People think I'm 'stupid/uneducated' cos I go to beauty school. thoughts!?

People think I'm 'stupid/uneducated' cos I go to beauty school. thoughts!? Topic: People think I'm 'stupid/uneducated' cos I go to beauty school. thoughts!?
January 19, 2020 / By Seymour
Question: Hi. I'm a 22 yo Caucasian female and have attempted three university degrees. I recently took a 6 months break from uni, and realised that I'm just not suited to sitting down doing essays and reading etc. So now I'm studying a Diploma of Beauty Therapy. Because I love makeup and I like doing practical and hands on stuff. I haven't been this happy in a long time and am enjoying what I'm studying however I've had a few people tell me that beauty school is for drop outs and uneducated girls. This makes me sad. I kinda feel like my whole image has been brought into question ... like, I love girly stuff like pink tight tops, tight jeans, silver jewelery, diamond rings, hoop earrings, playboy bunny stud earrings. I've been using makeup for so long that my makeup looks pretty good :) Anyway I just want to know if I'm living a lie, if I actually have an 'uneducated' appearance/vibe or whatever.... Thanks :) And where does this idea even come from???
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Best Answers: People think I'm 'stupid/uneducated' cos I go to beauty school. thoughts!?

Nevan Nevan | 4 days ago
The idea comes from uneducated people - people who don't know what it takes to learn how to do what you are doing. Everyone has their own strengths and talents. A large part of a talent is just knowing what it is. Once you know what it is, you can run with it and make it into whatever you want to. Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is an exercise in fultility that many seem bound and determined to try to accomplish. You have the good sense to pursue something that makes you happy. Don't worry about what others think. Your writing style suggests someone who is educated and intelligent. As long as you speak and present yourself similarly, you will be helping to destroy stereotypes with every person you encounter. Remember, anything worth doing is worth doing well. Give this your all and you will end up with something you can feel proud of! Good luck! Just had to add - You are the first Amber Leigh I have seen. My daughter's name is Amberly. Neat to see someone else with "her name". :)
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King King
Wow - those people should be looking at themselves - not everyone fits into the same box. Do they go to beauticians for their hair and make up? How can they when they have such a low opinion of them? College and academics is not for everyone. I think it might be a good thing because we need diversity. Hold your head high. You are living your life how you want to live it. You have found something that you enjoy and that you are good at. I don't like judgmental people. What is their problem? Maybe if they were busy living their own lives they wouldn't have to be so disagreeable. Ask - would you feel better if your beautician had a PhD? There are other ways to become educated than having a degree that says so. Not everyone that has a degree is educated. It requires more for that. There are cheaters in college. I went to a stylist that had been working in an office but made the decision to do hair/makeup, etc. and really loved the changed. I went to school with someone that went to beauty school after high school. She seems to be doing great. Her parents are well educated. Her dad was a high level hospital administrator. The old beliefs were wrong then and they are wrong now. It's a lesson to not judge others.
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Humphrey Humphrey
Generally, if most people could do any sort of job then it's going to be lower paid. There is never going to be a shortage of willing people to do that job. Higher paid jobs mostly mean that not as many people can do them. The indication that they can is that they have taken exams and become more educated. Beauty therapy is traditionally seen as a job for 16 year olds who leave school with no qualifications. You don't need any to start in this type of job. That is where the image comes from. However, that is not to say that you can't make it in the beauty world. If you have a business head on your shoulders then there is no reason why you can't do well for yourself. Good luck.
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Errol Errol
Don't waste another minute worrying about where those ideas come from, or why people treat you the way they do. That's THEIR problem. You should feel very proud of yourself, and it should give you even more motivation to succeed that you know what you want and know what your talents are, and that you are one of the handful of people on this earth that has the courage to pursue that, despite what other people think. You sound bright, excited about your future career as a beautician, and more importantly, you sound like someone who won't let some snooty words get in her way! :) If you work hard at what you love to do, no matter what that is, you will not only have great success, but you will have true happiness - and that is something no one can get a degree in!
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Conan Conan
Whoever is telling you that you are' stupid/uneducated' certainly does not have a degree in bedside manner.I have found that there are just a lot of people out there that like to run other people down.You will only be stupid if you allow them to convince you of it.Don't listen to them.If you can find happiness in what you have found to do then you are far ahead of the game.I would not be surprised if 75% of all workers today are unhappy,burnt out;just tired of the same ol'grind after 20yr.etc.So if you're happy doing it,just do it.BTW if you enjoy it then you'll do a better job and if you do a better job,that could lead to promotion.Promotion could lead to management or ownership.You know,don't laugh-managers of MickyDees make 70-80 thou or so I hear.Regards,BK
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