I can never concentrate during class or a sermon at church, doing my homework (esp. on the computer), etc?

I can never concentrate during class or a sermon at church, doing my homework (esp. on the computer), etc? Topic: I can never concentrate during class or a sermon at church, doing my homework (esp. on the computer), etc?
December 12, 2019 / By Joss
Question: I think I might have ADD/ADHD... My dad and my older brother have it fore sure. I'm not sure if I do, but I don't want to do meds. They made my brother's life hell for all of us. But it's past 6 in the morning and I've been working on a stupid essay all night. Or, rather, I've been distracted by the computer all night. I started on my essay over three hours ago and I still don't understand it. I can't finish it. Yes, my parents have internet controls, but I hacked them. The problem is, they don't know that, and if they did, they'd get another program. And since they attempt to limit my computer time, I basically wouldn't get to use the internet at all. There is also a password on the computer itself. I hacked that too. >.> I will be doing my homework and suddenly I'll get an idea or I'll remember something I want to google and I'll drop my notebook and go do that. And I zone out in class. A lot. How can I get myself to FOCUS??? Help... please. Trolls need to **** off... @Rob: Uh... no? I can't concentrate on the tv either OR when my friends are talking. I zone out when they start talking about boys....
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Best Answers: I can never concentrate during class or a sermon at church, doing my homework (esp. on the computer), etc?

Gerry Gerry | 4 days ago
I recommend discussing this with your doctor. I know you don't want meds. However, with a family history, its even more likely that you need formal treatment. I know that one from personal experience. People react differently to medication. Please discuss it with your doctor. This forum is not a reasonable alternative to professional medical advice. Positive thinking, will power, religion nor any other alternatives are going to replace going to the doctor.
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Gerry Originally Answered: This guy in my class(micro computer) is trying to get me to do his homework.?
Someone smart once said, "Nobody can use you for a doormat unless you lie down." This person is trying to manipulate you by playing on your fears about his "freaking out" at you or other possible consequences, so step one is to accept whatever bad results might come your way and do what you know to be proper. Avoid this toxic person as much as possible. Continue to refuse to help him cheat. To ease your own life, don't be "available" to talk to him, don't follow predictable habits during your free time (so that he cannot "hunt you down"), and always be "in a rush" if you happen to run across him. If there are assigned seats in class and he is nearby, ask to be moved. If not, engineer things so that he cannot sit where you are. Either his need to cheat will overpower his focus on you, and he will find someone else to target, or his inability to perform the work will catch up to him and he will fail the class or drop out. In either event, your grades, reputation, and future will be secure.

Delphine Delphine
My son is going to the toddler room throughout the time of centers at my church so he's not a distraction from boredom. i'm stunned that your church does not have a baby's church for babies your daughters age to stop issues like this from happening. perchance you should chat to different mom and dad of youthful babies and initiate one on a rotating help foundation? My son notwithstanding frequently sits ok with the aid of issues while there are actually not any baby's innovations obtainable- which comprise weddings as an occasion. This weekend we've been at one and he have been given fussy section way with the aid of, yet I intentionally asked to take a seat contained in the returned on the outdoors aisle so i ought to "get away " if desires be. He did properly until eventually after the bride got here down the aisle and he observed daddy contained in the marriage occasion and all started calling "daddy" contained in the ceremony. I took him out to run around and calm down a splash formerly going returned in. i've got got here across that taking a quiet convenience toy which comprise a teddy undergo (what my son frequently takes with him) is suited for him to hug and cuddle on a lap. perchance you should take a small tote bag with some bible tale books in it to your baby to make certain or some bible coloring photos and crayons purely for church? Your baby is likewise sufficiently old to tell her contained in the vehicle formerly you go interior for church that she would be in a position to't talk throughout the time of church and has to take a seat nevertheless. tell her if she gets bored she nevertheless must be quiet and can do between the quiet issues from her tote bag yet she would be in a position to no longer upward push up or be stupid to worry others. If she does, take her out right this moment and remind her returned. permit her understand that if she maintains there'll be effects which will persist with the subsequent time while she gets domicile. persist with with the aid of. it would purely take once or twice of doing this for her to get the message and to admire the place she is and learn how to act in a church. good success.
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Cailyn Cailyn
of course you do. but i bet you can watch all sorts of tv. and concentrate plenty hard when you're talking to your friends about clothes and boys.... take note that all the things you are having trouble focusing on suck. who likes to listen to lectures, do homework, and go to church? no one... you are trying to make an excuse on why you don't want to pay attention or do your work when in reality you are just lazy. grow the **** up and do your work. no one gives people with ADD a break. they expect the same quality and quantity of work as anyone else. for every 1 kid that truly has ADD...150 are misdiagnosed.
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Alphonsine Alphonsine
It happens because of lack of planning about anything try to plan your works frame it .schedule it give it atime span so that it should get over within that .then it will become systematised and u will not get bored
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Van Van
If you can't concentrate on church sermons, then God does not love you and he will not help you focus. You are probably going to hell.
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Van Originally Answered: Does listening to music in class help you concentrate?
Yes! It helps me because when I listen to fast tempo'd music, I can concentrate and do my work faster. But for some people, it doesn't help. My choir teacher told me though- that if you listened to music a lot when you were young, it probably makes you more comfortable with music on as you grow. That is true: because when I was smaller, I listened to music all the time! And for the people that didnt like listening to music while doing work, they said they didn't usually listen to music a lot when they were younger. I thought that was pretty interesting!

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