Girls help me! What is wrong with me? having a hard time finding a gf.?

Girls help me! What is wrong with me? having a hard time finding a gf.? Topic: Girls help me! What is wrong with me? having a hard time finding a gf.?
December 13, 2019 / By Christie
Question: im soon to be 18 and in a crucial year of my college life. im not a geek and neither am i the coolest guy. my looks aren't terrific and not ugly either. im thin, tall and from far i look like a pole. i love to make pple laugh with my sick jokes (not too sick. i do keep in mind not to be too offensive) and when it comes to girls i tend to treat them about the same as how i treat my guy frens. i have a thing about me where close frens of mine will get attached to the girls that i like. this happened many times involving 3 of my best buddies. when i told them that i like this girl, the next thing i know, they were actually together, but i didnt know bout it! i have 2 ex-gfs and i admit that our relationship dont last very long. the first few months were like very hot but when it goes after 4months things start to get mild and boring. both of the girls ask for breakup. its been 3 years since ive been in a relationship and it seems like its gonna continue this way. sometimes when i feel lonely and no one to talk to, i feel emotional and start to think that having a gf is reliable. but when im with my frens, i feel like being too emotional is a waste of effort so enjoying with frens is way much better than having a gf. im very easily get attracted to girls. once i had a fren(girl) whom im very close with and we share secrets and all. we can be very good frens until one day i fall in love with her. i proposed but she said no. after that she still continue to be frens with me and i do the same, but i still like her. she then tells me stories of her bf at that time and i got jealous. our frenship gone down the drain when i got to know she gave a bj to her bf(which is one of my budds). ever since, i do not want to engage in close relationship with girls. now, i know that i need a companion to hang on to, to share my love with and to commit wholeheartedly. i know that sex is every guy's dream but i dont need that yet. i can wait till im married. but its very difficult to find girls who i can trust. those whom i find approachable, trustable are either attached or not interested in relationship. this leads me to prevent myself from getting too close to a girl, so that i wont get too hurt. i always kept my distance and never open up my deepest feelings. its like tough on the outside but weak on the inside. i may look strong on the outside(feelings of stone) but actually im emotional. if getting into a positive relationship can solve this problem im gladly to do it. but i need your help. how should i start? where? who should i look for? what are the chances?
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Avalon Avalon | 9 days ago
I am male but let me answer. Don't think too much about this or it will play on your mind excessively. Don't try too hard to find someone or you won't succeed. Just be yourself, and if you are finding it hard to find a girl, then try increasing your opportunities. There must be girls in college with you, try talking to them. If you are getting nowhere there, try going out and meeting other people. Do you work? Maybe a colleague or even a customer catches your eye. Increase the number of social activities you do to maximise your chances. But more importantly, just be yourself and don't leave them in any doubt about what you want. Just come straight out and ask.
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Abegayle Abegayle
I'm sorry about all of this. First off I think you should go for someone that you actually will love deep down inside, someone who you can trust so you dont have the worry. To get that girl, maybe you can start to be more involved with school activities. Be known, and come out of your shell, only good things will happen. Girls will be after you. Or if there is a girl you know right now then i think you should hang out with her so you can get that vibe of maybe dating. Once your in the relationship keep it! Try not to keep the relationship boring. Hang in there, you will be in colaage next year and will start over fresh. Trust me you'll find the one, it takes time. GOOD LUCK!
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Sterling Sterling
what is so critical about having a gf at 18? 19? 22?40? you need to work on being you. you have so much to learn about yourself, you are learning the necessary things.. what is important to you.. what you are interested in for work.. study.. the type of person you wish to hang out with. you also need to work a bit, it sounds like.. on confidence. that attracts women like you won't believe.. but not being overly confident. just happy with who you are! comfort in your own skin.. with the situations in your life, that is maturity and stability to women. isn't it to you too? if i were you, i'd wait.. take my time. you will eventually get to the point where you tell the GIRL you are liking her, not a potential rival and draw HIS attention to HER. good luck!
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Pacey Pacey
You seem high quality to me. in spite of the undeniable fact that seems especially instances have not something to with it. And confident, I did meet lots of folk to boot as date lots of folk previously I met my fiance. surely,this would sound terrible, yet appreciate the only lifestyles. as quickly as you're related, you by no ability have as lots exciting as you probably did once you have been single. of direction,on the different hand its intense-high quality to continually have somebody to pass to and have somebody's hands to hold you once you come domicile at evening. some human beings do have a tough time relationship,fairly while they're actively searching for a companion. i've got got here across that each and each physique the instances in my lifestyles as quickly as I've the two one million-already had somebody or 2-did not decide on all and sundry have been continually the instances while all human beings needed me. yet,while i could pass in seek of a boyfriend, no one needed me. i think of theres an entire desperate vibe that comes from desiring a bf/gf. you apart from would reported you're shy, thats additionally a issue. maximum women like adult males who're a minimum of outgoing sufficient to flirt with them because of the fact they comprehend that those adult males will ask them out without them having to make a pass or having to attend consistently. artwork on your skills via going out to bars with some acquaintances and chatting with random strangers and in step with risk,in simple terms possibly you will meet the feminine of your desires.
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Linden Linden
ok honestly ... don't go looking. having a gf isn't everything. Just meet some nice girls and get to know them, become friends, nothing seriuous just yet and well take it from there. if you grow to like someone then you like them.
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