How long would you give an HVAC contractor to get you an estimate?

How long would you give an HVAC contractor to get you an estimate? Topic: How long would you give an HVAC contractor to get you an estimate?
December 12, 2019 / By Edie
Question: We had one outrageously high quote, the day of the appointment, another estimate that came three weeks later, and one that came after six weeks. We are still waiting to hear from three others. Why anyone would care enough to drive out and look at our basement and old boiler, but not actually want to sell us a new one, is a different question (theories welcome), but should I even give the guy who waited six weeks to contact me a chance? I am not happy with the three week guy because he seems to recommend crappy brands (based on online reviews), and didn't measure our BTU needs, but can someone who doesn't contact us for six whole weeks be trusted at all? Thanks for the answers so far. Our house is not unusual except that it is older (about 90 years old), and is modest in size (three bedrooms and one bathroom). We had an oil boiler that heated radiators, and we want to replace it with a gas boiler to heat the radiators. The only thing I can think of is that the contractors think we won't buy an expensive enough unit because our house isn't huge, and don't want to waste their time.
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Best Answers: How long would you give an HVAC contractor to get you an estimate?

Charis Charis | 6 days ago
Within a week or less, sometimes they can write it up right there on the spot after they assess what you need. Is there something unusual about your house or needs. Something is not right here. In this economy business people should be tripping over each other to be the first one to give you a competitive proposal. I'd start all over again. It they can't give you a proposal timely what kind of service do you think they are going to provide with the actual work. My son had the whole process done within a week this spring--he lives in the D.C. area so maybe HVAC people are a bit hungrier there. Do some web searches by entering carrier, lennox, sears, etc., or just air conditioners/furnaces. The sites usually ask you to enter your zip code so maybe you will get other contractors. Look for the energy star ones so you hopefully can qualify for the tax credit
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Charis Originally Answered: Need help w/ HVAC contractor problem?
Salam You have to contact the lawyer you used to purchase the home, they never do their job properly and you will find more and more of this because those who inspect the homes are going around finding all the bug taps and wiring that steals from you every single day. I am sure you if you look at the phone line you will find its tapped and the hydro is done wrong also. If one moron came into your house you can be guranteed that another moron is going to come into your house. Also find the contractor that did that and format invesigation against them for their contious shady dealings. I have yet to see an HVAC company do the job they are trained to do because then they would actually have to pay the skilled labour what they are worth and surely no company in HVAC is going to pay what is deserved of these workers. Also your entire country needs to adopt standars far beyond anything they have ever had because your all being rapped blindly not only by these companies but by every single company you decide to hire could be part of the elite that are doing nothing but sucking every single human being on the earth dry and filling their pockets to the brim. The problem that you have is because you didn't do the job properly when purchasing the home, and those you paid to check those things also didn't do the job properly. Every single company in HVAC Is out there to make money, not to save you anything. That is the deception you have to deal with and your going to pay 4x more money for them from now on cause they are realizing that you cannot do the work yourself and over 95% of human race has no idea what they are purchasing until after they have purchased it. Ultimatly its your house and its your fault for dealing with morons.

Anthia Anthia
The guys that are taking the longest to contact you probably have the most business, they can "cherry-pick" through the jobs and pick the ones they think will be the easiest, best profit margin, etc. We have this same problem getting contractors at work. Look for a company that has been in the business for many years and one that can provide some phone numbers of satisfied customers in your area. If the people do crappy work and/or get sued, they usually go bankrupt, move to a different town and start ripping people off under a new name. Also, it seems you are a woman, if you don't have a husband or boyfriend, seriously, "borrow" someone else's, (just for when you have contractors and workmen come over), they are far less likely to try to rip a woman off if there is a guy around. Added: Since your existing heating system, uses radiators, they are going to have to install all the ducting for air conditioning, this will be a big part of the cost. The cost of the air conditioning unit itself probably doesn't make a big difference to them, they just pass on that cost (slightly "padded" or course). There is a type of central air conditioning that you don't need to run ducts for. Each room has its own evaporator and blower (a small unit that usually mounts on the wall) and they all connect to one big condensor outside. Since they only need to run some rather scrawny copper pipes to each evaporator they don't need to tear up the walls so much. You might want to look into this, if you haven't already. Also compare the difference in money between getting several decent window units and paying for a central unit. You might find the cost break-even point between an efficient central unit and several cheaper, but less efficient window units to be like 100 years.
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Zachary Zachary
Now!!! These guys are professionals. When I had my air and furnace done the guy looked over the house. Decieded how big of a unit to install, sat at our table and gave me threev different prices for three different units. He had all the answers right away.
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Zachary Originally Answered: Can anyone give me an estimate of the cost of electricity of using a computer?
I did a survey around the office of our engineering firm some years back investigating harmonics due to high computer loads, and found that the average load for desktop computers was about 2 amps on a 120 volt circuit. That is 240 watts and didn't seem to make much difference whether the computer was active or just idling. If you have it on 10 hours per day it would draw 2.4 kWh per day. Assuming a rate of $0.10 per kWh, cost per day would be $0.24 or $7.20 per month. One thing you can do is go to the electrical service, record the meter I.D. number, which should appear on an I.D. plate under the glass dome of the meter, with the name of the utility company. Call the customer service of the utility, give them the meter I.D. number and address, and request a monthly billing report for the previous 12 months. Most utilities will comply with no questions asked, and they can probably email it to you. Then you will know for sure.

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