Dog has diarrhea and bright blood?

Dog has diarrhea and bright blood? Topic: Dog has diarrhea and bright blood?
December 12, 2019 / By Cari
Question: my vet isn't open today, and the next closest is an hour away and veryyy expensive (150$ office fee) so i have to wait until tomorrow to take my dog to the vet. Last night she began with loose stool, she's had this problem off and on for a month or so, but not enough to really be alarming, just thought maybe we'd given her too many treats or something. last night was worse, this morning its like water, and there is a fair about of bright red blood present. she is still eating and drinking, and when she walks around her tail is up and she looks happy. just maybe a little sleepier than normal, she's kinda lazy its hard to tell. my husband is afraid she may have caught parvo or something else from the dog park, but her poo doesn't smell foul - it barely has any odor at all, and im pretty sure she's had shots for that??. if it wasnt for the blood, i would guess just a dog flu or something, but the blood makes me worried. ive seen some website say to feed her plain rice, some say pepto, she's a 65 pound mutt, and i want to do something to help her, or fix her while we wait for tomorrow when i can take her to the vet. the other times she's had softer poo may not have been related. its usally at the park when she's play play playing and really excited. she's always had a sensitive tummy, which is why we don't usually pay much attention when the texture of her poo changes. also, my other dog, another 70lb mutt, has not shown signs of being sick at all. if it was 150 total id take her in a heartbeat. its 150 to walk in the door. befre tests and treatments and everything else. i take damn good care of my dog, i feed them very good food, and keep them up to date on all of their shots, heartworm, etc. but i just cant pay 600-1000 for my dog or myself. sorry im not rich enough to have a pet. the last time she came in from outside to potty i had to wipe her butt and she winced. with that and not acting sick, we're thinking it is probably related to straining to poo. we will still take her to the vet in the morning to see about the irritable bowl thing (i ddn't know dogs could get that?) or to make sure it isn't a bacteria/parasite issue.
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Best Answers: Dog has diarrhea and bright blood?

Allaric Allaric | 4 days ago
Blood in the stool or vomit can be any number of things but more likely could be HGE ( hemorrhagic gastro enteritis) of colitis. It could be that your dog ate something she should not have or she has sensitive stomach and needs a change in diet. While she does need to see a vet ASAP, I understand the $150.00 fee being a problem( unfortunate that many vets are in it for the money) There are a couple of things you can do until you get her to your vet in the morning. Withhold food for 24 hours, this means no treats either. The main risk here is dehydration so fluid intake is critical. Get some pedialyte or gatorade ( NO the potassium level WILL NOT hurt her as you would find the same values in the LRS solution the vet would give) and give her 30 to 40 mls ( about 7-8 tsps) every 15-20 minutes. Be sure she is also drinking plenty of water. You can also give her 1 tsp of kaopectate, unflavored, after each bowel movement if they continue. Be sure to get her to the vet first thing in the morning. He/She may suggest a bland diet of boiled rice and chicken ( equal parts) to start. A change in diet may be necessary based on what your vet finds. Be sure to try and bring in a stool sample ( yes, even if its liquid) to rule out any parasites.
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Allaric Originally Answered: breastfeeding,blood in stools,diarrhea. help?
Its a virus, and you should never EVER stop breastfeeding when a baby is sick. That is just denying them proper nutrition AND proper immunities. In rare cases an illness can cause damage to the intestines which can take longer to heal if breastfeeding is continued (because of the lactose), in that case things like block nursing may be helpful but weaning is rarely beneficial to either mom or baby. HUMAN milk is the rehydration solution of choice for HUMANS. Human milk isn't cow's milk it doesn't upset their stomach. Human milk has the same mineral salt content as pedialyte AND it has antibodies. If you want to give him pedialyte then go ahead depending on how much of his daily fluid intake is normally breastmilk your supply may not be able to adjust to meet his needs during illnesses, but I wouldn't deprive him of needed antibodies. http://rehydrate.org/dd/dd17.htm#page4 Furthermore, the electrolyte composition of human milk makes additional water unnecessary for the child even under dry and hot climatic conditions, reducing the risk of giving contaminated water. The many anti-infectious factors reduce the severity of symptoms of illness particularly diarrhoeal diseases. Epidemiological studies in both developed and developing countries reveal a lower incidence of diarrhoeal diseases, otitis and acute respiratory infections in breastfed compared with bottle-fed infants. http://rehydrate.org/solutions/homemade.... The following traditional remedies make highly effective oral rehydration solutions and are suitable drinks to prevent a child from losing too much liquid during diarrhoea: * Breastmilk * Gruels (diluted mixtures of cooked cereals and water) * Carrot Soup * Rice water - congee http://www.kellymom.com/health/illness/b... Breastmilk vs. Pedialyte When baby is sick, moms are sometimes told to discontinue or restrict breastfeeding and substitute an oral rehydration therapy such as Pedialyte. This outdated practice has been shown to offer no benefits to the breastfed baby, and can even delay healing. Your milk has four things that your baby needs even more than usual when he's sick: 1. Antibodies to fight this illness - you want baby to get as much of these as possible. Encourage *more* nursing rather than less. Pedialyte has no antibodies. 2. Liquids to keep baby hydrated. Your baby may not be eating as much because he doesn't feel well. Sick babies are more likely to nurse than to take anything else by mouth, so nursing is important to keep baby hydrated. Keeping baby well hydrated also helps keep the mucus secretions thinned out if baby has a cold or other congestion. So again, you want to nurse *more*. Pedialyte will keep baby hydrated, but so will breastmilk. 3. Concentrated nutrients. Breastmilk is easily and quickly digested, so baby gets more nutrients and absorbs them faster. Pedialyte will keep baby hydrated but has little nutritional value. Again, it's best to nurse *more* since baby may not be eating as much if he feels bad. 4. Comfort. Sick babies need more comforting - what better way to do this than at the breast? See the section above for more information on the use of Pedialyte in breastfed babies - Breastfed babies sometimes do need oral rehydration therapy (Pedialyte, etc), though far less often than artificially fed infants. The World Health Organization recommends continuing to breastfeed during and after oral rehydration therapy. http://www.kellymom.com/newman/11some_bf... 15. If the baby has diarrhea or vomiting, the mother should stop breastfeeding. Not true! The best medicine for a baby's gut infection is breastfeeding. Stop other foods for a short time, but continue breastfeeding. Breastmilk is the only fluid your baby requires when he has diarrhea and/or vomiting, except under exceptional circumstances. The push to use "oral rehydrating solutions" is mainly a push by the formula manufacturers (who also make oral rehydrating solutions) to make even more money. The baby is comforted by the breastfeeding, and the mother is comforted by the baby's breastfeeding. (Handout #9b Illness in the mother or baby). http://www.kellymom.com/newman/09a-illne... # Diarrhoea and vomiting. Intestinal infections are rare in exclusively breastfed babies. (Though loose bowel movements are very common and normal in exclusively breastfed babies.) The best treatment for this condition is to continue breastfeeding. The baby will get better more quickly while breastfeeding. The baby will do well with breastfeeding alone in the vast majority of situations and will not require additional fluids such as so called oral electrolyte solutions except in extraordinary cases.

Tate Tate
Bright red blood in the stool is serious, especially since she has been having loose stools for a while. It could simply be irritable bowel syndrome, or something more serious, at any rate you definitely need to let your vet take a look, and I would insist upon a barium xray. Take in a stool sample and that should cover all the bases. In the meantime, sometimes adding canned pumpkin (a couple of tablespoonfuls should do it) to a dogs dinner helps with loose stools depending upon the cause. I wouldn't hurt to add this, but make sure it's simply pumpkin, not the pie filling. Pepto is usually not palatable to a dog and many times almost impossible to get them to take unless you have an oral syringe. Rice and boiled and drained hamburger or turkey would be fine, but brown rice has more nutrition than white rice and you can buy it in the instant form too. Good luck. I've had several dogs with IBM and ended up home-cooking for them to control it.
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Rita Rita
Chicken bones are very dangerous for an animal to digest. All it takes is one little splinter to cut him somewhere during the digestion process. Blood coming from his anus could suggest internal bleeding. If it continues, gets worse, or he vomits blood, that would really indicate internal bleeding and would be come an immediate veterinary emergency. As it stands now, yes, he got quite sick. Every hour that goes by that he's not vomiting or having diarrhea or blood is a good sign. It doesn't mean he's out of the woods, as he could have internal bleeding that isn't leaving his body. I would recommend calling your vet and explaining the situation. Tell them you cannot bring him in, and they should be able to offer you suggestions on what to watch for, and what to do for now. Follow those instructions carefully and even if he stops vomiting or the diarrhea, he should still go to the vet to ensure he's not cut inside.
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Missy Missy
So, you don't want to spend a measly $150.00 to take the dog to an emergency vet? Well then, find your nearest shelter and surrender the dog to them. The dog will get the medical treatment that she needs, then be adopted out to a family who will get her the care she needs. Don't want to do that? Then get out the shovel and start digging her grave.
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Lindsay Lindsay
i would take her to the vet no matter how long it is and how expensive it is. wouldnt u do anything you could for your dog? i could tell you love her very much and you want whats best for her..... answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?...
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Lindsay Originally Answered: Painful Bowel movements & bright red blood on toilet paper. Anal Fissure?
Yes it could be an anal fissure, its more likely to be piles. The blood is bright red so you know its not old blood and anything to be overly worried about, and a classic sign of piles. Its great that you are eating more fibre but make sure you drink plenty of fluids as this keeps the faeces soft and easy to pass. My hubby went to the GP for the same reason and he reassured him it was piles somaybe its a good idea to reassure yourself.

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