asking "Why was this cartoon made" I put to arouse people's opinion for that. And then also the DBQ Essay I had no idea what to write about :/ I probably got a low 80 on it. How do you think you did?
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Best Answers: How do you think you did on the global June 2013 regents?

Cheyanne Cheyanne | 1 day ago
MC were okay... a few I had no idea, and had to use process of elimination. The thematic was so easy, and the DBQ was annoying.... I didn't write a LOT. only like 3 pages or so. And for the mongols, I had NO outside information other than the fact they were able to create a huge empire. I think I probably got a 4 but I don't know....
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Cheyanne Originally Answered: US History Regents June 2013 thematic essay predictions? Please help?
I've been hearing different predictions all day o: So it may or may not be presidential decisions

Alystair Alystair
I thought it was pretty easy, I just had problems with like four of the multiple choice, one of them was the question about Ang San Suu Kyi, I was between Central Asia and Southeast Asia, I ended up choosing Central Asia, but my someone told me she is from Southeast Asia. I chose the same thing on the cartoon question you mentioned. The essays were a gift to me. I did the thematic essay of the Neolithic Revolution and the Meiji Reformation, for the DBQ, I chose the Mongols and the Spanish caravel. I'm sure I got 90+. :D
👍 90 | 👎 -6

Tierra Tierra
Personally I thought it was a joke of a test. It was so easy. We could not get a better essays to write about I wrote about the Neolithic and the Industrial Revoultion and the DBQ was not bad at all. I probley got 90+
👍 90 | 👎 -13

Rosy Rosy
I hope I got above a 90 :/ the mc was hard! Only because my class never learned about the ottoman empire but i hope i did really good on the essays!
👍 90 | 👎 -20

Nadine Nadine
It was pretty hard. I had trouble on the DBQ essay and some DBQ questions such as the railroad ones. I hope I pass though...
👍 90 | 👎 -27

Nadine Originally Answered: Global Regents June 2011 DBQ Essay?
The DBQ is only worth 5 points. If you didn't include outside information, the least you would get is a 3. I write the crappiest essays ever, and NEVER include outside information and I always get 3's so don't stress out about anything. You'll still do fine! The multiple choice is worth 50 points, and the DBQ short answer questions 14 point and each essay is 5. Plus they'res a HUGE curve, so whatever grade you get, you add like 7 points to it. Trust me, you did just fine! Its so hard to fail the Global Regents exam. =)

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